[APPROVED] Metaverse DAO Funding for February, 2022

Project/Council Members:

*Target: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Report for January

*Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000 usd in NEAR

Objective: The main objective of this set of projects is to produce, record and systematize NEAR presence on metaverse, and to register it on the blockchain. We intend to build 2 events on metaverse, with wearable giveaways, interviews, our monthly magazine, recordings of events and mintings by our reporter and develop our social networks.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this set of project is precisely to keep record of NEAR metaverse presence and keep it as a research material for future researchers, and also to develop NEAR visibility on metaverse and to educate people about NEAR Protocol. Shows with NEAR artists can be a way to introduce them to metaverse and to introduce metaverse to them, given that metaverse properties can be visited by many people, mainly in party days. And to produce our historical mintings with our reporter and our magazine have the result of publicizing NEAR even more.

Timeline: February 5th - 28st, 2022

The NEAR Protocol has seen so much activities and events arise within its ecosystem. This development can only be cognizant of the fact that the NEAR protocol is conveniently expanding and providing solutions for individuals within the web 3 ecosystem. We at the MetaVerse Guild/DAO have observed these developments for a while and have decided to contribute our quota in love and gratitude for the NEAR Protocol towards helping it expand conveniently in areas where it is seeking more engagement and traction. This area of focus is none other than the METAVERSE and NEAR history on it.

We have seen the amount of exhibitions that have happened within the NEAR ecosystem as regards exhibition of NFTS in different VR environments showcasing NFTs minted on mintbase which is a Dapp in collaboration with the NEAR Protocol. We are also aware that the NEAR Protocol is rolling out plans to build its own virtual environment called NEARVerse, and NearHub and 3XR are a reality already. It is in this vein that we the METAVERSE DAO feel a call to responsibility to preserve the heritage of the NEAR protocol and also help it scale efficiently in glamour and productivity within the metaverse by initiating awesome projects in line with preaching the NEAR protocol gospel by building portals within other VR environments to showcase assets within the NEAR protocol and advertise the productivity of the blockchain. Below are the projects that the METAVERSE DAO has outlined to actualize for the month of February, building its historical mission concerning NEAR on metaverse.

These are the projects that the metaverse DAO would actualize for the month of February. All these projects are approved by the Metaverse DAO.

Approval of the budget proposal by the DAO on ASTRODAO

Metaverse DAO


Hello! This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators! Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Thank you, @adrianseneca. I just submitted a poll on astro.
The Metaverse DAO thanks you.


@adrianseneca, I already got KYC approved. Do you know how much time it should take for near to send the resources for the wallet? Thank you for all the support.

Hello there! Happy to hear you got KYC approved! We don’t have a great estimate on time frame as this is the first time using the new process and it is now in the hands of NF. I would give them MAXIMUM of 2 weeks, hoping for a quick turnaround for you!

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I am happy too. :smiley: Thank you so much!

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