[Approved] Incubadora DAO December - January 2022 Marketing Budget Request

Good evening.

Glad to see public transparent discussions on the forum.

1.What the place where are your DAO members get together? Telegram?

2.When a next Incubadora DAO Zoom meeting planned? Can I jump into the meeting ?

What kind of management needed?

It’s not a question, I just wanna show to @creativesdao-mods that grant’s (Airdrop, Political Brazilian Cinema) money were spread on Incubadora DAO councils wallets too.



Ps : jmemediato probably is a second wallet of Jmm.

hevertonharieno.near has some relationships with talitalima.near

hevertonharieno.near gets money from NF


It’s means councils and people who work with NF got together to watch a Political film and rewarded yourself by Airdrop.

Thank You!


of course!

Next meeting is in January. Happy to have you :slight_smile: @Dacha What’s your TG handle?

Everyone present in the seminar got an airdrop. That will always be the case, unless it’s considered a bad practice by the community.


Hello, you are wrong.

João Emediato is one of the artists supported by the Incubadora stipends… No one in Incubadora has multiple wallets.

His submission to our stipends: [APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas artísticas - jmemediato.near

And honestly, when you say stuff like ‘probably a second wallet of Jmm’ you just lose all the credibility you are building. That’s a serious and completely unfounded accusation.

@marketingdao-council would love to have a diversity of opinions on this. It would be a shame if honest review of proposals became unfounded accusations.

yep, members from CUDO DAO, who are brazilian and interested in Cinema attended the seminar. Do you really see problems with that? I don’t.

You think members from different DAOs should not collaborate, should not attend seminars together, etc? What kind of community do you have in mind?


We had more attendees than ourselves :joy:, of course. Some people, not familiar at all with cryptocurrencies or Near decided to skip the wallet creation, unfortunately and we didn’t want to force them. In the end we share the amount with the people who shared their IDs with us. I agree that airdrops can be given to anyone. I can share with you how many people subscribed our workshop (not their identitiea of course for privacy’ sake) and we can also send to you, once it’s uploaded, the session recording.


Yeah, before accusing us you shoukd research better :relaxed: tagging the guy here @jmemediato


@hevertonharieno is a Guild Leader of Cudo DAO, that we helped to set up in May. They are doing a lot of activities in the ecosystem and yes, they attended the session. Plus, heverton as a videographer and video editor editted the recording video :blush: is there any problem witth that? I guess not.


Just for me i would propose remove Creativies DAO councils from Incubadora DAO. It’s a conflict of interest when same council approve proposal for your own DAO. But May be in Web3 it’s ok .


With that I agree, I expect we’ll be out of the Creatives DAO council sooner rather than later.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you accused Juliana of having multiple wallets in order to get a bit more money.

Let’s not confuse things.


Right now all Council members are also council members of other DAOs. We are planning the transition soon. Adding more people, then leaving the Creatives. I understand your point. It’s an open discussion, and I see that both of you already gave your opinions in the other thread. This post is for the Marketing proposal discussion no?


Ok, thanks everyone for discussion.

Eventually, I will propose reduce grant on

As a place where the DAO councils get together.

Sorry, don’t understand what did you mean. Open Near Wallet and send some nears on Airdrop receivers wallets?

I will vote Yes, for $2139

Let’s take a look on your January’s report :wave: Please, spread Airdrop on your community members and artists at this time.

Have a good night.

Ps: we have other 5 councils in DAO, May be they have their own opinion and disagree with Dacha :joy:


Hey guys, I’m trying to follow the discussions here. I’m not fully on the loop with the structures and hierarchies of the Incubadora, but if there are any questions whether I am a real person, lol, I am here and willing to testify to my own existence in the real world. :joy:


Hey guys,

Incubadora DAO has done great work throughout their time in the NEARverse.

I’m in full support of this proposal and happy to move it to Approved if there are no other comments/objections from @marketingdao-council


Also good with me too. Approved


Please submit a funding request to the MarketingDAO @herikalcn


Thank you so much, guys!! I’ll request 153,8N (Coingecko 14h57m Lisbon Time 1N = 15,85 USD)

Happy new year!!! :dizzy: :star_struck: :purple_heart:


thanks so much @David_NEAR for the support and I’m super happy to know that we are making impact :smiley: :v: I’m pretty sure we will make our best


hello @marketingdao-council :slight_smile:
Only 2 days to go on this payout proposal. Astro

3 votes in, a few remaining.

Thank you so much.


Excellent work! The new brand identify is looking great and I am excited to see you expand your social media efforts into new channels.

It is clear to me that the value created by this Guild greatly exceeds the amount of funds being requested, and that on-going funding will have a compounding, exponential return. We need more creatives with good vibes who make the ecosystem a happy place where people want to join and spend their time.

I’m happy to support this motion. We have our weekly Council meeting in one hour, I’ll make sure we get the last vote needed


Thank you so much for the words! I’m sure all members of Incubadora DAO will feel glad to know this! We are building up a very special community. Thank you for supporting us :heartpulse::pray:


Hello all!
@grace @jcpacion

1 hour until the proposal expires.

thank you!