[Approved] muti DAO Marketing April

Good evening, did you make decision stop working with Flying Rhino? Could you please share reasons? Thanks

Good day, no, as in the previous month Flying Rhino is still sharing Tweets when we post them but we do the content creation and the scheduling of it. We’re currently awaiting the report for March.

Also, forgot to add this here, social media plan for this month (just to show our daily interaction on all platforms)

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Would be great to see on it before approve the proposal. Looks like some activities dubbed

  • events;
  • collaborations;

Don’t get me wrong, but they already got grant to promote your twitter/tg and other platforms.


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Hey there,

thank you for the comment.
Just to clarify: the values we are asking from the Marketing Vertical for muti DAO are for @daphne and myself currently, as we are creating the social media plan and visuals, scheduling the posts, uploading the youtube videos etc… All mentioned tasks are fulfilled by members of muti DAO.

Flying Rhino informed us in the beginning that they would receive a grant from NF and that we would therefore not have to include them in our budget. I have also specifically mentioned that we create our own content but would simply like support in terms of NFTs (shares of NFT Drops or promote them in specific NFT groups) as we assume that they are well connected within N.

I will post the report as soon as I have received it. As for the next month, we are considering of working more with physical marketing such as posters etc. as we have a very strong physical component in our DAO/collective, but I will state that in the next budget request once the time comes.

So just to summarize, all values requested in here would be for the members of muti DAO who fulfill the mentioned tasks.

I hope this helps in the decision making :wink:

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Ok. Thank You, looking forward to see it.

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here is the report (i will copy as the doc needs access):

Muti Collective Tracking Document- Promotional Progress

Channels Shilled On:

*Tweets, announcements, and blogs will be repeatedly shared in these channels, which have a wide reach!

  • Flying Rhino Degens Hub
  • NEAR Growth Channel Leaders chat
    • Promotion through official NEAR degens
    • Promotion on the NEAR official announcements page
  • NEAR Daily channel

Tweets Generated

I just would like to clarify once more that we do not know how much FR covers for the service, as we had been told that it was included in their grant and as we only wanted support in terms of sharing NFT posts (and there is no tier only for sharing one specific kind of post from what we know).

muti creates all the content, visuals, videos, etc and schedules as well as interacts on the platforms. As for the mentioned Tier 3 tasks: we do not have weekly check-ins or a blueprint, nor did we request/receive social media strategy advising etc. Not saying FR would not do it (I assume they would ofc) and having our tweets shared is great; it is just not what we asked for as we work on our social media channels ourselves and the main focus was pushing the artist NFTs.

We appreciate the sharing and the fact that muti has participated in a podcast and received questions for an interview in the last months. But if having posts retweeted by FR means that the muti team is not able to receive support from the Marketing Vertical, we would rather stop this for now as the muti team does the work that we consider valuable for our DAO.

I hope this helps.

Good evening. Thanks for sharing the information :blush:

Not too much details but, actually expected, probably they charge extra money for full report.

Just wondering why private company uses Near official channels and our team to promote own clients.

Why NF cannot to work directly with Degens team and post news in official media? Why we need the middleman’s companies?


Definitely conflict of interest.

Dear @David_NEAR do you know people who work with NEAR official announcements page? Would be great if Near Community members will have a chance to shill their project, if the privilege available for private company. Thanks

Dear @Lolson_tg @SanketN81 @baxoff I think you can charge Flying Rhino private company for using your accounts.

Looking forward to get links from NF on a site/google doc/excel, etc, where NEAR COMMUNITY MEMBERS WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE OWN GROUP / DAO / PROJECT through Degens team and official Near social media.


Would you like to work directly with Marketing DAO without expensive for Near Community treasure intermediaries?

I see muti DAO leadership covers vast of work on Twitter.

Thank You

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Hey! In Telegram? I believe that, because it’s official, something like that wouldn’t be possible. It’s controlled internally. Maybe a Guild could make an unofficial one?

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You mention ads in the top part of the proposal, but I don’t see budget items for ads. Can you clarify how you are using paid social promotion?

Thank you for your reply.
I dont have infos on the official announcement page, I know that the NEARweek channel used to be open for people to post news but now is closed but I can also imagine that there have been a lot of info posted and maybe some had to be filtered, but other than that I am not aware.

Our goal was and is to always support the community and in this case the people who actually work to support muti. If FR requests 1k for their services and we would have to pay this from our treasure, we would not have been able to use the service (as we are trying to build up self-sustainability but do not have the funds to pay 1k per month yet). We thought it would be a good idea on collaborating with other projects who are well connected.

As you can see in our marketing plan we ask for 1k divided by the different channels and I feel we share relevant information and growing steadily and organically. We will stop the services of FR from May on.

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I will post here a recap of the last ads we used. Generally, we create content and depending on the reactions of the post, we then add ads. So if we have online streams in NEARhub (twice per month) we promote those as well as our NFT drops. We also want to target cultural actors in Portugal, so we will push a post that explains what muti does in terms of physical events and collaborations.

Generally we use the ads to push specific posts, both on IG and FB. Therefore we requested the 70 USD.

I hope this helps to clarify.

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I meant you can stop working with fr and take over their activities. May be your budget will be slightly increased.

Understood. As mentioned we confirmed with them to end the activities from May on. As the current month is already partially over, I assume it make sense to have a clear cut.

ok, happy to approve your proposal. thanks

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Thumbs up from me - Good to go.

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Your proposal was Approved on the forum.

Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Thank you!
Poll is here, overall value in here missed 1$, have adjusted it: