[Approved] Marketing Sponsor For NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt By Atocha Game Guild

Thanks, @Dacha for highlighting this. As the list is not a finalized one yet, we will adjust based on the feedback as well. Noted as both of the projects have not given us any response yet.

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What are the expectations of your offer for Nearcon2022 and what is the result you can provide? You have written projects with which you will cooperate, but there is no comment about them. You write in the comments about cooperation with the project, but they are not in the list. On what principle did you make this list?
Thx :blush:

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Thanks for your proposal,

I am happy to support this proposal, always excited to find new ways to promote existing projects on the broader NEAR ecosystem to help them succeed. It is clear that NEARCON is a great opportunity to present your product to thousands of people, hopefully get a big spike in awareness and adoption.

I do have a couple of questions and comments,

Considering the incentives (a Grand prize) please make sure that the submissions for each project (questions and answers) are done separately. It would be very easy for any project to cheat and look at all the answer from all the other projects. It would also be very hard to police or monitor, just gotta get the design right from the beginning.

My only reservation is the inclusion of Stader Labs. They are yet to compensate the users that lost funding following the NEARX exploit. I am both against them spending any money until they have settled those liabilities and on using community funds to promote them until they make good to all affected users and have successfully migrated their smart contracts, etc. Please consider removing them as partners.


Thank you. Happy to support. Please DM me on TG , I can connect you with some projects and guilds.


It’s not a very long time until Nearcon. It’s a yes from me. But please let us know if the turn around is now too short.


You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:

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Have created a pool on AstroDAO as instructed.

Here’s the link: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-513?fromCreate=true

@Dacha @Klint @satojandro

There are still time available for this to go through as we are distributing the prize based on the response from the participants until the end of NEARCON2022 (or slightly beyond based on whether there’s any grand prize winner).

To reply your concern:

  1. Yes, we have changed the operation model to deal separately with the projects. Only Atocha team has the full access to all the puzzles created and most of the puzzles are created by our team. So that will largely reduce the chance of cheating from any parties.

  2. Sure, we will remove Near Stader from the Partner Listing. As far as I am concerned, they already have their measures to compensate the victims of the exploit but the compensation is in progress.

Hey, thanks for your sharp question. Here are the feedbacks from the team:

  1. Expectation of our offer to NEARCON2022: a continuous campaign to promote about NEARCON2022 (online and offline) via social media channels and also IRL QR card distribution
  2. Result that we can provide: increase of engagement for NEARCON2022 and also the participating projects. This is a model that we will be working on in the coming quarter as well which we hope to first launch for NEARCON. What we aim to generate is a combined and share reach enabled by all the participating projects and maximize the value for each of the projects, including NEARCON.
  3. Comment about the project: We choose the project based on our previous collaboration relationship. We do not engage projects that we are not familiar with, especially those that may involved promotion about NFT sales, token purchase, etc. There are 3 categories in general for the selection of Partners. The first one is community guild which is self explainable, the guild will help us in terms of spreading of the Treasure Hunt to their community members. The second one is projects recommended by reputable entities like Octopus Network, TenkDAO, Paras. Of course, they are our Partners as well and they helped in terms of referring project for us (not able to connect with @Dacha Aurora community yet but we hope to include in the next coming Treasure Hunt). The third category will be Partners that we previously collaborated and have good records.
  4. Principle to make the list: The main concern for us is not to involve projects that may not transparent background and clear goals. We want to ensure that we are delivering a Treasure Hunt that does not involve any malicious projects.

Hey @Dacha all done with Poll on AstroDAO (approved as of 10 Sep 2022) and Ironclad submission.

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Finally we got our Grand Prize winner identified: https://twitter.com/AtochaProtocol/status/1570897688249663489?s=20&t=gwlaZ4o8d9OmnqK25VzbrA

There is a misunderstanding going on for who the Grand Prize winner is as the rule is not understood correctly. The team would love to clarify through the Twitter thread.

Anyhow, we are finalizing all the winners including the 30 puzzles that we put together. The prize will be distributed as stated in each puzzles and all transactions record will be published here.

We are still pending for the funding from Marketing DAO, Octopus Network and few other Partners.

