[Approved] NEAR Hub Funding Request - September 2022

Project Name: NEAR Hub

DAO address: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Council members:




Hello Creative Community & @creativesdao-mods,

NEAR Hub has been growing and to properly affirm our place as NEAR’s Metaverse, we need your assistance!

It’s been awhile, so as a reminder:

NEAR Hub was founded in 2021 and has since partnered with over 25 NEAR-based projects for custom build metaverse experiences and home to over 80 NEAR community events.

Now, NEAR Hub is poised to become NEAR’s go-to metaverse, connecting everyone in the ecosystem through experiences such as community gatherings to NFT galleries, and all while attracting aspiring students to film enthusiasts and first time users curious about web3. Current features include: token-gated experiences, NEAR wallet login, virtual phone, avatar generator, built-in 3D experience builder, and all with VR and mobile compatibility.

We’re appealing to the Creatives DAO for funding to assist with NEAR Hub’s activities while we work to line up more core funding:

We are requesting the USD $5K monthly maximum (equivalent to be paid out in USN) for the following:

Lisbon accomidations:
$500 USD

NEAR Hub Server fees

  • NEAR Hub can’t exist without its servers and support here is desperately needed USD $1000

Dev/Artist Fees

  • A number of projects NEAR Hub has supported with custom builds haven’t been able to pay the true value of the work the devs and 3D/2D artists put into the spaces
  • Some funds could go toward supporting the 8 creatives who have loyally given their talents to the benefit of NEAR Hub & the NEAR ecosystem USD $3500


Since these funds are being asked for items that either have self-explanatory value or are in service of continued operations for NEAR Hub, the metrics here for the ROI for Creatives DAO are admittedly general:

  • 8 devs/artists’ work on ~15 builds supported;
  • 2 NEAR Hub team members able to stay in Lisbon, Portugal to participate in NEARCON (generating more connections for the project within and new to the ecosystem, as well as djing at 2 NEARCON events, and NEAR Hubs lead designer will be present doing live concept sketches for projects looking to grow their community in the metaverse); and
  • 1 month worth of funding for NEAR Hub’s servers covered.

Please let us know if any elaboration is required on any part of this proposal and if there are any questions/concerns!


Hi @jefedeoro, thank you for the proposal.

FYI: According to our guidelines, DAO’s first proposal to Creatives DAO is limited to a max cap of $2000, this number is extended to $3k for the second proposal after the first report is delivered properly & the max cap for a DAO from the 3rd proposal is $5k. Please refer to the guidelines post for further information:


Hi @williamx,

I hope you are doing well.

This is NEAR Hub’s first time requesting funds directly from the creatives dao, this is not the first time the Creatives DAO has approved funds for NEAR Hub.

When searching “NEAR Hub” #creatives there are 100+ different threads from various ecosystem projects utilising NEAR Hub. Either by having a custom experience on NEAR Hub, Using an existing experience from a Project that has one live or as a venue for over a hundred community events since we have launched.

NEAR Hub has been a great source of community and ecosystem growth for the NEAR ecosystem. We have had some amazing things happen already and we are just getting started.

We would appreciate it if you would give this proposal some consideration. NEAR Hub received a grant from NF in NEAR on May 27 (4 days before the market dropped). What was supposed to keep us going for 3 months, ended up lasting a month with the 70% drop in the market. Despite being short on funds, we have not requested any funding previously from Creatives DAO.

Currently in order to be able to continue to provide a free and open platform for people to explore the ecosystem, while keeping the investment for projects affordable with the option for more manageable payment sizes, we could use some assistance.

If you have any questions please let me know, I would be happy to answer them. Thank you for your time!


Hi @jefedeoro, thank you for the clarification. Happy to support since Near Hub has proved a long record of contribution & helping DAOs within Creatives.

I want to note that the max cap that DAOs can request from Creatives is $5000/proposal. To move forward, please revise the requested amount and the breakdown of tasks/work to be covered by $5000. Thank you very much!


Hi @williamx,

I have adjusted the above numbers to fit into the $5000 proposal limit.
If there are any other adjustments needed please let me know and I will update them right away.

Thank you
We really appreciate your support.

We look forward to seeing everyone at NEARCON!


Amazing Proposal ! My first contact with NEAR hubs was on February 22, doing workshops of experience design for NFT. More than 80 peoples passed in this NEAR hubs structure and loved it. I’m using “spoke” since 2020 and loved this idea in our NEAR ecosystem !!
We at fraDAO community are exciting creating an Art Festival in NEAR Hubs, with many portals ROOM’s with more than 1000 NFTs to sell !
@jefedeoro always give supporting to @Narau to creating avatar for NEAR Hub and always open and good vibe for share information. We at fraDAO Love NEAR Hubs :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart: :100: !
Long Life !!!

Thanks for your beautiful project @jefedeoro @Balda @AvrumGold !!
@williamx and @Cryptonaut for supporting us with a serious work.
:100: :dizzy:


Dear NEAR Hub,

Thank you for putting up the proposal. Happy to inform that your proposal has been approved by the Creatives Moderators. Notes:

  • Projects focus on artists & tooling that benefits other creatives DAOs/Guilds
  • Clear breakdown & metrics

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .

Thank you! Cc: @jefedeoro


@jefedeoro @Balda @AvrumGold
Happy to inform you that we’ve uploaded fraDAO’s first three avatars in NEAR Hub. Thanks, @jefedeoro for the support with the issues I had with the avatars :slight_smile: