[Approved] Near Germany

Hi NEAR community!

I’m Stefan from Austria. I’ve studied Software Engineering and have been working as a Software Developer for 5 years. I work together with @cizi31, we talked about the NEAR ecosystem. He told me that I should help to develop the NEAR ecosystem and now we have decided to fill the Guild form. And today we had a meeting with @shreyas about our ideas.

It’s obvious that there is a high potential in the German-speaking area for dealing with cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto enthusiasts, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. Over 3 million people currently hold crypto assets in the German-speaking area.

As we have seen that there is no German NEAR community we want to create a German Guild. We think that there is a high potential in the German-speaking area for the NEAR ecosystem.


Our main goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Furthermore our main objectives are as follow:

  • bring content in German about NEAR
    • Telegram, Twitter
  • Create youtube videos, NFT’s, …
  • focusing on education (e.g. Near University, events, academies)
  • focusing on development (participating in NEAR Grants)
  • build an ecosystem
  • Heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in German-speaking area


Till EOY we are expecting to reach:

  • 500-1,000 members on Telegram
  • 100-250 members on Twitter
  • content about NEAR in German Language

Afterwards, we will focus on the other goals as mentioned above!


Successful activities till EOY means:

  1. Active Near Germany Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem.
  2. Active Near Germany Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.
  3. German people create NEAR Wallet accounts.
  4. Daily support in the NEAR Telegram group.


As we have talked in the meeting before, we want to start with a small budget and focus on building a German community, but we will have some effort and expenses also.

Therefore we’ve decided to set our total costs to 950$.


Hey!! Good iniciative ! @cryptoheitzi

You don’t need to wait for the $950 funding, start right away my friend !

Here you have the OWS Guild to help you with → Open Web Sandbox
[November 2021] Open Web Sandbox Rewards and Opportunities

Ask me on the discord channel of OWS or here about it and we all will help you with your idea ! I will love to see a Near Germany Community very soon

@Kemal my buddy, you are from Germany too right ? Maybe this could be interest for you !

EDIT: You can check the opportunities on OWS, if your work adds value to the ecosystem and you follow all the OWS guide lines OWS Quality Control Guidelines then you will apply for the Reward Claim

So, this is a good way to start right away, you will know more about the community, you will learn, make contacts, we will have your profile to offer more opportunities, cheer up !


Thanks for tagging me @FritzWorm :pray:, I’m from Germany indeed, and coincidentally I also wanted to create a German speaking Guild and filled out the form today. Let’s connect @cryptoheitzi, and discuss how we could build the German Guild together. :raised_hands:


Hi Fritz,

thank you so much for your quick answer!

I have already started working.

I have already created a Telegram group (t.me/Near_German).
I will grow it in the next days but first we have to share it in the official NEAR Telegram group so people know that it’s official and don’t report it as spam. And I also think some people will join my group from the official NEAR Telegram group. How should we do that?

I have also created a Twitter Account (https://twitter.com/NEAR_German)


@Kemal @cryptoheitzi
imho you two can meet up in a call and discuss the future of Near German. I believe you will come up with great campaigns/proposals.


Awesome! We are already in contact :wink:


we already arranged a meeting for tomorrow. thx :raised_hands:


Since we are going to perform tasks related to German we need a “ near-german ” Tag.


Is the proposal still in review? @shreyas @marketingdao-council
We have already created a Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @Near_German ) and a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/NEAR_German).
We would need some funding to do some promotions to be able to grow our community and to find people that want to help (e.g. Blockchain Developers) in the Near Ecosystem.



Yes, it’s still under review. Will get to it ASAP :100:

I’ll review it today and ping the other Council members


Hi @cryptoheitzi nice to see someone planning to promote NEAR to the German speaking community.

I personally think it is important to encourage the translation into different languages of the NEAR message to achieve the goals of mass adoption.

Thank you for submitting a clear proposal and i wish you every success!

I am happy to approve this @marketingdao-council


I’m happy to approve this, too - will move to approved :white_check_mark:


Thank you for approving our proposal @marketingdao-council

Where do we get the payment from? Do we get it from the Marketing DAO?



Yes, please submit a funding proposal via Astro:

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Thank you for the guide! @David_NEAR
I have created a payout proposal Astro


Here is report [REPORT] Near German Community December 2021

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