@Dacha @pathfinder @Klint @satojandro @Kemal @FritzWorm

The terms of this contest are violated on the following points in my opinion and this is the opinion of the Atocha chat community and Twitter subscribers.
The contest conditions specify the time 6:00 UTC, how can the puzzle be solved 90 minutes before the official time? Why don’t you respond to messages on Twitter and Telegram? Why is your winner anonymous? Share the winner’s information on your version. A person who considers himself a winner has shared his information openly. Here is the evidence for my arguments.

and Tg chat, Twitter

Here is the transaction Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Thanks for getting to this issue and I would personally like to clarify all the doubts.

First of all, the team and I will never want to be “cheating” or getting behind the community just to “scam” for something that isn’t ours. We standby the value of Treasure Hunt which is to explore and expect the UNEXPECTED.

Let me reply to your concern one by one:

  1. The contest conditions specify the time 6:00 UTC, how can the puzzle be solved 90 minutes before the official time? The FINAL PUZZLE is not a puzzle on the landing page (web2) but on our Webapp (web3 that is onchain). The complaining community members do not understand the difference and hence causing the confusion. We do apologise for the earlier creation of the puzzle in this case but that we believe will not affect the fairness in anyway. WHY IS THAT SO? So here are the points that everyone should be aware of:
  • The FINAL PUZZLE is an onchain puzzle created on Atocha Protocol. The puzzle was created on chain 90 minutes earlier than the stated time (which was then removed from the main page as we do not want to over promise the manual work of creation but was screenshot anyway). However, there is 1 hour gap before the FINAL PUZZLE was SOLVED by a user. Here are the onchain record: https://twitter.com/AtochaProtocol/status/1570897730947645441?s=20&t=gwlaZ4o8d9OmnqK25VzbrA
  • Therefore, there is no unfairness in this circumstance. We do not make any announcement in regards to the creation of the FINAL PUZZLE. It was simply picked up by the users who are browsing our webapp (play.atocha.io) and managed to solve it first. In this 1 hour gap, anyone can access to the puzzle and solve it.
  1. Why don’t you respond to messages on Twitter and Telegram? YES, I have personally responded to all repeatedly. The chat history is there on Discord and Telegram. There is no need for me to prove further.
  2. Why is your winner anonymous? THE WINNER is not entirely anonymous. We have gotten in touch with the winner which is DOX in Discord and also polkadot wallet address. We have published the verification and transparent about it. Here are the vefication:
  1. A person who considers himself a winner has shared his information openly. YES, he did share his information to me and I wrongly claimed that he is the winner. After he failed to proof that he is the owner of the wallet (5EkUNqgj8jBijAHScd78QSVy1LcpUw3U75chNi34ygh2yRdf) then only I realized I was too rush to make the announcement and has explained to him about the rule of the Grand Prize. He did not listen and proceed to make complain on every channel.

I am deeply saddened to see such thing happened to the NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt which we spent a lot of time putting resources together. I do hope that the community can stand by us as the proof is solid as rock that we are doing this professionally. Of course, we are sorry that we did not follow the time strictly to create the FINAL PUZZLE, we admit that but the result is FINAL. We still stand by the ONCHAIN RESULT which is ultimate.

Sir first of all they release their final puzzle before one hour of official announcement how can we know ,puzzle is started we wait for time.

They said final winner have not active twitter account ,but in rule we need to follow both near and Atocha account on twitter to be part of winner

They put one more concept Easter egg that is not mention on Guidelines what is that.

Why they deleat their winner announcement tweet this if they are not wrong swe their Discord and telegram chat history community not satisfied with unfairness


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We will wait for information about the anonymous winner.
Thx :blush:

Highly disappointed by the actions of the team. All things which came out in regrads of final puzzle are so messy.
Had attended quiz and events like this in past on discord and telegram. Since i am more active on telegram and have participated in far more organised and planned quiz. And i think @KriptoRaptor and @Kv9990 along with other mods were also there when near quiz master had put out the puzzle or any quiz as such. What if in those event they announce time of 6.00 for event and start it 1 hour earlier without any announcement. But they are very transparent with their decisions.

And yes the puzzle is on chain and anyone who is online at that time would solve the puzzle. I had put an alarm of 5.55 so that i dont miss on final grand puzzle. But bingo even before that the puzzle was solved which raises tons of concern.

And honestly none of the proofs you are sending here or on twitter make any attempt to filter the doubts and shadows on the fear of insider winner.

So only thing here what the bare minimum can be done is sharing the twitter of winner. The community just want to check if that person has made any efforts to solve any of the 30 puzzles which also had prizes or the winner is someone who only wins the final puzzle.

Very bad thing overall from the team.

