[APPROVED] NEAR Malaysia Social Media funding Apr’23 to Jun’23


if you havent yet, please red our 2022 Reports here: https://mynear.org/blog

2022 Milestones, in a nutshell:

  • positioned ourselves, thanks to our pluridisciplinar and multi-ethnic team, as one of the leading communities in Malaysia.

  • 70 builders, 1200 Telegram members and 1500 Twitter followers higher than any other L1 blockchain in Malaysia!

    • Cardano : 400 members
    • ETHKL: 760 members
    • Fantom: 80 members
    • Terra: 630 members.
  • focused on education and Web3 entrepreneurship.

  • co-organized or attended a total of 10 physical events with local blockchain entities and local universities.

  • Hosted several AMAs, often scoring above 100-200+ attendees!


Since MarketingDAO is not funding physical events but we have a very solid footing in Malaysia and it would be a waste not to utilize it due to lack of funds, we propose the following activities (ONLINE ONLY!) for the next 3 months:

  • 12 AMAs (happens biweekly!) with VEAX, LEAP, PlayEmber, JUMP, Fluxus, Neko, Pembrock, NEARStarter, Together, Metayield/Metapool, plus 2 more.
  • Creation of a Crew3.xyz account to boost engagement across socials and intertwine such engagement with NEAR Ecosystem projects.
  • myBuilders (Malaysian builders) virtual meeting #3 for brainstorming & networking.
  • Workshop on NEAR Wallet creation + DeFi in NEAR with APU University and UNITEN university.
  • Co-organization of web3 builders online workshops with WIBA and with APAC Web3 Builders (HQed in Singapore and with good ties to our council)

We hope the non-hybrid proposal helps pass it this time, since now it is not a Events+Online model anymore. NEAR Malaysia achieved great things in 2022 and it is a shame not to capitalize on it, and keep alive the community. @Dacha @so608 @satojandro @cryptocredit @Klint


For this, we are requesting the following funding: 2250 USD (see breakdown)



Over the next 3 months, we intend to :

  • Hit 3000 members in Telegram and Twitter (10% growth vs now)
  • Hit 100 members in myBUILDERS
  • Help connect 2 more project founders create pitch decks and connect to VCs (4 done in 2022)
  • Help 2 more projects submit Grant Proposal (2 done in 2022)
  • Help 20 new Malaysians sign up for LNC Courses.

Do let us know if you have questions in the comments.


Hello! Happy to support you. In terms of increasing UAW and transactions in our Ecosystem, it would be great if you add the bot to your Community telegram chat. Thanks!


Hi @gonemultichain thanks for the proposal. In my opinion, we do not yet have confirmation from the NEAR Foundation Community leaders about the MarketingDAO funding regional community activities. This is something that we have been working to get clarity on and have requested an increase in funding and the creation of new guidelines so we can support regional communities while the RegionalDAO is still under consideration for future iterations of the NDC. We hope to have more information soon. I will hold my decision until then.


Thanks for this proposal Antonio,

I am happy to support - the growth in Malaysia is very exciting and tangible. Let’s make sure we do not miss out on momentum.

As we recently discussed in a call, we are reviewing and improving the guidelines for Regional Communities funding and the grassroots efforts to create a Regional DAO are making progress.

The intention is to be able to fund IRL events and to really enable and empower these communities to unleash local growth.

The North Start would 2023 should be to host a NEAR Hacker House in Malaysia. Let’s map out what would have to be true for that to happen and I will personally work with the team to ensure we can unlock resources and support along the way to get there. Happy to jump on a call any time.

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Hi @gonemultichain thanks for your patience with our review of this proposal. I agree with @satojandro on his reasoning for supporting this and note @Dacha support as well.

As a community, we have seen a huge delay with funding regional activations this year, and I think there is a need for the community to be supported right now more than ever. Your proposal falls within our scope, so I am happy to support this.

Note that we may have a different approach/guidelines to funding regional activities soon as the NDC and others involved in the future of the ecosystem build out a way forward for regional growth. Moving this to approved.

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@Dacha @so608 @Klint @satojandro thanks for your replies!
I submitted it on AstroDAO.

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there you go! super cool :star_struck:


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