[Approved] India Accelerator Program

Hi @erik.near & @illia, please review this when you get a chance. Thanks!

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I’ll trust your diligence on this one :slight_smile:


Epic! I think Erik should still vote but seems like we have consensus … @shreyas please connect with Gus re processing the payment(s) and keep us posted on the progress on the same thread (here).

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to review and vote. I will keep you all updated about the progress here.

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Hey man :wave:

How are things going on this front?

Did anything come to fruition from the below?

  • Exposure among developers building in the blockchain space
  • Contacts and visibility across 150 startups+
  • The package includes local marketing, PR and media announcements (4-5 stories every month)
  • Partnership with local communities & developers (virtual meetups with 50-70 attendees)
  • Partnership with 25 incubators across India

Hey David,

Thanks for the nudge on this. Quick updates:

  • 170+ startups applied for the accelerator
  • The PR and marketing had over 50M views
  • 15 startups are going through the bootcamp now
  • We have also onboarded the mentors.
  • We had a meet and greet event on Saturday, with the startups.

The accelerator is underway right now and will run until the end of August. We also have an event tomorrow talking about the Indian ecosystem.

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