[APPROVED] Interdisciplinary cultural Onboarding event “BLOCK PARTY” @ Nucleoa70

[PROPOSAL] Interdisciplinary cultural Onboarding event “BLOCK PARTY” @Nucleoa70

For the 26th of November a collective of artists & DAOs will create an event at Lisbon’s Nucleoa70 in Marvila. The goal is to create an eclectic program by combining different art forms, blending audio with visual & performance art. The event will run from 17-24:00 with ticketing of 3€.

In order to spread the word about NEAR and DAOs, all artists will be paid in N and we will provide an onboarding station represented by the City Node from 17-21:00 for wallet creation and to provide more infos about the existing and collaborating DAOs as well as the NEAR ecosystem.

Participating DAOS through participating artists/funding

Arroz Criativo [Proposal] Community growth, collaboration and onboarding event
Muti [APPROVED] Interdisciplinary cultural Onboarding event “BLOCK PARTY” @Nucleoa70


22 musicians

3 performers/painters


The Main Stage/Exhibition Space

  • Elizabeth Prentis & Sozhino Studio : exhibition and performance
  • Miro : exhibition
  • Daphne (muti) : exhibition
  • Mariana Barros : Performance TBC
  • smokedfalmon (muti) : Live Set
  • Vandal (NxM): Dj set
  • Jazzinho : 8 piece Brazilian Jazz Outfit
  • Guetto Fam : 5 piece Hip Hop Collective from Trafaria
  • Andre Navarro (muti): Opera Singer
  • Karl Godard (Arroz Criativo): Dj set ( to perform with Andrèr & Ghetto Fam)
  • Daniele Grosso (Arroz Criativo): Videographer at Arroz will document the event. Footage will be used here: [Proposal] Arroz Criativo Videos November

The Dark Room

  • The Tourorists (muti) : 3 pax. Punk Band
  • Astrea (Mãe Solteira Recs) b2b VEIA (Gruta/City Node): DJs (Bass/Hip Hop/Techno)


In order to guarantee a successful first event in this collaboration and to reimburse the artists, the values of 70 USD for musicians and 50 USD for each painter/performance artist have been set. In case of remaining funding or revenue from the tickets, the caché will be topped up.

The value for the sound technician is yet to be confirmed.

For the first 50 wallets created, 0.5N will be gifted during the wallet creation.

This event will add value to Lisbon’s community by bringing the different DAOs and artists together, which will result in fruitful projects in the future. It is also a possibility to onboard another physical space in Lisbon and to inform the guests and participants about the NEAR ecosystem.

In the attached doc you can find all the associated costs. Given that this is a collaborative project, a specific wallet was created (blockparty.near) which will receive and pay out all the funds to the participants.

Costs: 1000 USD/ 107 (coingecko 19.11., N 9.37$) split in:

25N /234 USD for the neardrops during wallet creation

80 USD for 4h of onboarding

25 USD printing materials for onboarding station

661 USD for artist payments (payments to be listed after the event/payout)

Wallet: blockparty.near


:partying_face: Although we are in different places, we will wait with curiosity and interest for the beginning to see this and get to know new people :handshake: Will you show us the photos? :blush:

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:slight_smile: There will be video footage created ( [Proposal] Arroz Criativo Videos November) which will be shown :slight_smile:

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Let’s do it! Its a pleasure to help with the onboarding and djing at the venue alongside Astrea.

For the budgeting options, everything I read is well explained and budgeted properly, happy to help with another Lisbon successful onboarding!

Approved Proposal. You can now request the funding at the Lisbon City Node DAO.

ps: Cool wallet name. :smiley:

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Just a quick report:

The event went really well, we onboarded 8 guests & added a NEAR drop, created 5 more wallets for artists. The remaining N will be kept in the communal wallet for the next onboarding.

Except for Guetto Fam, who are harder to reach will be onboarded by @squattingPigeon, all remaining artists and soundtechnicians etc have been paid out. Numbers can be seen here.

We had 146 paying guests at the door plus a guest list of 15 pax. The space has been very happy, as have we, and we hope to repeat this kind of event.

Thank you for the support!

  • Update: every artist has now been paid, incl. Guettofam, who have been onboarded
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