[Approved] March 2022 Social Media + Marketing budget for fraDAO

March 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for fra DAO

Project Name : March 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for fra DAO

Project Status : first proposal

Project Accounting : fradao.sputnik-dao.near frado.near

Initiative Summary :

In March 2022, fraDAO is a community of around 50 women artists, doing experience design workshops for NFT.
Link do telegram: Telegram: Contact @fra_DAO

We have other potentials, but we will focus on this first proposal.

We are looking for growth within the near ecosystem. Our artistic community, represented by several generations, is expanding to the indigenous community, located in the northeast of Brazil. The tribe that we are seeking to bring into the NEAR protocol has an incredible cultural and artistic richness and is called Fulni-ô and one of its most important representatives is already connected to our Telegram.

This is our first proposal within marketingDAO, we are accessing the marketing DAO fund, to create the marketing structure to help promote our artists from Mintbase and Paras gallery.

Metrics :

  • Create and grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR Protocol, NFT club, Mintbase and Paras Increasing the visibility of our Mintbase store
  • Five post per week on Instagram + several stories
  • Five posts per week on Facebook + several stories
  • Five tweets per week on Twitter + 2 retweet per day
  • Create Youtube Channel

Marketing Strategy :

The strategy for this month of March is to create all the accounts mentioned above and begin in the disclosure. In our team there are two designers @flora and @raissa and if we need more designer we will hire and increase the team and put as members in our DAO. We will be focused on creating all branding materials such as: adaptation of logos, header and all graphic images needed to kick-start our community in the social media mentioned above. It is a month of hard work on these infrastructures.

We are with the third edition of the Experience design for NFT project and we will have a great job of spreading the word and reporting your achievements on the social media.

We would like to promote a marketing action with a fund of 50 NEAR per month, for the purchase of at least 10 NFTs from the artists who made the most effort and stood out in the workshop. The counter-part of this purchase/contemplation is an agreement in which the artist will need to create a post announcing that her work was sold, respecting the #hastags and @channels of the NEAR protocol and its proper ecosystem partners, in all the channels the artist owns, we will help her create the twitter account. A win-win strategy. The purpose of our marketing strategy will not be to promote our Mintbase store “Techne” but the artists, the projects, the Marketplaces, NEAR protocol and the ecosystem. We don’t have a vision of an art gallery, but of artists within an amazing ecosystem operating transactions in a reliable financial protocol.

Funding Details

Social Media:

  • Instagram account management = 200 USD

  • Instagram promotional tool in march = 25 USD

  • Facebook account management = 200 USD

  • Facebook promotional tool = 25 USD

  • Twitter account management = 200 USD

  • Telegram group moderation = 100 USD (50 Artist)

  • Content creation for social media = 200 USD

  • Nitro for DISCORD = 50 USD

  • Graphics Design creations for Twitter, youtube, Discord, Instagram and Facebook: 500 USD

  • NFT strategy between Artist and Near ecosystem: 50 NEAR (550 USD)

  • I´d like to add 3 account in Slack (worflow) : 240 USD

Total requested amount

  • 2450 USD


Council Members:


Its simply incredible to be in a project with so many amazing inspiring women and to be working to bring even more women around :slight_smile:


Thanks to be part of this magic place! :person_cartwheeling:t5: :star_struck: :dancer:t5:


Hi @David_NEAR and @Dacha how are you?
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Hi @Klint,
I am honored to be part of the ecosystem. I will also leave the link to our creative proposal for you to understand a little better the panorama of our proposals. I believe too much in Near protocol, this is the only cryptocurrency that I see a consistent ecosystem, and with a promising future.
Thanks and nice to meet you.


Good evening. Yes, from me. Let’s see on results :blush:


Hey @Dacha ! Thanks for support and opportunity!
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Beautiful job :+1::+1: ! It will really go far


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Hey :wave: ! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

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Hi @Dacha @Klint and @David_NEAR Thanks for supporting! send good vibes for you! :dizzy: :100: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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