[Approved] marketing of octopod dao july

Good night Dacha. I’m making the change you asked for. Despite being 12 posts on each social network for a salary well below the market, and as you can see the reach we have is really significant. We are producing a physical event, where there will be several onboardings and we intend to carry out an action for people to produce nfts. I don’t think it’s fair to lower the values ​​this way, but let’s do it. To Do not affect people who are working. But I would like to count on Marketing in the same way that GoADAO can count on it too. We will hold physical events promoting the brand. Please reconsider a reading on what we have been presenting.


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How many people in Octope DAO community? Thanks

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@Dacha working directly at DAO 8. In DAO projects, in addition to the 8 people who are part as a member and council (8 people) we have Koé records in the Brazilian Music Project with 5 members, In the production of bountis and flyers @isa, 14 people total together the work done at the moment. People who participate, experience, are students, or like the people who received the donation from the social fund (more than 200 people) are many. Every month we are curated by 8 artists from the community. We play even without group resource on telegram and discord. And the event that we are going to hold in partnership with an event house is estimated to have more than 50 people present. Well we are building the community daily, we would love to present the next results to you. Including how powerful our social project in Brazil can be. We have goals for DAO to soon become self-sustaining, and we are moving towards that. And thinking about solutions, improving our training as well. I am available for any questions, presentation of reports, and I would very much like to invite you to read about our social action and realize how much as a team we are organized and We are moving in a valuable and fundamental way our DAO.



@Dacha Approved 900 usd? or 600 usd?
I ask, because then I modify, and also communicate the team responsible.

It looks more reasonable to me. Thanks :octopus:

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its ok, im change proposal. thank you

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This isn’t the type of project I can support at this time. It’s a no from me.

It appears you’re re-using a lot of the same stock images across channels and changing a few small elements.

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Please reconsider. @Klint

These publications are almost 10 cards long (they are carsseis) specific to the Digital Law project. We did extra posts during the month, extra work on youtube… All without funding.
For grit and willpower to get the project up and running

[Approved] Marketing OCTÓPODE DAO- MAY - #13 by Natashacremonese please see

Also happy to support for the reduced amount of 600usd


Good Morning :heart:
@marketingdao-council aproved guys ?

You still need the support of one more @marketingdao-council before your proposal can be moved to Approved

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Oh yes thank you soo much

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for your proposal and all the work you are doing.

Happy to support in line with Dacha’s proposal.

A final comment; we are in a bear market and strange times that require us to be very diligent with funding. However, we hope this is not a deterrent to contributors. I’d like to encourage you to double down and become undeniable - funding can adapt and grow to match the size of the community and impact you are having.

Moving this to approved now, you can proceed with AstroDAO poll



please vote @marketingdao-council :slight_smile: <3
@satojandro @so608 @Klint @cryptocredit

Thank you very much for your confidence! @satojandro


Octopode DAO Marketing REPORT JULY/2022

We had a multiplier in our reach metrics.
Class seats filled, shares, audience reach.
Our goal for next month is to invest more in our youtube channel, instagram, facebook, ttwitter and if possible discord.
Create a community at discord to centralize our messages, notices, proposals, reports.

LinkTree: OctópodeDAO | Linktree

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0YwFx_6VwLA5NbpdQ02OQ

29 subscribers

14 videos published in July

Discord: Octopode DAO

27 people on discord , 8 text channels

1 voice chat , and a Welcome Bot

All publications include, copywriting and 5 of them specific graphic arts. Plus an analysis of which tags are best for each publications.



25 Posts

62 Stories

1 Reels Video

1 Live Video

3 new profile highlights

5 designs

23.8 k thousand accounts Reached, 202 Accounts with engagement , + 20 followers, 36,911k thousand impressions , 327 profile visits, 12 website touches


25 Posts

62 Stories

5 designs

23,039 reach



Today we follow 127 and have 154 followers (42 new followers) on Twitter. In the last 28 days the numbers shown are as follows: Tweets 52; Tweet Impressions 5,909K; Profile Visits 5,528K; Mentions 137.

OBS: Duplicate posts, they are in English and Portuguese versions. Making it more accessible to a larger audience.