[Approved] May 2022 Content & Infographics Production + Activate Telegram Group - Near Insider Guild

Hello everyone! Nice to come back here for the second time after submitting the first proposal and getting approved: First Proposal . Thanks again for understanding our work.
We also posted a report for everyone’s convenience to track the results we achieved based on the goal set in April: April Report

In this post, we continue to send proposals for the next goals, as well as new plans for this May.

  • Guild name: Near Insider
  • Funding scheme: Monthly
  • Council: nearinsider.near, vanhuynh.near, helen0607.near
  1. Social Media
    Till end of May, we are expecting to reach:
    -18,000 followers on Twitter
    -Impressions reach min 800K
    -Impressions each post reach 12-20% of followers
    -1000 subscribers on Telegram Channel

  2. New Plan
    This month we will activate telegram group with the desire to create a place for people to freely interact and discuss, and at the same time we will create activities, answer questions, and share revolving topics around the Near ecosystem so that everyone has more knowledge and better understanding of the ecosystem they are participating in.
    This is our group: Telegram: Contact @nearinsider_chat

Goals for this month (also phase 1):

  • Members: 1000 members
  • Contest about Near: 1
  • Quiz: 2

Always create daily discussion topics, Q&A with users. Update news, what is happening in the ecosystem. Guide and educate users about the products in each project

  1. Support for 6 projects
    This May we will continue to support 6 new projects to fill out the form: Projects Promotion Support
    Besides, we still support the projects in Apr to complete the set tasks

  2. Requested budget for May
    Twitter: 180 - 250 Infograhics for projects: $3000
    70 infographics for 6 selected projects and projects in the last month: $2000
    Telegram group:

  • 2 commnunity manager: $300/person => $600 (From us first month)
  • Contest + Quiz: $400 (From us first month)

Total: $5000

We will send a report at the end of the month.

Wallet ID: near_insider.near
Amount: 5000 USD

Near Insider Guild


Tagging @marketingdao-council for More Post Visibility. Thanks!

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Hi @Dacha ! Can you tagged us with daos and marketing-dao?

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Good morning, could you please:

  • share list of current partnerships with projects on Near and Aurora;

  • list of 6 projects on May;

From your last proposal

  • I counted only 20 infographics (should be 70);
  • Could find information about the giveaway.

From me:

Before publishing any infographic about games, reach the developer’s team and me to prevent some mistakes and misunderstandings. I know there is some misleading information about Galaxy online and Multiverse.

Thank You


I think that infographics are a great way to help educate and draw in new players to the community. The above plan is heavily focused on actual content creation, but will there be a second iteration of this that also includes the marketing of the content you generate? Organic views are much harder to come by these days and I would hate to see all of the beautiful graphics you create not get the attention they deserve.


Hi @Dacha thanks for reply!
First, list of current partnerships with projects on Near Aurora? What do you mean?
Second, list of 6 projects on May, you can check on form, you also admin. I will continue send the form to new projects, special are game and nft projects
Third, you only see 20 infographics because the projects are new so there isn’t much information, but we will continue to support them over the next month. We have replaced by equally supporting different projects in the ecosystem
Fourth, regarding the production of infographics for games, I will pay more attention and contact you for moderation before posting.

Yes, the current list of partnerships to prevent double payments.

Ok, will check.

Thank You :blush:

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Hey @Dacha I dont understand. You mean partnership between Near Insider with projects on Near/Aurora? And does it have anything to do with payment?

Yes, like Flying Rhino, Atocha, etc. Thanks.


Okay @Dacha Atocha, Flying Rhino, Fusotao, Near Starter, Killswitch, NearTrees, Near NFT Club, BlueBit, Polaris


I would also like to understand the 6 projects you support – last month’s report has 4? Also, you mentioned that @Dacha can review in a form, but I think we need transparency for the whole community…is there a way you can share that? Thanks!


Hello @so608 . Yes sure you can follow this sheet to update projects filled out the form

Second, pls recheck our report. 5 projects last month. Near Now, they have not information to do and I cant contact them

Ok, thanks.

  • What kind of work for the project?
  • Could you please share report? Very important, because they cover marketing with for some of our applicants.
  • Is some work for the project included in the proposal?
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Hi @Dacha. The same work we do with projects registered in our form. Example: One-pager, giveaway, education, etc via infographics and post on our channel. We just partnered with them to support a project called Insurace. And we do not include these works in this proposal.

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Ok, thanks, (45N, $500)

Could you please share information about the giveaway?


Overall looks excellent, but I propose to reduce rewards to $4500.

$500 / project x 7 + $600 management fee + $400 giveaway

Six projects from the form + one common, at least 40 infographics per project.

I took the rate from here, $3000/250 = $12

Thank you

Hey @Dacha have a nice weekend! You mean 40 infographics per project for projects filled out our form? Really I also wanna support 40 infographics, but they are new projects and they have not much information to make. I also created a group for each project and they just need we catch up their campaign. So I will support them for 2 months or more until they have revenue. (It includes both infographics and fast news to reach users).

The reason I suggested $2000 for 6 projects is because we had to work directly with them to strategize for each campaign they launched. And edit quite a few times as their plans keep changing. It’s not like the tasks we do every day. Hope you can understand this. Also, you can reduce the reward to $5000. We will use our funds to build telegram group in 1 month for everyone to see its development. Then we will discuss how to fund it. Thank you!

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Ok, yes from me.

If the proposal will be approved, please don’t forget about the essential points:

Ps: question about the $400 giveaway is still not answered. You got funds from Marketing DAO in April but didn’t mention it in your report.

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“Ps: question about the $400 giveaway is still not answered. You got funds from Marketing DAO in April but didn’t mention it in your report”. Sorry sorry, $400 giveaway I haven’t used it yet because last month there were 3 giveaways we combined with some projects. I will use it for this month to organize contests and quizzes for users in the Near ecosystem, what do you think @Dacha ? It’s better than we just giving money on twitter platform

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Hello @Dacha ! I’ll wait for the approval of the rest of the members, right?