[Approved] Marketing for marmaj Workshop: NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs

[PROPOSAL] Marketing for marmaj Workshop: NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs

Month: May 2022

Guild Name: Marma J Foundation

Council Members: @chloe @bianca @mecsbecs @tabear @Chluff @Eli22 @sour_icky @AshleyC @ocaso

Funding scheme: One Time

Initiatives Summary

The Marma J Foundation is hosting an in-person workshop on Sunday, May 29, 2022, at the Community Innovation Lab. The workshop is called “marmaj Workshop: NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs”.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a practical introduction to NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs to those who are interested. During this workshop led by Chloe, Founder of the Marma J Foundation, we will be exploring the world of Blockchain and Web3 by:

We will be shining a spotlight on NEAR Protocol, as well as the various Dapps that exist within its ecosystem, including (but not limited to):

Participants will learn about blockchain and Web3 fundamentals through guided experiential play.

About The Venue: Community Innovation Lab is a not-for-profit organization located in Oshawa, ON Canada. Their mission is to address the social and economic gaps in communities through innovation and entrepreneurship. Their coworking space, the Co-iLab Hub offers entrepreneurs in Durham Region a space to build and grow their businesses.

We would like to propose that the Marketing DAO provides support to cover the Marma J Foundation’s marketing-related expenses for this workshop.

Metrics For Measuring Success

Council members to successfully lead the following workshop activities on Sunday, May 29, 2022:

Some of the workshop presentations include:

  • An introduction to NEAR Protocol: a welcome presentation that provides an overview of what NEAR Protocol is, and how the Marma J Foundation leverages the ecosystem
  • NEAR wallet setup activity - set up a NEAR wallet for every attendee
  • A presentation that introduces NFTs with a focus on exploring their use cases. This presentation will highlight NEAR Protocol platforms Mintbase and Paras
  • A presentation that covers the benefits of DeFi, shining a spotlight on the $marmaj token
  • A presentation highlighting the support that exists in the NEAR ecosystem. This presentation will focus on how guilds can submit a DAO proposal

Taking into consideration the above, we will be measuring success across these areas:

  1. Number of wallets created and the number of NFTs distributed
  • Every user that comes to the event should get one wallet and multiple NFTs
  1. Number of galleries created and the number of new users that propose to the marmaj DAO
  • Every user that attends the event should witness the power of split royalties/split fees firsthand as the DAO collects their NFT during the event
  1. Getting more users acclimated with decentralized finance
  • By entering the $marmaj - $stNEAR farm, users will not only have a clearer understanding of DeFi, but also learn about a multitude of ecosystem projects through the $marmaj farming rewards

Estimated Timeline And Achievement Milestones

Leading up to the event, there are initiatives that will be accomplished:

  • Working with NEAR Publish to prepare and obtain:
    • Physical “MarmaJchan” cards with QR codes on the back
    • Marketing materials (table skirts, posters, banners, etc)
    • Physical wearables (such as Marma J Foundation branded swag for attendees)
  • Working with marmaj Contributors to create new guides and update outdated guides to support attendees to progress through workshop activities
  • General marketing: email to attendees 1 week before the event providing pre-workshop prep, social media posts, graphic creation, etc.
  • Workshop activities are to be completed on Sunday, May 29th by 5 PM EST

Funding Details

Total requested amount in USD: $5,000

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near 1

Wallet owner’s name: Marma J DAO

Funding Breakdown

Venue Cost: $500.00

Food and refreshments: $700.00

Marketing materials: $3000.00

Marketing outreach: $400.00

Updating and writing blogs/guides: $400.00


Hi @marmajfoundation could you give a breakdown of this expenditure item please?

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These are the marketing materials in question :ok_hand:t4:

Simply minting the cards for the event will cost ~50 N (~200 NFTs)

The physical materials will be between $500 → $1,500 (depending what specifically is sent out)

The marmaj branded wearables will be one size fits all bucket hats for this time around.


Thanks @chloe happy to support this


Thanks for the updated information about the marketing activities. Happy to support this.


Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

Thank You :blush:


Thanks so much.

Poll on Marketing DAO is live: Astro


It is a cool lab!
may be you can consider about to repeat the lab online for the MotionDAO ?

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Any DAO holding 8.19 $marmaj can request that I host a mini version of the workshop for their community (max 1/mo for now).


I will propose it in the DAO

Thank you!


[REPORT] marmaj Workshop: NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs

Project Name: marmaj Workshop: NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs

Project Status: Completed

Project Accounting: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Updated Project Timeline: This report is about the physical workshop the Marma J Foundation held on May 29, 2022.


The workshop was held on the 29th of May at the Community Innovation Lab in Oshawa, Ontario.

We had almost two dozen participants who joined and got to know more about NFTs, 3XR galleries, Mintbase, DeFi and DAOs.

The schedule of the event was the following (we also included a live stream and included our community members who were able to tune in online):

Rotation of online attendees (local timezone EST)

  • Bianca (both online and in-person)

  • Ocaso (video testing, 11:30a ~1:10p, 2:10p~2:40p)

  • Lawrence

  • Rhonda (12:00 ~12:20p)

  • Earnest (~12:45p)

  • Woodward (12:30~1:00p)

  • Chluff (~1:00p)

Topics Outlined:

  • Satori: what it is, how it serves content creators, how to use it as an NFT receiver

  • what is NEAR blockchain?

  • NEAR wallet setup walk-thru

  • a couple of NFT examples

  • intro of MarmajChan

  • which inspired artists to create and mint their own NFTs

  • demo: sent 0.819N from mobile Near wallet to the live demo wallet

  • balance reflects 0.77N - why wasn’t the entire amount reflected in the demo wallet? due to storage. Explained.

  • 3XR: what it is, galleries on the blockchain, to showcase NFTs from its creators.

  • walked through:
    minting a gallery
    creating an NFT proposal through Astro: asks the Marmaj DAO “I would like to create this gallery wITH these NFTs, settings and royalty splits”
    approve the proposals on Astro

You can find some footage of the workshop here.

We partnered up with Satori and NEAR Publish: We created physical cards with a Marma J Chan in the front created by our community members, and a QR code on the back which lead to a link to create a NEAR wallet.


The participants also created their own 3xr galleries and we used our highlight reels and whiteboard animation to show participants how to create wallets.

Unfortunately, the decorations, card packs, and bucket hats were not been delivered in time from NEAR x Publish, but we hope to receive them soon to use them at the next event.

(The cards were shipped out but arrived a day late. They will continue to be used for various onboarding activities: Marmaj Cards Onboarding Flow)


  • Participants: 8

  • Wallets created: 5

  • Created 3xr Galleries: 5

  • Proposals from participants to the DAO: 5

  • Users entering the $stN <> $mmj farm on ref.finance: 2

cc: @chloe @bianca