[Approved] NEAR at NIGHT Twitter Spaces - Monthly Funding Request

It is a privilege to hangout with you all daily in NEAR at NIGHT!


Talking about the Near ecosystem is a good suggestion. Clarify some points. You said that you recognized the problem critically, how was this problem analyzed? Describe the work in more detail and what will the payment be for? Are you going to distribute tokens to Non-random participants, how will these participants be selected? You don’t think that bots will come for rewards and then come out, you need efficiency of actions. Does the NEKO and JUMP tokens have liquidity?
Thx :blush:

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“You said that you recognized the problem critically, how was this problem analyzed?”

I believe there is a misunderstanding in what is noted here. “We recognized sentiment was in a critical state that requires action from everyone…” means the people who attended the marketing meeting on 8/21 agreed that community sentiment and marketing efforts are in a very bad spot. This is evident to anyone who is actively working or participating in the NEAR ecosystem, formal analysis isn’t needed to see that.

“Describe the work in more detail and what will the payment be for?”

Please reference the breakdown of costs in the initial post. This is for our time to organize the daily agenda, coordinate speakers, and host Twitter Spaces. Additionally, a major portion of the coordination efforts will be spent on organizing multiple NEAR at NIGHT sessions per day to accommodate different timezones.

Breakdown of David Leer time:

  • Research / Create Agenda: 1 hour per day
  • Coordination: 30 minutes per day
  • Host Spaces: 1 hour per day

Breakdown of Zach Harmon time:

  • Research / Create Agenda: 1 hour per day
  • Co-Host Spaces: 1 hour per day

Breakdown of Brandon Cantu time:

  • Research / Create Agenda: 1 hour per day
  • Co-Host Spaces: 1 hour per day

Breakdown of Şenay Akdemir Bükrek time:

  • Research / Create Agenda: 1 hour per day

Breakdown of NEAR Giveaway:

  • Giveaway 5 NEAR ($20.90 USD) to a random attendee at every NEAR at NIGHT
  • 20N ($83.60) per week, total of 80N ($334.40 USD) per month

Are you going to distribute tokens to Non-random participants, how will these participants be selected?

To enter the giveaway, you must Like + RT the NEAR at NIGHT tweet. Then, we use tweet picker to select the winner(s). Once winners are selected, we cross reference the list of NEAR at NIGHT attendees to confirm only active listeners are awarded with the giveaway prize.

You don’t think that bots will come for rewards and then come out, you need efficiency of actions.

Bots are a non-issue when we cross reference winners with attendees of NEAR at NIGHT.

Does the NEKO and JUMP tokens have liquidity?

NEKO token and JUMP token do not have liquidity yet. Winners are awarded with a role in Discord which is used to claim the token airdrops after the TGE.


Now it became clear to me. Thanks for the remote time and explanation. I hope to attend your session.
Thx :blush:

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Sorry. I forgot to add it. Your phrase that the marketing mood is in a bad state makes you think about the poor work of marketing DAO, marketing consuls and approved projects. It is possible if you say: -“that marketing does not work badly, but we know how to make it better.” This will bring you more positive feedback :blush:
Thx :blush:

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We would love to see you there!!! It is always a great time to hangout with the NEAR community after a long day of work :smiley:

I’ve been a active community member / founder who has watched the struggling to find flow and momentum throughout the bear market. Consistent NEAR Spaces, groups who regularly and consistently reciprocate activity like RT and likes & interactions that really help to encourage community and spread information don’t seem to exist. Its been dire, for months and months now…

What appeared left after the high times seemed to fade quickly into echo chambers and big accounts working alone until almost nothing… There are some really good pockets of smaller people out there but not enough with the following and influence needed to jump start the heart attack that was our community these recent months.

Despite market conditions we should as a community be able to maintain some level of activity during these times otherwise anyone we successfully onboard to NEAR will likely leave during these times next around and I’m sure it will be harder to get them back a second time around.