They have already denied the same. Have asked them 100 of times stating the reason.
But they are not ready. And it seems it doesnt exist

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Sadly even after the warning of bad actors given by you here, i highly suspect that is how the things have folded in the end.
Now its not even about the grand prize anymore and its more about principles now, i highly believe in transparency here as funding has been done on the forums and need clear cut answers which admins in the telegram chat have denied straight forward.

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Expect the unexpected. Ok so what is unfolding in the community is on the same lines that is on discord, telegram english telegram russia and twitter. there is just one thing being said of the puzzle being rugged for grand prize.
I will reply one by one:

  1. This assumption people not knowing about web2 and web3 landing page is not even a matter of concern, obviously there would be a link at the said time(6.00), let it be on web2 or web3 at a stated time. I was there with an alarm set on for solving the final puzzle at 6. but bingo when i open the page the puzzle is already solved. Tell me where the mistake lies from my side? I had solved all the 30 minor puzzles already and for many of them i had tweeted as they also had prizes associated with them. So creation of puzzle before the mentioned time affects the fairness in everyway and gives a strong evidence to insider work as the puzzle was solved even before it was supposed to be started.
  • Full unfairness imo, not a level playing field. Picked by not someone but instead planned by insider. And 1 hour gap doesnt really justify anything.
  1. The details asked hasnt been provided on telegram. And i have been reading each and every message from the very beginning of this treasure hunt. Even after seeing the grand puzzle being already solved even before it should have been out the person with atocha protocol official annoucement page confirmed that no one solved all 30 puzzles yet while on the other hand the grand puzzle was solved already around half an hour ago.
    Attaching the links:
    At 6.00 i am on telegram as should have been asking about wallet needed: Telegram: Contact @atochacommunity
    At 6.05 after realizing that puzzle is no more and asking the same in chat : Telegram: Contact @atochacommunity
    At 6.08 reply from the page of atocha announcement: Telegram: Contact @atochacommunity

And then you can follow up as to what bloodbath has taken on the chats.

  1. Discord doesnt prove anything. The winner is still anonymous. There were 30 prizes which could have been won only by tweeting from twitter, so discord for not being anonymous doesnt even really matter. So this winner doesnt want rewards for any of the 30 small puzzles which were spread for 3 days and only comes for the final grand puzzle rewards? Huh already looking fishy.
    Now i will make some assumptions from here on now:
    The polkadot wallet is just a wallet of one of the member of team and so is the discord. And now none of the verification team has made clears the clouds of insider work. And i highly believe that this insider person didnt thought that things can go this bad and didnt made any tweets about solving those 30 minor puzzles (remember they had prizes but very miniscule when compared to grand puzzle).
  • On chain task theory: Asking an alternate account of team to do on chain task. It wasnt even needed and its just a waste to even ask the winner to send any amount from the solving wallet. I mean if team loves anonymous things so much they should have forwarded the reward to the person who first solved and signed the txn. Why even this drama in the first place. So my theory is that it is team member alternate account.
  1. Why should anyone contact the team after submitting the answers on chain? This is beyond science to answer :smiley_cat: And since team has thing towards verification then why not verify and public the twitter account or even better to ask the winner himself use the same twitter account which he had used to solve at least some of those 30 puzzles. This way the community could ask verify and will be more than happy to accept that it was a mistake to release the puzzle 90 minutes earlier than it should as humans tend to make mistake. The community just wants to cross verify themselves in name of transparency.
    Otherwise as far as theory is concerned there exists no such twitter account and the insider person didnt expected the things to blow out like that.

I am deeply saddened to see such thing happened to the NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt in which community members spent a lot of time putting time, efforts, read materials and sacrifice sleeps altogether. I do hope that the atocha team can stand by truth as the proof is not solid as rock & what team is doing is very amateur. Of course, community is frustrated that you did not follow the time strictly to create the FINAL PUZZLE, and even after initially denying the same until given the proof on chat itself. I as a community member feel being cheated by the methods of team which is ultimate.

Attaching the denial on timer thing and what followed:

Succesfully wasted over 5 days in all this. Not going to do anymore on this, This is just unproductive as team is rigid and non transparent.

Anyways a huge shout to Near Foundation and all the community for making this Nearcon such a successful event.

Tagging @Dacha to kindly look in all this and be the guardian here. And take this forward from here as i have very limited knowledge on the near forums and how they work.
Wanting to tag illia too but that is for some other time as he must be busy in many other things to near greatest.