[Approved] MER’s First NFT MV - April 2022

Hello NxM!

By this proposal, I’m applying for the “NxM Projects” funding category of April 2022.

My name is An (stage name: Mer), a young Vietnamese singer & songwriter. During my career path, I have gained media attention for my original Pop tracks & cover MVs with other young talented artists in Vietnam. Here’s a glance of my released products, including cover, ft. & single tracks.

Colab MV
Name Link Stream
1 Trên tình bạn dưới tình yêu Link 1,362,762
2 Và thế là hết (Lalala 2) Link 948,985
3 Không phai (05) Link 614,251
4 Sài Gòn đau lòng quá Link 563,631
5 Bông hoa không thuộc về ta Link 558,504
Single MV
Name Link Stream
1 Giấc mơ rất thơ Link 2,230,703
2 Tình thật tình mơ Link 549,013
3 Cớ sao Link 477,928

For more:

Mer’s Playlist – MAD Production

Mer’s Personal Youtube Channel

Project details

Time: Expected 16 April 2022

Purpose: This is my onboarding project, as well as my first time producing a NFT MV. By this project, I want to spread the advantages of Web3 technology to fellow Vietnamese artists & shout out the support from a musician-friendly guild NxM. Hopefully, this can be a good example to introduce Vietnam music to the crypto space.


  • 1 Animated Music Video, with an original song written by me “Du Ca Khúc” – the theme of the song would be about the young & free spirit, in bright & happy tone.

  • NFT MV to be minted on NxM’s Mintbase store


Total request: 500$
Target wallet: antran2809.near

Break down:

  • Production and Recording with bands 250$

  • Mixing & Mastering: 100$

  • Rendering: Animation Artist: 150$

The MV will be promoted on MER’s YouTube channel, MER Spotify with more than 50k monthly streaming, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Zing MP3

Thank you so much!


Hi @Mer, welcome to the space, glad to have you onboard, councils will review your proposal by the due time.


yeah! thanks a lot for your support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Dear @Mer,

Please be informed that your proposal has been approved!

Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

Once your project will be ready please share your artworks and details with NxM Social Media Team in order to promote it on Twitter and Instagram - Telegram: Contact @nxmsocialmedia

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App https://app.nearguilds.com
  • Find NxM Guild​
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​
  • Join the community using your NEAR wallet!

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after the delivered show.

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I’m so grateful for your all support!


Hi guys, the picture below is exactly my “Du ca khuc” MV thumbnail. It will be released in April 19th. Hope you guys will enjoy it!

Official link of my MV here: "DU CA KHÚC" | MER FT. LAZII - YouTube
Let’s start the countdown! The MV is going to released on Youtube at 12PM UTC!
Thanks a lot!

To the honest, i’m really grateful for all NxM’s support to our first collaboration.
Thanks NxM team with lots of detailed guidelines during MV producing time.
“DU CA KHÚC” was officially released on Youtube and other platforms in April 19th, you can check it out at the link tree below:

The MV has reached 2.173 views on Youtube after 2 days and still counting.

NFT minted on NxM Mintbase store: DU CA KHÚC - MER ft. LAZII by nxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

Again, thank you NxM for your support and hope that we can collaborate in the near future.
@Monish016 @Paul @williamx @bonepolice @rhymetaylor


Fantastic work, and congratulations!


That’s my pleasure, sir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Amazing work @Mer

BeatDAO just purchased your NFT :slight_smile:
Thank you!



wowww, amazinggg! thank you sir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey @Mer
Checked out your profile and music. Love your work. I’m happy to invite you to UniqArt
We can plan something for your next release :smiley:


thank you sir a lot, let me discuss carefully with team and contact you in the right time :blush: