[Approved] July 2022 Social media(Twitter, instagram, TG, FB...) & Content Website Hub - Nearity

update 5/8/2022 astrodao Proposal Link following approval on Near Gov Forum: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-460

Hello guys! happy to be back MarketingDAO, Since first proposal getting approved and the open-DAO discussion happened : First Proposal (June). Thanks again for understanding Nearity’s works. We also have report for June Proposal: [Report] Monthly Report (June) - Nearity

Guild name:** Nearity
Funding scheme: monthly - July
Council:** nearityorg.near, samnguyen.near, ntrucchinh.near

Our main channel
Twitter - Instagram - Telegram chat - Telegram ANN - Facebook Page - Facebook Group
Our official website (SEO content Hub) https://Nearity.org

0. Chanel performance

1. Goal and Activities

Social media(twitter, instagram, telegram, facebook…): Become twitter channel for shilling project on NEAR, provide news, creative content, free promoting project on NEAR, shilling the campaign that near focus(sharding, stake wars), be a shoutout-channel for project on NEAR. Become one of the best of quality KOL/Influencer on NEAR ecosytem.

Website content hub: become content hub for user on NEAR, inscreasing user experience by content, onboard for newbie on NEAR dapp, introducing and review about project on NEAR, inscreasing reading experience by SEO content(instead of social).

Marketing: marketing project on NEAR ecosystem, marketing for mainstream campaign of NEAR, shilling for reaching more NEAR holder, NEAR validators, free marketing projects on NEAR

DAO: We become a media production, contributing for the improvement the media marketing on GOV.NEAR, challenge for another Influnecer, KOL, marketing channels on NEAR to get more development for general marketing.

2. Promote project

Promote 8 - 10 projects from apply this form, list of applied project published in this fie

Including 5 project applied in June and 4 - 5 projects applied in July

  1. World of the Abyss (WOTA)
  2. OctoGamex
  3. Battle Boars
  4. Free Horses
  5. Near P2P
  6. RAIZ Vertical Farms
  7. Fusotao protocol
  8. NearMoondao
  9. NEX market
  10. MIND Games
Time Fill GMT+7 Name of project Network Target campaign that project require Detail of targeting campaign
16/06/2022 7:15:51 World of the Abyss (WOTA) Near Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) Expand community of players interested in project development and launch
27/06/2022 21:13:24 OctoGamex Aurora Launching - Release main features on Protocol Attracting an audience to round 3 of beta testing, in which participants will test the killer feature - NFT Bridge.
28/06/2022 18:00:40 Battle Boars Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol, For IDO - ICO - Mint, Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint)
Our goals are as following:
- Establish partnerships with projects within NEAR ecosystem, especially NFT projects.
- Introduce NEAR community to our NFT collection as well as the utilities, which bring exclusive benefits in MyConstant platform for the holders.
- Sellout the first batch of our Gen 0 NFT collection (50 pieces) after 5-day auction on Paras marketplace and on MyConstant auction page. Planned auction start date: July 5th 2022
28/06/2022 22:38:21 Free Horses Near Launch of NFT Collection called: Free horses Free Horses collection (300 units) give WL powers to the holders on every next collection launched with the Free Horses Launchpad. (+ there are Free Horses giving even more powers like there is 1/300 called Leader giving 2% ownership on Free Horses Launchpad)
28/06/2022 22:40:55 Near P2P Near - The ultimate goal is to build community around Near P2P
01/07/2022 15:21:21 RAIZ Vertical Farms Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol We are launching first tokenized vertical farms on 2nd July at Arroz Estudios in Lisbon, Portugal
06/07/2022 9:13:30 Fusotao protocol another chain expand to Near/Aurora Launching - Release main features on Protocol, For IDO - ICO - Mint make the IDO successful
07/07/2022 6:38:02 NearMoondao, Marekting advice Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol To protect the near ecosystem, I want to inform our project to many nearians.
07/07/2022 14:15:04 NEX Aurora Launching - Release main features on Protocol Reach users on Aurora/NEAR for testnet and launch
08/07/2022 0:09:08 MIND Games Aurora Aquiring users, loyalty campaing(Post IDO/ICO), Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) Aquire new users for TVL growth and community. Preparing our potential game players for the protocol.

