[Approved] Making small music NEAR festival in Goa

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Hey @dmitryne our November funding request is still pending. But we have enough in the treasury to cover is now in the DAO. Copy this link and submit a payout request to https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near

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Looks good! Great job guys.

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That’s good. I also heard you received some Near from the Transform Guild, I hope that you can use the additional funding to do the video you want to put together from the event :pray:

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Hey sorry, I gave you the wrong DAO, my bad… It’s supposed to be this one @dmitryne - https://app.astrodao.com/dao/nxm.sputnik-dao.near for NxM not Creatives… sorry about that.

@dmitryne You should be able to create a payout proposal at the NxM DAO. You will need 0.1 N in your wallet to pay for the bond. Do it the same way you did the previous one. It should work. The other one will be voted down, you don’t need to do anything about it. Thanks.

I was trying to make proposal for payment to your DAO

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there’s an issue beyond my control and it’s being worked on… I’ll update when it’s fixed


Is this Aarambol @dmitryne ?

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Hi @dmitryne, I am frequent visitor to North Goa, especially Morjim, 20 mins drive from Aarambol. I develop on NEAR as well. I will be in Morjim in Dec. Is there a way to meet you and your team for a general catchup to understand what you guys do? I am building mintingmusic.com on top of NEAR, Nashville Based. We intend to do alot in the music fest space too.

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It was our first experience of such collaboration with NEAR and it was a purpose to fit into the budget of 750$. So for the first time we decided to start our activity with supporting an existing concert - to check the activity of our team, to recognize and to work on our flaws and fails, to be in time and in budget, to start from the smaller event for further growing up into separate NEAR Festival - we’ve got the valuable experience, and ready to prepare the big gig.

what has been done on the event:
we decorated our place on the concert with banners NEAR. all the time during concert 2-4 people (informators) were working on informing guests about NEAR Ecosystem; creating wallets for(with) them and creating 1st NFTs and minting it!
it was opened around 26-28 wallets
1$(0.1NEAR) has been transferred from us to each one new registered wallet
we’ve made a raffle among guest’s NFTs (that was created with the help of our team) and found 3 winners, to whom 1NEAR was sent for each one (3NEAR total)

what hasn’t been done - Instagram promotion
now it’s our 1st goal - to work on our Instagram page and to connect with it the people, to whom we opened wallets. this can be done at the next event or personally.

Real expences:

Musicians fee

20.000 ₹ (= 270$ for group 7 people)
Print promo :
2.1. banners - 4 pieces
2.2. stamp NEAR and inks
2.3. stickers - 90pieces
2.4. printed instructions for the raffle
2.5. others (tape, black and white materials,)

2210 ₹
520 ₹
200 ₹
40 ₹
500 ₹
4370₹ (=50$)
3.1. opening wallets - transfer 0.1NEAR to each wallet
3.2. 3 prizes for winners in NFT-raffle

25 $
30 $ (3NEAR)
55 $ (5NEAR)
Compliment from Sweet Backery - 60 donuts and tea

5.000 ₹ (= 70$)
Team of OpenWeb Community Goa

  1. Arsenii - technical equipment
  2. Alina - informator, promotion
  3. Neha - the best informator ever, opened 60% of wallets
  4. Den - creative director, informator
  5. Anastasia - administration, PR
  6. Artur -
  7. Dima - informator, video-producton
  8. Designer


3000 ₹ - 40$
3000 ₹ - 40$
3000 ₹ - 40$
3000 ₹ - 40$
3000 ₹ - 40$
1000 ₹ - 13$
3000 ₹ - 40$
1000 ₹ - 13$

20.000 ₹ (= 270$)
6.1. payment for the place on market

500 ₹ (7$)

722 $

We’ve found out that there is an amount of people interested in crypto education and in becoming a part of NEAR community.
That’s why now we decide to focus on educational kind of events.

We suppose the goal of creating a community here is to increase the interest towards NEAR for people who will start to use it easily in their everyday life through our games with NFTs.

We’re creating Instagram account for informing about our activities, educating about NEAR Protocol and entertaining - that’s how we’re going to measure the community.

and our plans are - to organize NEAR Festival and to create games on Goa with NEAR NFTs, and the way how people will participate in it and how many of them will come to our events and start to use NEAR - so it’s how we will be able to talk about successful community.


Amazing @dmitryne, count me in for helping at the next event.


I don’t use Instagram. Can I reach out to you on Telegram or something? Or Whatsapp maybe let me know.

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Its video report