[APPROVED] Kin DAO - January 2022

[PROPOSAL] Kin DAO - January 2022

Contact name: @adrianseneca

Council Members: @godofnfts @BitSavage0202 @Patrick-T-Anderson @Ibraheem (our two new members are working to get accounts here soon)

Target Address: thekindao.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 5 NEAR (after our last proposals are approved)

Funding Period: January 2022

Request amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

Hello Creatives DAO!

We are wishing everyone here a happy new year and restful winter season. Since our formation in September 2021, Kin DAO has learned so much! We are deeply thankful for the support thus far from Creatives DAO in November and December as it really assisted us in accomplishing many of our goals. Take a look at our most recent report to see our December progress [REPORT] Kin DAO December 2021 .

After all we have done we are ready to step into 2022 building an even stronger foundation and moving with intentional action. As many of you may know, much of our team are artists, on the ground community organizers and regenerative designers intending to use blockchain technology to bring real life stability to communities that lack access to the tech realm and basic resources for balanced living. We see an important moment in history unfolding that can allow for a redistribution of wealth. With this unfolding also comes a huge responsibility to all existing within and building these systems to take action and ensure all have the opportunity to engage with web3 tools.

During the building and curation of our Virtual NFT Exhibition, Hyphae, we funded and onboarded 30+ people to NEAR protocol and worked directly with over 15 artists and fellow community organizers. It came to our understanding that what we are doing is even deeper than working toward collective stewardship of land to build debt free, self sustaining communities. What we are doing is walking influential artists, community organizers and organizations into the blockchain world to systematically shift value systems beyond our Bay Area bubble and seriously redistribute resources. We are coming into projects that have the potential to directly impact houseless populations and indigenous communities across the country if organized and supported sufficiently.

This is serious work and with this deepening of purpose we have found that we must focus primarily on foundational building this January. We are asking Creatives DAO to support us in our building this month so we may successfully expand our impact in a responsible way.

Virtual Hyphae/ The Vault Galleries on Mintbase [$1500]

We will be continuing to add to our virtual Hyphae gallery on Mintbase to showcase all of the artists we simply did not have the capacity to mint work with. We are also going to be adding new community members to The Vault virtual gallery on Mintbase which requires an in person scan of their head and 3D creation of a gold coin. This learning process showed us how much labor it takes to not only organize large amounts of artists, storytell their relation to our project and onboard them onto NEAR but also format their work correctly, curate each piece and go through the minting process! We are asking for support in:

  • $800 - Labor to Mint 5+ more artists to our galleries [educate & onboard artists to NEAR, fund the creation of their wallets, have one on ones with them about NFTs & the blockchain, distill their story in relation to us, curate & format their work, minting costs]
  • $700 - Labor of scanning & creating gold busts to create new community coins [in person scan of head, creation of gold bust, creation of gold coin, one on one education with community member about blockchain, distillation of their story in relation to ours]

Onboarding [$2300]

As stated above, last month alone we onboarded over 30 wallets to NEAR and introduced even more people. After hosting our first two educational onboarding courses that had over 10 attendees (whom were influential community organizers in close relation to our work) we realized we needed to distill our curriculum. The onboarding resources currently available on NEAR and other platforms are not sufficient for the communities we are working with. Most of what is available requires at least some level of understanding of the blockchain. We are working with majority people who have had no exposure to blockchain and need to be walked slowly, step by step into this world using non tech language and heart centered intention and patience. We’re not leaving anyone behind. To accomplish this well we must curate a thorough curriculum to offer newcomers. While we create this curriculum we will also be keeping up with our community to onboard them onto NEAR. We have been doing this mostly one on one totaling over 50hrs in December. We are asking that you grant us the stability and support to;

  • $1000 - Curate a thoughtful curriculum that allows brand new members to understand and maneuver within the blockchain world [deep research done by our council on what major topics need to be discussed, what our community needs from us, how to simplify the information, sourcing information, creating infographics & slideshows]
  • $1000 - Onboard new community members [one on one education to blockchain understandings, funding of NEAR wallets]
  • $300 - Creating 1-3 educational youtube videos for our Kin DAO Youtube

DAO Management / Foundation Building [$1200]

As stated above, we have found ourselves in need of the curation of a very strong foundation so we may move in integrity and responsibility for our communities. This requires intense participation from our founding members and council to meet multiple times a week, write white papers, contracts, agreements, finalize membership, begin tokenization, and ground our responsibilities in fail proof systems of reciprocity. We ask the Creatives DAO to support us in doing dedicating so much time to this work without stress:

  • $500 - Council Participation [split fund to support council members who show up to meetings and pour their energy into this project]
  • $400 - For Product Model Development / Practice [all team members working on for product model, practicing how it works, implementing it into our structure to use now rather than when land is purchased]
  • $300 - DAO Foundation Build [deep research on DAOs, legalizing ourselves, communication, organizing, conceptualizing, bylaw,contract/white paper writing]

As for marketing, we took your advice from last month and will be applying to the Marketing DAO for support. It is our first proposal there so we are hoping to be approved. If not, a chunk of this funding would shift to go towards marketing.

Thank you again for supporting us thus far and for spending the time to consider our proposal this month. Your support goes a long way!


Hello team! Thank you for posting this proposal :slight_smile:

We are happy to approve, but before we request that the guidelines are more closely followed. In this case, there are missing individual project topics
For example CUDO does it well (approving in the community before requesting): CUDO DAO - NEAR Forum

I will also paste here the link for the proposal guidelines:


Thank you!

(we are trying to keep all proposals standardized)

For this proposal, we suggest you to have a look on this dao >> Onboarding DAO

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Here’s their TG group: Telegram: Contact @onboardingdao


Hi there!

Thanks so much for the response. I am a little unclear on what we missed in the proposal guidelines and what you mean by missing individual project topics. I split this proposal into 3 sections; Virtual Galleries, Onboarding, DAO Management - are these the project titles you are referring to?

I am happy to change whatever is needed, just not entirely clear on how to do so! Thanks again!

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Each specific proposal/project should have their own post, with links attached so the Council can follow up smoothly. Please have a look on what Cudo DAO is doing (link above), they create separated posts for each project specifying the amounts for each task. We do think that the proposal is a good one, we just want to keep the process standardized :smiley:

Regarding the Onboarding project: Onboarding DAO was created to support onboarding initiatives from the community. Perhaps it would be a nice collaboration. Tagging the team here @NatalieCrue @Paul @Symbolik @chloe


Thanks so much for the clarification! I just submitted 3 proposals on Creatives DAO for those different projects and added them as links in the overall proposal.

Let me know if this is the right direction and if there is anything else I can improve for us!


Thank you so much for doing these separated posts!

The proposal sounds great and I’m happy to mark this proposal [APPROVED]

Wish you all a nice month of activities!

you can go ahead and ask 321 N to the Creatives Astro DAO
(Coingecko, 07.01.22 09.55pm GMT)