We will promoting each project include tasks:
Research/pre-research about project
forming the wireframe and send to project revision before producing graphics
Final design the graphics, → project.
Promoting the sub-campaign on all of our social

400$ for promoting each project(duration 30 days)
sub-Cost: 400*10 =4000$

example report in june: Link

3. Creative graphics, visual story graphics, shilling content social(twitter, instagram…)

Twitter: 50 - 70 advanced / Infograhics for projects: $1200
Shilling & introduction Megathread: 3 threads a month = 100*3 = $300
instagram, facebook fanpage, facebook group 200$
sub-Cost: 1200+300+200 = 1700

Example: https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1549054864235577344

4. AMAs

we will host 4 AMAs per months
Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announcing the winners, keep user active our channels. Then we will publish the script of AMAs to our website.

Sub-cost: 4*100=$400
Example: https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1546799287169732608

5. Telegram:(new plan)

We need re-active on Telegram discussion, for hiring 2 CM on telegram, first probation month $200 per CM

Sub-cost: 200*2=$400
(The next month $300 per CM)

6. Website: (new plan)

Web start build web site since march - 2022
Each month we express 5 - 10 breaking news
Article Report/review about project 10 article a months: 10*$100 = 1000
(4 weekly recap, 6 article in reports
Management (SEO optimiazation by article,backlink building management, wordpress management): $300

Sub-cost Monthly : 1000+200$=1200
weekly recap: https://nearity.org/s/26th-week-recap-weekly-newsletter/
Report about project: https://nearity.org/s/what-is-the-octopus-network/
how to use dapp: https://nearity.org/s/how-to-use-learn-near-on-learnnear-club/

Onetime Sub-cost:

  • Wordpress development + plugin setup: 700$(theme, rankmath premium, rocket cache plugin…)
  • SEO - building backlink: my-self payment
  • hosting service: 100$ per year Hawkhost
  • update and renew 20 outdated articles = 20*$15 = $300

Onetime Sub-cost: $600+$100+$300 = $1100

Total monthly request: $7700
Total onetime request: $1000

Total cost request: $8700

Thanks for reviewing my Proposal, acctually we r verry open to discuss with @marketingdao-council.


Are you still looking for people to join your team?


Where r you base ?

You could send your resume to admin@nearity.org or nearity.work@gmail.com


Thank you very much for a great job. I received many positive comments from game developers working with the Nearrity project. Happy to support.


i’m in India. if it suits for you, i’d like to send you my application as well


thanks Dacha, for understanding our work :pray:


Hello, Team Nearity

Can you share the Nearity Twitter Audit file overall
Thanks !!

hi @Albhion , Thank your question.

“Twitter Audit” is a concept defined by evaluation third-part base on scanning/crawling a small certain amount of profiles that followed. we dont think it’s is fair and exactly to do reference. Instead of you could read more our Nearity’s journey in 10 month from our first proposal

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Hey @nearity – your Twitter presence and content look solid, and I am noting the comment from Dacha about positive feedback from people in the community you’re collabing with.

A couple of questions:

  • You have graphic design included in both the project budget ($4000) and in your Twitter/social media production. What’s the overlap there? Is the second funding request for a separate set of content?
  • You’re requesting retroactive payment for articles – we don’t typically pay retroactive funding. I’d recommend removing that and requesting for future work.



Gm @so608

The amount of 4000$ is serve for 10 promotion projects. template report: social link report - June - Google Sheets
The unique creative content and graphics production is for general content on NEAR protocol(analytics, education, insights…) another NEAR protocol campaign, for flagship project…
you can see some kind of content in this month:

This is two separated kind of producing content.

Thanks for your guide. I also update the request for past articles in past month, instead of we change it to the task renew/rewrite/optimize for outdate articles. i also update the amount of funding request, @so608


have great day @marketingdao-council ,

@cryptocredit @satojandro @Klint

GM guys, actually i want to hear more from you.


Thanks for your detailed proposal.

I support this proposal. Remember to submit a report at the end of the month.

Changing status to Approved. You can now proceed with AstroDAO poll.

NOTE: Previous Google Form has been replaced with THIS new Form (Ironclad) After poll on Astro has been approved, please ensure you are submitting the right form. Reach out if you have any questions @David_NEAR


GM, @satojandro , thanks @marketingdao-council for spending time my detail wiriting.

Nearity have report soon, we r working hard, try to create more value for community.

This is our astroDAO poll: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-460?fromCreate=true

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GM @so608 @Klint @cryptocredit

Please help me do voting my astroDAO poll. Thank you so much :pray:

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