[Approved] MintbaseDAO Website Rebrand

[PROPOSAL] MintbaseDAO Website Rebrand

payout target: bianca.near
payout request: 20 NEAR

MintbaseDAO is the new Createbase. The current public-facing website for MintbaseDAO no longer accurately reflects and communicates what today’s MintbaseDAO is. @marianeu summed this recent branding overhaul in this Medium post.

As I have built the previous Createbase website, I am not only familiar with the platform but also the community itself and the NFT platform it represents; Mintbase.io.

My proposal is to create a new landing page that achieves the following goals:

  • Visually communicate the new MintbaseDAO rebrand
  • Provide clear resources and relevant information for the community
  • Accurately portray Mintbase and the MintbaseDAO community

The splash page will also reference this medium post, and provide popular links such as social profiles (example: Twitter), the Mintbase platform, and the Mintbase forum category. This splash page will provide important information, and upon approval from the Mintbase team, the changes can be pushed live.

cc: @marianeu


Approved! :slight_smile: please emphasize the link to the forum and the one to the medium post

Thank you a lot

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Thank you for approving this proposal, Maria! I will get working on this. Very excited to showcase the new brand :slight_smile:

Hey @marianeu !! I have officially published the landing page with the new branding, check it out: https://createbase.community/

If there are any further updates, I would be happy to work on them! :slight_smile:

May I request my payout from the DAO now?

Dear @bianca thank you for your work!
Could you please do the following updates:

please put our logo in the center and big here

instead of this white lettering…

you can substitute the mintbasedao logo with lettering on the left image
with only the logo without the lettering…

could you please also make something here clickable so the visitor gets redirected to all the blogposts if they are interested? I can only access the recent ones if I click on the first article. But I think we need to redirect them to a very simple page, so that they can read if they want.

and last but not least, could you make my picture clickable so people come to the text I wrote?

Please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: thank you!

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Hi @marianeu,

I have made the following changes:

1- Set logo on menu bar to icon only
2- Removed “MintbaseDAO” heading, and replaced with full logo (seen in screenshot below)

3- Made your image go to Medium post written by you when clicked

4- Regarding the request for the blog, this would involve additional work and set up to make this change happen. For example, I would need to create a whole new page for the blogs, design it to match the new theme, implement SEO settings, and configure the site settings so that all existing and new posts would appear on this page. This is something that I can do; however, I would like to increase an increase in the bounty price by 10 NEAR. Let me know if this is okay with you and I can proceed with the changes.

If you have any additional requests or questions, please let me know :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hi Bianca, I am sorry I forgot to answer earlier.

point 1 and 2 are perfect, thank you so much!

regarding point n 3, I actually wanted it to redirect to a text I wrote about me that was below my picture before. If you need the text I can send it to you via telegram.

point 4: If you could just leave the blog ‘readable’, does not need to be pretty and in the new design that would be great. Because right now, if we go on to this link : https://createbase.community/our-blog/ we cant see it (only if logged in as a wordpress admin editor)
I think it would be very important to just leave them accessible, you knwo what I mean? This link still works and that is very good and important How to apply for funding with Createbase - MintbaseDAO

Will the changes I am asking for need more funding? It is basically just to make the page open for readers again…

Hey Maria, no worries! Thank you for the reply.

3- Beside the article, I replaced the image with a similar one from the actual medium post to compliment the text to the left. I added an additional section with your image and bio below, please see screenshots for reference.

4- I republished the Blog page. This did involve some extra work to link the pages together, add them to the menu, change some backend settings, and somewhat modify the appearance. No worries regarding additional funding :slight_smile: https://createbase.community/our-blog/ is live again. Please note that you may have to refresh the page when you land on it to view all the articles as some changes are still being pushed.

DOMAIN- regarding the createbase.community domain, I know that we had briefly discussed changing it to a new one to reflect the rebrand. I noticed that “createbase.community” does expire 23 days from now. Perhaps we can revisit a new URL/ domain name in a few days and switch it over? Let me know what your thoughts are.

Please let me know if you have any additional requests! When you feel I can submit my payout proposal, please also let me know. Thanks!

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It is great, you can submit payout proposal! Can you change the link to mintbasedao.community soon? Would you need more funds for that?

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Thanks Maria! I have submitted a payout proposal :slight_smile:

Regarding the new domain, yes there will be extra costs associated with a new domain/host as it is purchased through the domain provider. I will get you a breakdown of those costs and we can go from there!

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Sounds perfect, please do @bianca

Hi @marianeu, apologies for the delay! The following are the top two domain options for MintbaseDAO:

  1. mintbasedao.com = $24.00 CAD/year
  2. mintbasedao.community = $33.00 CAD/year

To register the domain, we will need to use a valid credit card. My suggestion for this would be to use a Mintbase company credit card (if that is available) that way the renewal can all be done from your end. I am happy to walk you through the process so that someone on your team can input the payment information.

Please note that the current domain (createbase.community) will expire 14 days from today.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and how you would like to proceed.

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Hi @bianca , the whole blog thing is on hold for now! Will let you know as soon as this changes. :slight_smile:

Hi @marianeu, thanks for letting me know! Please note that the domain will expire on January 12th, and the website will no longer be visible at “createbase.community” until a new domain is purchased. When you’d like to get a domain, let me know and we can make that happen!

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I want to get a new domain @bianca please! This would be bad haha

i prefere the second one:


Could you save it and we send you funds asap?

Sure thing! I will purchase the domain now and let you know the total cost :slight_smile:

Hi @marianeu, I have purchased the domain “mintbasedao.community” :slight_smile: it is currently activating. Once active (could take about 30 mins or so), I will set it as the primary domain. From there that will be your new domain going forwards. Please note that this domain is active for 1 year from the purchase date and will need to be renewed annually (valid until January 9, 2023).

The total cost for purchasing the domain is $31.70 CAD.

payout request: 2 NEAR
target: bianca.near

Please let me know once approved and I will submit a payout proposal to the DAO :slight_smile:

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Thank you bianca! you can submit payout proposal

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