[Approved] March 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO

March 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:

Incubadora DAO is a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It is a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the growing precariousness of the cultural sector and artistic labor, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

Thanks to the Marketing DAO support plus the growing refinement of our promotional targeting and coordinated communication actions, Incubadora has been able to increase Its visibility and impact. Across the last month, our Stipends Program supported four artists; our February seminar, “Introduction to Afrofuturism: a temporal short-circuit” was the most crowded so far, with more than 30 attendees; and Incubadora’s Vertical was able to support three projects [link 1, link 2, link 3].

In terms of marketing and communication, our goal is to be a bridge between cultural agents and the NEAR ecosystem by promoting engagement through our multiple channels. The work we made so far has shown that building up our social media engagement, using them to boost the number of people interacting with our Website, Forum, Mintbase Store and TG, is really effective in amplifying the visibility and the adhesion of our activities.

Incubadora’s Communication Channels:

Website | NEAR Forum | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube

Metrics for measuring success:

  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem such as the Forum, our Website and Mintbase Stores [link 1 & link 2], as well as the Incubadora community on TG

  • Two to three posts per week on Instagram + several stories

  • Two to three posts per week on Facebook + several stories

  • Two to five tweets per week on Twitter + 1 retweet per day

  • Feed Youtube channel with three or more videos per month

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

This proposal is for the month of March. At the end of the month, we will re-evaluate and refresh the strategy for the following months. Achievement milestones include:

  • Growing our social media followers and interactions:

  • Instagram: go from 1314 to 1570 followers, growing around 20%

  • Facebook: go from 119 to 160 followers, growing around 35%

  • Twitter: go from 723 to 795 followers, growing around 10%

  • Telegram: go from 110 to 125 members, growing around 15%

  • Youtube: reach 65 subscribers + 300 views in our content

  • Growing the monthly traffic of our website around 10%, going from 717 to 785 visits per month (to be monitored via Google Analytics). The growth strategy involves inviting researchers to write texts and publish them on our website and investing in more educational content in order to attract the audience from web2 to the web3 environment

  • Increasing the interactions in our NEAR Forum. Besides redirecting our social media audience to the Forum through engaging them in our initiatives, the strategy here also involves the creation of bounties to reward and encourage the NEAR community to promote our communication channels. In the last funding period, our engagement bounty has proven to be very efficient

  • Increasing the visibility of our Mintbase stores

Previously funded proposals in the Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO categories:

Funding Details

Social Media:

  • Instagram account management = 200USD 18.3N
  • Instagram promotional tool = 24USD 2.2N

2 posts to be promoted for 10 days in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives, having an estimated reach of 5.540 to 14.000 people with previous interest in the art field for example = 12USD each

  • Facebook account management = 200USD 18.3N
  • Facebook promotional tool = 24USD 2.2N

2 posts to be promoted for 5 days in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives and Facebook page, having an estimated reach of 652 to 1.900 people = 12USD each

  • Twitter account management = 200USD 18.3N

  • Telegram group moderation = 200USD 18.3N

  • YouTube channel management = 200USD 18.3N

  • YouTube promotional tool = 15USD 1.4N

1 video to be promoted for 12 days in order to increase the visibility of our content and channel, having an estimated reach of 18.000 people with previous interest in art and technology for example

  • Content creation for social media = 200USD 18.3N

Canva: 15USD (11,99€/month for the standard plan) 1.4N

  • Tool to run seminars and meetings

Zoom Meetings: 17USD (13,99€/month for the pro plan) 1.5N

Sub-Total: 1295USD


  • Content creation = 200USD 18.3N
  • Design management = 200USD 18.3N
  • Researchers writing fee = 300USD 27.5N

Sub-Total: 700USD

Engagement bounty:

  • Community participation airdrops = 300USD 27.5N
  • Bounty management = 100USD 9.2N

Sub-Total: 400USD

Total requested amount

  • 2395USD

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: incubadora.sputinik-dao.near/ jmm.near

Wallet owner’s name: Incubadora DAO/ jmm.near

Thanks for your attention folks :purple_heart: :dizzy:

Conversion edit herikalcn: 1N = 10.9 USD


Good morning. I see you continue use airdrops for the DAO leadership multiple times


Still don’t realize why we need to pay $200 moderation rewards for tg group with 113 members

Don’t get we wrong , but I believe you need to work with quality of YouTube videos. For example the last one- no audio, unreadable text.

I’m not sure that we need to use the tool for promotion if we have 53 subscribers.

The last promotion campaign results-


Exactly The same posts on Instagram and Facebook, looks like one person works with all your DAO social media.


I propose

Reduce rewards to -

$224+ $32 + $100 + $200

$556 . I think you can request 3x months funding ( $1668)

March April May

Have a great day.


Thank you for your insights. We will wait for other council members’ points of view too.
Tagging them here @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council


because we’ve used personal wallets for creating wallets several times, when it’s not easy to access the incubadora_airdrops.near wallet. Thank you


Good evening, Ok, thanks :blush:


@MktngDAO_Advisors Check this out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the proposal.

Dacha has commented on certain aspects of the budget, but I think his estimate may have left out funding for the web site and engagement bounties?

I am inclined to support the original budget but ask for a report so we can see how it works for another month.

I am curious how big the team is – who is working on this project?

For the engagement bounties, can you explain how that works? How are you air-dropping to the community – is it random or for certain kinds of participation?

This is a small point, but wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to get the annual plan for both Canva and Zoom if you are going to continue this effort over the long-term?

In general, I support this for another month to see how it continues to grow.


Hey guys! Thanks everyone for the answers and feedback so far

Incubadora grew a lot since the end of last year. Back in November 2021 we had 257 followers on IG and now we have more than 1.3k. Our activities have 3x more participants comparing to the that time too. These reports from the previous funding periods shows how our strategies and results have been evolving across time:

February report

January report

I am the one responsible for setting up metrics and analyzing data, I’m also responsible for our IG account. Our communication/social media team includes @JulianaM (facebook + youtube), @chaveirinha (facebook), @lcvilela (twitter), @Samiasns (website + content creation), @frnvpr (telegram + bounties)

Our engagement bounties consist in rewarding the NEAR community to engage and share our channels. We also spread airdrops and create new wallets while running our activities such as the seminars. Here are some examples of previous engagement bounties [link 1, link 2, link 3]

Having annual subscriptions for Canva and Zoom sounds great! If the @marketingdao-council agrees we can change for that

Just a quick note about youtube promotion: the number of visualizations in our content is not growing in the same proportion of subscriber’s number, that’s why we proposed YouTube promotion

Wrapping things up, in terms of marketing, we understand our different channels as part of a chain, in which each part has its role in promoting our community and activities. As stated earlier, and considering our results, we believe that the requested amount is reasonable for managing a website and five more social media channels. It’s nice that we can keep growing while asking constant values of funding each month

Thank you! :smile: :dizzy:


Hi there,
Thank you for the detailed proposal.

Can you just clarify which promotional tool you’re using?
Do you mean publishing / scheduling tool?

Aside from that, it’s a thumbs up from me.


Hey, Klint
Our promotions consist of boosting a post or a video using the advertising tools available in each channel. On IG and Facebook It’s Meta for Business Ads, and on Youtube It’s Google Ads.
Thank you!

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Good day! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow this instruction

Thanks :blush:


Thank you!! :star_struck:

@marketingdao-council Pool in Astro

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