[Approved] May 2022 Content & Infographics Production + Activate Telegram Group - Near Insider Guild

Okay @Dacha Atocha, Flying Rhino, Fusotao, Near Starter, Killswitch, NearTrees, Near NFT Club, BlueBit, Polaris


I would also like to understand the 6 projects you support – last month’s report has 4? Also, you mentioned that @Dacha can review in a form, but I think we need transparency for the whole community…is there a way you can share that? Thanks!


Hello @so608 . Yes sure you can follow this sheet to update projects filled out the form

Second, pls recheck our report. 5 projects last month. Near Now, they have not information to do and I cant contact them

Ok, thanks.

  • What kind of work for the project?
  • Could you please share report? Very important, because they cover marketing with for some of our applicants.
  • Is some work for the project included in the proposal?
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Hi @Dacha. The same work we do with projects registered in our form. Example: One-pager, giveaway, education, etc via infographics and post on our channel. We just partnered with them to support a project called Insurace. And we do not include these works in this proposal.

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Ok, thanks, (45N, $500)

Could you please share information about the giveaway?


Overall looks excellent, but I propose to reduce rewards to $4500.

$500 / project x 7 + $600 management fee + $400 giveaway

Six projects from the form + one common, at least 40 infographics per project.

I took the rate from here, $3000/250 = $12

Thank you

Hey @Dacha have a nice weekend! You mean 40 infographics per project for projects filled out our form? Really I also wanna support 40 infographics, but they are new projects and they have not much information to make. I also created a group for each project and they just need we catch up their campaign. So I will support them for 2 months or more until they have revenue. (It includes both infographics and fast news to reach users).

The reason I suggested $2000 for 6 projects is because we had to work directly with them to strategize for each campaign they launched. And edit quite a few times as their plans keep changing. It’s not like the tasks we do every day. Hope you can understand this. Also, you can reduce the reward to $5000. We will use our funds to build telegram group in 1 month for everyone to see its development. Then we will discuss how to fund it. Thank you!

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Ok, yes from me.

If the proposal will be approved, please don’t forget about the essential points:

Ps: question about the $400 giveaway is still not answered. You got funds from Marketing DAO in April but didn’t mention it in your report.

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“Ps: question about the $400 giveaway is still not answered. You got funds from Marketing DAO in April but didn’t mention it in your report”. Sorry sorry, $400 giveaway I haven’t used it yet because last month there were 3 giveaways we combined with some projects. I will use it for this month to organize contests and quizzes for users in the Near ecosystem, what do you think @Dacha ? It’s better than we just giving money on twitter platform

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Hello @Dacha ! I’ll wait for the approval of the rest of the members, right?

Hi @near.insider thanks for your proposal. I note your replies to comments by @Dacha. Are you planning to update the amount requested?


Hi @cryptocredit I just edited amount. Pls check

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Thanks. Also happy to support

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Thank you very much! @cryptocredit . 3 more people right?

All proposals need a majority of the DAO council approve. You now need two more @marketingdao-council members to comment before submitting a Poll on Astro


Yeah @cryptocredit pls talk them. Thanks!

Good evening, looks like the work will be covered from OWS budget.


They will pay for that? I want to work with them.

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Yes, looks like great opportunity for community members.

Hello @Dacha ! As far as I know, OWS only recruits for us, and we have to pay for the salary problem ourselves. They no longer have a support policy for this problem

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