[Approved] Kil dao march 2022 funding request

Project/Council Members:

  1. keepitlocal.near
  2. judeashvin.near
  3. netuno.near - @netunoblu
  4. vandal.near - @vandal


Total Requested Funding Amount: $2320 (236.493 NEAR)

After successfully organizing two back to back KIL Live shows with KIL DAO in February 2022, KIL would like to organize two more shows in March that will feature two new independent artist from Asia who will officially be onboarded to the NEAR ecosystem.

Details / List of Activities during KIL Live in March 2022

  • Proposed Dates and Venue : March 26 & March 27 2022 at The Playground, Cryptovoxels
  • Time : 9pm - 10pm
  • Live performance/ special showcase from one headlining artist for each show. The artist and KIL will self produce and pre-record a performance for the showcase. The showcase will be streamed via KIL’s Twitch channel and broadcast at The Playground CV.
  • Each artist will be given a duration of 30 minutes to perform for each showcase. The audience will then be directed to the virtual gallery to view or purchase an exclusive NFT by the artist.
  • KIL will mint 2 NFT’s created by the artist on our official MINTBASE Store.
  • 3 NFT’S and 50 USD worth of NEAR will be given out during the event. The criteria to obtain those rewards is to have a newly created NEAR account along with sharing the best caption about the event on Social Media. Winners will be tracked via tags @keepitlocal.asia @nxmlive and hashtags #KILDAO #NEAR
  • The event will be promoted via KIL’s channels on social media including Instagram, [Facebook], Twitter and Tik Tok.

Cost Breakdown for KIL Live in January 2022

  • Event Management for 2x events - $1000
  • Performance Fee for 2x artist - $1000 ( 500 USD each)
  • Venue fee for The Playground at Cryptovoxels - $100 for 2x events
  • Streaming fee - $120 for 2x events
  • Marketing and Promotion for 2x events (Design for posters and promo materials) - $100
  • Total : $2320 (236.493 NEAR)

KIL DAO has garnered interest from other artists and creatives who would like to be a part of our council. We will be expanding our guild/community by adding 3 more members to our council in March 2022 including @dreebsby.near and @deevlr.near

We would like to thank the Creatives Dao, NXM and the Near foundation for the opportunity and for showing us your continuous support. Looking forward to our next KIL Live show in March 2022!


Hey @JudeKIL, Wondering What is Streaming Fee? Also how it is not Under Event Management Budget?

Good day @Monish016 the streaming fee is actually coordinated by @netunoblu for both events wherelse the event management fee consist of artist liaison, project management and coordinating the flow of the event. Based on our previous event proposals, we have always separated the streaming fee from event management. However if you need me to add the streaming fee to event management, I can do that as well :pray:

Ps sorry for my late response Monish, I did not get a notification on my e-mail, didn’t realize you left a comment until Tabea told me.


Hey @JudeKIL thank you for clarifying it out, am good with the proposal now.

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Hello! This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts

Thanks @Monish016 Can I proceed to create a poll on Astro DAO? CC @tabear @JulianaM


Yes , please proceed with tha astro poll

Awesome. Thanks @Monish016

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Hey @JudeKIL, thank you pls join our discord channel
And post your report, funding and bounties in respective channel.


Thanks @Monish016 Will do :pray:

ATTN to the NEAR Foundation members who are viewing this post, you can find the link to the poll for the Creatives DAO DAO for this particular proposal. PS we shall proceed to edit this once our poll has gained enough votes to pass.

Thank you!

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