[APPROVED] KIL-DAO - December 2021


Project/Council Members:

  1. Keepitlocal.near


Total Requested Funding Amount:
$ 2500 / 281.215 N (@$8.87)

Projects & Timelines:

To commemorate the launch of the kil-dao which was announced on our introduction post below,

Link to the KIL DAO : SputnikDAO

KIL would like to kick off with 2 events in December that will feature two headlining acts from South East Asia. The acts will deliver an exclusive showcase performance on Cryptovoxels and promote the launch of their NFT’s through Mintbase. The goal is also to onboard the respective artists and their fans to connect with the Near community and participate in our future initiatives. KIL’s goal is to also educate and bring value to new and existing community members.

List of Activities

  • 2x Keep It Local Live Events featuring 2 headlining acts on the 29th and 30th of December 2021 at Cryptovoxels. Hip hop artist Ashtin and acoustic beach pop group Jumero will be our featured artist for each event respectively. @vandal
    Proposal link : Keep It Local Live - December 2021

Links to Previous Events, in collaboration with NXM

Links to previous KIL Events and Social Channels

Instagram : Login • Instagram

Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat

Clubhouse : Keep It Local Asia - Clubhouse

Mintbase Store : keepitlocal

  • Marketing and promotion Ads to spread awareness on kil-dao and both Keep It Local Live events across various channels including FB and Instagram.

  • Design 8x posters to accomadate both Keep It Local Live events ( Poster size, IG Story, Twitch and tutorial poster - (Mintbase/Cryptovoxels)

  • Design 3x NFT’s for each headliner that will be sold on Mintbase

  • Artists and headliners for Keep It Local Live will be added to the NXM community via Telegram as method to onboard new members to this Near community.

  • $ 50/5.599 N to be given out to 2x attendees in conjunction with a contest / giveaway that will be awarded to the attendee with the best shared caption on social media that will be tracked via the hashtag #kildao

In addition to all that’s mentioned above, we would also like to include netuno.near, judeashvin.near and vandal.near as our official council members for the KIL DAO. They will help facilitate future shows and projects for KIL.

Funding Breakdown

  • Keep It Local Live - $ 2000
    Cost Breakdown for Keep It Local Live Event
  • $ 1000 (2x Artist/Headliners to perform)
  • $ 100 ( Streaming Production cost for 2x events)
  • $ 100 (Venue fee at Cryptovoxels for two events)
  • $ 800 (Event Management for 2x events)
  • Marketing and Promotion - $150
  • NFT Designs - $100
  • DAO Facilitation - $ 250

Total : $ 2500

This is our first funding request proposal so we don’t yet have a report to show for previous months


Hey :slight_smile:

are there more project members?

Imo it would be really useful if you could provide links for the activities you are proposing, that way it’s just easier for this council to follow up on the information.



Thanks for the feedback! We plan to add two more more members judeashvin.near and netuno.near to help facilitate our upcoming projects.

Also, what type of links should I provide for the list of activities? Past events? Would be great of you could assist us on that.

Thank you :pray:



Hey! Any kind of link to this activity?

I know it can be a bit confusing at first, eheh, no worries. But usually, communities approve among themselves proposals, and then they ask the Creatives DAO.

Check this example: [APPROVED] POSTAL November - Urban Pics of immigrants - #5 by talitafflima

And then, they asked the money in here: [APPROVED] CUDO DAO NOVEMBER funding request

That way, the council know the community around the DAO is engaged. For a DAO that is just starting, we suggest at least that links to previous activities (outside of the NEAR ecosystem) or social media links are provided, for us to follow along and understand a bit better what is being done.

Hope this helped!


Thanks again for the feedback. I have added some new details regarding the DAO. Hope it gives out a clearer idea on what we do. Feel free to check it out via the topic above.


Hey @JudeKIL thanks for the update! Will there be independent proposals for each of the events listed? Would be great if you could follow the same process as previously done and then link in the new proposals in here. Happy to continue having the events in The Playground btw!


Excited to be a part of this council!


Hey @vandal I have already included the independent proposal and included a link to the KIL DAO! Thanks for the feedback


Looking good @JudeKIL awesome job with the proposal and I’m happy to join you and @netunoblu on the council (for the time being) :100:

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hey @JudeKIL

I would like to clarify the value paid per artist, in the ‘Keep it Local Live 2’ project. How much per artist, per hour of streaming. Thanks!

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Hey hey, @JudeKIL

first of all thank you very much for writing this proposal :slight_smile:

hey there! Please also do the breakdown of this value for clarification.
Is this value just for artist fee or this includes more costs? if there are more costs, it would be nice to see it described in the proposal

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Hey @frnvpr so the total budget given for Keep It Local Live 2 was 500 USD. The value paid out to the artist was 250 USD to perform and create their exclusive NFT’S. The remaining 250 USD was paid out to us to cover cost for streaming production, venue at Cryptovoxels, event coordination and marketing/promotions.


Hey @JulianaM Thanks for the feedback! I have already added the details via the funding post above.

Hope it clarifies everything :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the clarification :relaxed: I’m glad to say that this proposal is [Approved]. Feel free to ask the payout of 252N to the Creatives Astro DAO (coingecko, 1.49pm GMT)


Hey @JulianaM thats great news!! Thank you
I shall proceed to request for the payout. Looking forward to working closely with the Creatives DAO. Excited to be a part of this