[Approved] LENS DAO monthly budget for September 2022

Project/Council Members:



We are looking to find a 3rd council member (as @tabear stepped back from the role in late August, but will thankfully remain our advisor)

Target: lens.sputnik.dao-near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 4930 USD

Projects & Timelines:

Due to travels of @Massi, the main actor, the shooting will take place from mid-October onwards. Ideally we will already be able to use the LED panel for that shoot.

This project will be carried out by @chaos, whos idea is to turn the 10 photos into NFTs minted in the Lens DAO mintbase store with the creatives’ near wallet as part of the smart contract of the minted NFT.

LENS-DAO continues to invest in equipment and education in order to increase the quality and level of content provided to the NEAR community.

Since many people were traveling during the summer, it didn’t make sense to carry out the event in the months of July or August, which is why we haven’t requested the remaining funds earlier.

LENS DAO will create a video to help promote the Poetry soirée (held on 18th September) organized by the Criatura&Beri DAO (@gabrielaabreu & @ritapaiva) in the context of the 7th Lisbon Poetry Festival.

  • Council - 900 USD

Total: 4930 USD

Previous Report : August 2022


  • Total views of previous two months only: approx. 2900, without ads
  • Total amount of produced videos with N: 20
  • Platforms to be used: Astro DAO, ref.finance, mintbase
  • NEAR community involvement through the Design bounty
  • Equipment: saving of rental fee while being able to produce high end content

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

We finally found a social manager, who will start posting on our socials from the coming week.

Also next week we are expecting our logo & brand kit to be finalized. It will come in handy right at the start of our operations on YT, Insta, FB and Twitter.

LENS DAO is still looking for more team members based in Portugal that work with film/photography. So if you know someone, who knows someone… :wink:

Come visit us in our space in Cacilhas for the NFT exhibition on 24th of September :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, ideas or would like to collaborate, join our TG - Community Chat

Thank you!


Dear Lens DAO,
Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.
Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts.
Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

To become more transparent in the decision making I’d like to note some highlights why your proposal has been approved:

  • proposal follows our guidelines,
  • a realistic metrics, with clear next steps, and a fair price table,
  • clear report from the previous month,
  • activities focused on art, culture, and onboarding.


Here you’ve specified the reward address to be: lens.sputnik.dao-near

But in the form it’s lensdao.near

Can you please confirm? Ideally it should be the DAO - lens.sputnik.dao-near

Hi David,

Thanks for your message and sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, let’s use lens.sputnik.dao-near.

In the past we were using both, that’s why… But for future we will know. Thanks again and have a good day.

Cheers, C.

Hi again, just wanted to add that we don’t have an LLC wrapper yet for the LENS DAO wallet on Astro. Does this change anything or is that still okay then? Thanks.

All good because you’re on the Council of it.

Hi David,

Hoping all is well, may I ask how far along we are with the payout of September? It’s been 3 weeks since approval and 2 weeks since we filled out the form, but there was no funding coming in yet. We have already finished two projects of that round (September) and would like to proceed with payouts. Is there anything missing from our end to speed up that process? Thanks a lot in advance for letting us know.

Cheers, Christopher

Hey, will take a look. Can you send the AstroDAO Poll, please?

Thanks a lot for checking. Here’s the poll (approved on the 23rd of September):


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