[Approved] NEAR India montly budget : August 2021

Thanks, @David_NEAR for your guidance now I created our DAO request under the marketing vertical and you can check the new DAO request here


However, that means there won’t necessarily be one major DAO proposal, since not everything is approved yet.

In fact, nothing on the thread has been discussed and the title hasn’t moved to Approved as per the guide

Please allow the community and Council to have an open discussion on proposals prior to submitting funding requests to the DAO

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Hey @jiten123321

Awesome to see proposals being submitted here :tada:

Few questions on the proposal which began the thread:

For the first two events, can you please share how you plan on measuring the success of these and what impact you foresee in the NEAR Ecosystem?

Regarding the two articles, do you have any examples of past work? Where are you getting the figures from? What’s the length of the articles?

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For your YouTube channel, would you be open to sharing the following stats:

Watch Time , Average Percentage Viewed and Average View Duration from the YouTube Analytics dashboard?

And our vision is to connect 10 to 100 people every day in Near India, and make them learn and aware about Near Protocol and Near India, so that they can learn from us and teach more people.

How are you quantifying this?

For Instagram:
Will be creating:
5 to 10 post ( about near platform and meme… )

Can you share previous posts, please?

Through Instagram, we can spread awareness of Near India through Post and Mimi, I think we can add 10 to 50 people daily near me.

Add people to what? Social media following, or an on-chain presence?

Like and retweet ( official near platform)

Personally, I’d assume this to be standard throughout all NEAR Guilds since the success of the ecosystem is a shared success. I wouldn’t consider this something that can be funded by the Marketing DAO (or any DAO)

For Twitter:
Will be creating:
5 -10 memes ( about near platform post and meme )

Can you share examples and engagement stats, please? Number of impressions would be good to see.

4 blog and articles on current ongoing topics in the ecosystem to educate the local reading audience.
this article is created to describe DAOs on NEAR and for this article, I’m expecting 2000+ readers for the first month.

Do you have any metrics on this? Where are you getting the 2,000+ number from?


These articles will be posted on NEAR India Twitter as well. From there, It will get 10+ like, and 50+ impressions on each article. For this, I need 100 NEAR.

The number of impressions on these articles is negligible and I, personally, don’t believe it adds any value to the ecosystem nor does it contribute in any meaningful manner to the adoption of NEAR.

For this month, I will also be working on short videos for Twitter and Instagram. I will make videos on NEAR Ecosystem updates and summary videos from the NEAR blog.

Can you please share previous examples?

We will get 70+ impressions and 20+ likes in each video in due course of time from these videos. I will work on 15 Videos, and for this, I need 200 NEAR.

I feel the same way as I did in regards to the articles.

It’s awesome to see efforts being made on this front, but I don’t think the mediums you’re using to reach your audience have reached the point where funding from the Marketing DAO would impact significantly.

Happy to hear your and everyone else’s opinions of course!

Hey hey!

As per my previous month proposal, I mentioned about adding something new, NEAR hub, Now it is the time to make this popular.

Can you share more details on this, please? What is it? How will it impact the NEAR Ecosystem?

Videos : Will make 10 videos on all updated topics, educating community/users about NEAR Ecosystem. The goal is to cover NEAR & Ecosystem updates and get as much outreach as we can.

Make the videos and share them where? What channel?

Impact: Will get 2700 minimum impressions. Keeping the Crypto India/Global community updated on what’s new in NEAR.

Per video? Or across all 10?

Meme’s : Will share 10 to 15 memes to add some fun and create curiosity.

What type of metrics for engagement is typically being received on these? What Twitter account from? The NEAR India Guild Twitter?

Videos: Will make 10-15 videos on all updated topics, educating community/users about NEAR Ecosystem.The goal is to cover NEAR & Ecosystem updates and get as much outreach as we can.

Can you please share past examples? How will you measure the success of these? What’s the impact to the NEAR Ecosystem?

NEAR HUB: two biweekly community newsletter.

Can you please share the first edition and the stats for it?