NEAR @ NGHT and the NEAR Marketing DAOs recent efforts have sparked something huge on the front lines of the community. Yes there is much debate about how to fix our woes, this alone is not an all encompassing solution no, but its an important start. Please do not let it fade. We need more of these efforts, spaces and the catalysts that combine efforts to promote NEAR and keep our community experience consistent and informative.


@GenX_Artist thank you for attending and speaking at every NEAR at NIGHT! Also, huge shoutout for the epic NEAR at NIGHT graphic.

Your contributions to the NEAR ecosystem are so valuable.

The #NEARisNOW movement has empowered the community and NEAR at NIGHT gives us a voice to grow together. I am so excited to see what the NEAR community can accomplish under this unified initiative.


Interesting. Would love to have some engagement and collaboration with the team to create awareness and to cross promote.


Hey @TroveLabs,

Thanks for the proposal with lots of detail.

A few things:
Most podcasters and streaming hosts I’ve sat with have never spent a full hour doing show-prep for one episode. And I’ve heard some of the stuff you guys have done. Imagine if you actually put in that type of time.

Repurposing and Distribution

If you can show that you’re already gaining traction, the next step is to repurpose the work across channels (you’re already doing the hardest part).

  • Multi-casting your live stream (hosts only) on Twitch / FB Live / Youtube Live
  • Repurpose and re-lease the audio recording of Twitter spaces for podcast network distribution
  • Cut up best short segments for Tiktok / Youtube Shorts / IG Reels

Of course there will be a few barriers to overcome^^^

  • Choosing the right tools
  • Properly setting up your multi-stream integration
  • Post-production (editing)
  • Scheduling

You have my support.


Hey @Klint,

Twitter Spaces is not a podcast. It is a live audio conversation that is completely open to the public, similar to Clubhouse. Repurposing content will be tricky, assuming a video element is needed. See link below to last nights NEAR at NIGHT spaces for reference. 127 people tuned in.

We spend at least an hour a day researching NEAR news, creating daily agenda, and reaching out to people to join as speakers/listeners. However, the majority of our time is spent working on the framework to onboard more Hosts from around the world, to facilitate multiple sessions per day, in different timezones. Also, the NEAR at NIGHT spaces typically run much longer than an hour. Last nights NEAR at NIGHT Spaces was an hour and a half.

Realistically we are putting in quite a bit more time into NEAR at NIGHT than what is being requested in the proposal.

Thank you for the support

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Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed proposal.

NEAR @ Night is one of the several initiatives to come out of the #NEARisNOW movement. There are several things that I really like - the community stepping up and taking ownership of communications and marketing initiatives and the fact that the Marketing DAO is now able to support these new initiatives.

I have had the pleasure to attend several sessions and they are well thought out, hosts are polite and welcoming, certainly a balance between information and entertainment. It is clear how this initiative is adding value to the ecosystem.

Happy to support


Good morning. Happy to support.

You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day .


Would love to highlight NEAR HACKS NYC in the upcoming NEAR at Night, DM slide on twitter @nearhacks!


I’d just like to say I’ve attended every Near at night and spoke here and there and I love it. I watched its formation and invited a few people to come along with me listen and speak. Its very informative and valuable information from founders and community leaders within the Near ecosystem.

I fully support this proposal as other chains have multiple spaces at almost any given time. If the founders and community leaders keep this up, I can see myself or others having their own spaces and stem from this to usher in new people by just being present on the socials. The best part about this is they won’t be asking for funding.

What @TroveLabs is asking for is a steal. You can’t pay influencers/founders in peanuts. Yet, its what they’re asking for…


Good day. I’ll be there :blush:


Wow, we are so lucky yo have supporters such as yourself @billybones1. Thank you so much for the kind words!


We cant wait to see you there!


Hey there @nearbuild I will shoot you a DM on twitter now!

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We have attached the report below for this proposal!