Hi David,

NEAR HUB is a community news letter published on medium. The idea is to include some of the best NEAR community & guilds do in a certain period of time and add them in NEAR Hub. So, there is one place to read about all gud stuff that happened in the past two weeks. The outcome of this is more community engagement, guilds trying to put their best to be published in the next edition.

link for the first edition: https://twitter.com/NEARProtocol_IN/status/1423667682067496960

For the videos, it will be short and shared on twitter. from NEAR INDA twitter handle.

sorry its a typo error, actually it was suppose to be 27000 ,however as per my last month ,july, progress report , we were able to get 15k+ impressions on just 6 videos on twitter. so looking ahead to that achieve more this time :slight_smile:
here is a link of my last month progress report : STATS for the month of JULY - Google Sheets


Thanks for sharing that.

Can you please respond to my remaining questions in this comment?


some of the past examples of the content I made for NEAR Ecosystem :wink:

For youtube

For twitter

The metrics we use to measure are twitter analytics , Our goal from the day one we created NEAR India guild is to spread the word of NEAR in our region. our team consist of people from different backgrounds and we focus on areas such as education and community engagement. I as a content creator focuses on covering all new updates and announcement by delivering visuals or videos.

Stats for NEAR HUB


Impressions : 1017
media views: 123
total engagement: 100


views: 26
reads: 10
read ratio: 38%

I think a budget off 300 NEAR for something which achieves little engagement is quite high.

However, happy to support you guys on this journey and would absolutely love to see the reach of NEAR India grow.

A more appropriate amount of NEAR for this, particularly since it’s early days in terms of growth and engagement, would be ~ 20 N at the current fiat value.

And, really, that NEAR would really serve to help you grow out the reach of the NEAR India Guild social channels, the YouTube, and the Medium blog.

Happy to hear your feedback on this.

Would love to hear comments from @jcatnear and @cryptocredit when they’re around too!

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Appreciate your concern, just to reconfirm do you mean 20 N approx for the whole proposal of 10 vidoes, 15 visuals , 15 memes and sharing them on two social media platforms plus NEAR Hub , community news letter. or am I missing something here :sweat_smile:

I do, yes.

The reason is that the impact of the content in the NEAR ecosystem, according to the metrics you’ve shared, is quite small.

Hey @David_NEAR
I will use the Airmeet platform to organise my events to track and measure the success of events Airmeet provides many tools like email tracking, poll, Q&A tools, etc. For example, in-between events or at the end of the event, I can run multiple polls to take feedback from the attendees, Email tracking option of Airmeet can help us to gather emails of attendees to send newsletters later to the attendees, and I will share bit.ly short links of NEAR social media in the event chat to track the conversion rate of the event, but I’m open to any suggestions. Would you please free to suggest If I’m missing anything?

The Impact I expect from these events is that I will stimulate interest in the NEAR ecosystem, which is a broader point. Still, if I describe you in detail, then with the first event, I’m approaching some devs who are actively working with a company, and through this event, I’m going to teach them about the products of NEAR like SandboxDAO, Aurora, NEAR tip bot, etc. They can implement these NEAR products in their office environment like they can fund projects using DAO, use tip bot in their group, and so on.

The second event will be with some dev/computer science students who know about blockchain development, so my goal is to teach them why they should prioritise the NEAR platform for blockchain development by telling them about Aurora, NEAR developer business model, fee structure, NEAR grant, etc. I will airdrop some tokens to the attendees to kick start their NEAR journey just after the event to boost engagement.

If you want to know more about my plans on articles, then let me know. I use top third-party publications like Hackernoon or regional magazines to publish my articles, and as we know, these publications only allow high-quality articles. Later, they share the article multiple times on their Twitter with thousands of followers; thus, I get more boost on my article. From my side, I propagate my article everywhere on social media like Reddit, Quora, etc to gain maximum attention.

You can check previous statistics of an article published on Hackernoon:

I want to add something on this as @Raxae creating digital content, so it works passively, which means after a couple of months, it can still engage people attention.

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Hello, These impressions will be in the beginning, and as time passes they will increase as more people join NEAR India and more people follow our social media. It does contribute as NEAR is in every corner of the world and people prefer more to read or watch in there local language.

Yes, As you can see in my previous month’s report, I have made short summary videos on the ecosystem and NEAR Partnerships.

Again, These impressions will be in starting, as the time pass and more people joins, we will get more activity.

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@jcatnear @cryptocredit @satojandro

Pinging other MarketingDAO Council members for review


Hey, how about:

Watch Time , Average Percentage Viewed and Average View Duration?