[Approved] Increasing number of wallets/users in Goa, India and eventually in Indian Metro Cities

Thanks @johanga and @Dacha for your response.

I agree with Johanga about metro cities being the main area of growth due to it’s size and non seasonal nature of business.
Goa is a testing ground as there are already many events happening and we already know many event companies and famous restaurants, who wont take a lot time for approvals to test the waters for our systems

It’ll be better to test our bots and processes in Goa and be more prepared before we approach bigger organisations in metros as we don’t want to lose reputation and faith if we have bugs in our system. Please let me know your views on this approach.

Also to give you some information about my background, I’ve worked as a radio talk show host in Pune India and created many weekly and monthly radio content themes and events for 3 years. Post that I started an artist management company and a video production house. My entrepreneurial journey started with these two projects but along side I did many events and provided assistance to other businesses to help them grow.

I’ve been in crypto space since 2017 as an investor and since 2020 it became my vocation. My interest is primarily to build structures that provide win-win outcomes for everyone involved.

There are other two more projects that I am creating proposals for.

  1. Support system DAO for existing NEAR DAOs
    This will be a DAO where we have a pool of writers, designers, programmers, video editors, community and social media managers and any other resource that the NEAR DAOs require. The investors (DAO token holders) will get a small percentage of every value transacted on the DAO. So metacoin DAO or any one else from outside as well can invest in the system. More on this, soon!

  2. Crypto House - A physical space which will eventually be a self-sustaining space providing crypto education digitally and crypto solutions in real world like paid consultation for corporates and individuals, providing technical solutions like opening accounts and minting NFTs for artist etc and allows for artists to collaborate with each other using the studios and performance space.
    It will be a hub for everything crypto which as per the design of the project should boost adoption and education locally.

I wanted to propose the crypto house project first, but post due diligence, I figured the need of the hour for NEAR is to increase the number of users/wallets and increasing value exchange on NEAR network. Hence I proposed this plan.

I’m very excited to put this proposal forth and hope you can guide me as to how we can make this happen. And if not what are other projects where I can help you with my expertise and energy!

Please feel free to ask any questions that might come to your mind!



I like the idea. Businesses are interested in visitors. accordingly, when the system is working, businessmen can fully or partially pay the costs. This is what we are looking for! Not just an event or a marketing campaign, but a small win-win system.
those functions can become part of our new telegram-bot wallet @near_wallet_bot


Hey ! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:

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HI cryptonaut, thanks for your proposal.

Due to the low value of the proposal, I am willing to vote it through and enable you to conduct some experiments. However, I do want to note some things:

  1. Successful crypto projects follow similar patterns and need to overcome the same hurdles as traditional startups. As such, I’d like to know more about what is the problem you are seeking to solve for the user?;
  2. The question of value to the user is an important one as this proposal seems to me to be about a stand alone project with significant scope rather than a more traditional pure marketing play;
  3. As a project, it makes several assumptions. While it is true that every successful projects adds value to the NEAR community, the opposite is not true: just because the project exists doesn’t mean it will succeed of add value. There still needs to be a strong value proposition to the user (solve an existing pain point, create new forms of value);
  4. I’ve been cautious over the last few weeks of ‘solutions looking for a problem’ (crypto as a hammer used to hit anything that people cross paths with);
  5. NEAR is an extremely powerful platform, I’d be great if projects started thinking of ways to introduce users to the NEAR ecosystem beyond just having a wallet or sending money; how can we get people using existing dApps (truer measure of onboarding and activation), or even better, how may we get them involved in the community and building?

Looking forward to seeing the reports back on this early experiment. Always happy to workshop some of the ideas above and assist any way I can,


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Hello @satojandro

Thank you for your inputs. Here are a few thoughts that I have on the points you’ve shared.

  1. what is the problem you are seeking to solve for the user ? -

The value proposition for the user is saving money and becoming a part of crypto. India has the highest number of crypto investors and users in world. Interest in interacting with this new fascinating space is clearly prominent. Of course population of India is also a factor. But we cant deny the growing interest.
Making NEAR as one of the first protocols that users interact with for real world value exchange and learn more about NFTs to begin can give us the first comer advantage.

Most of the people have just heard about crypto and have no idea about anything else, let alone dapp, DAO or anything technical. The experiment I’m trying is to warm a group of users to use telegram for trasacting in NEAR, share NFTs with them of the project and if possible to get Near’s name on their social media. I believe this will shed light on things that work and areas of improvement.

  1. “how can we get people using existing dApps” - Could you please help me with a list of dapps can people start using? I’d be more than happy to work on strategising something.

  2. “how may we get them involved in the community and building?” - I would love to get on a call sometime and discuss this with you.

Before the funds are transferred, it’ll be great if we can get on a call on zoom and maybe have a chat about how these ideas can be refined for a larger impact that can have sustainable and consistent growth. I would really appreciate your inputs.

You can drop me a message on telegram and I’d be happy to discuss a time for a call.

Telegram username - @sahilmassey1

Hey @denni_wild

Just wanted to know if you can add a feature to capture phone number and facebook ID in the telegram account opening bot and how much time and funds it might require to make this version of bot?

We can promote future events on their numbers and social media to the onboarded users and give discounts for transacting using NEAR wallets.

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There is a big techno music event coming up in Goa on 31st of March where about 300-500 people are expected to come. This is going to be an exclusive event where all the old timers, artists, business owners, popular people and the “cool” crowd of Goa is going to be there.
It is one of the most anticipated parties of the season.

The idea is to provide people with exclusive NFTs of the event (photos and small vids) in their newly opened NEAR wallets (created using nearnames.com), minting NFTs (using paras.id) and airdropping them from UnderGoa (the event company’s wallet) to all the new wallets created.

I have spoken to the event owners and offered them NFT minting of the media and live airdrops for the new wallets that we will create at the entry point of the event. So mostly everyone who goes in will have their wallets opened at the registration itself.

They have tentatively agreed to let us put a NEAR branding standee at the entry and open wallets for people before they enter the party, if we provide for good photo and small video snippet airdrops. In Fact they are quite excited about the NFT airdropping proposition.

Once the NFTs are airdropped the DJ booth will make 2 announcements (mid event and just as the event is about to get over) informing the crowd about the NFTs being airdropped and mentioning NEAR protocol for NFT partners. (We can add whatever branding line we want to be announced)

No one has live airdropped NFTs in events as big as this one in Goa and this could really make the crowd very excited about their first NFTs as this event is also very special to them

Agents will be trained to create wallets using nearnames.com and mint nfts using paras.id. I will also train them to transfer the NFTs from one account to another.

Budget requirements

1500 USD

2-3 agents who will mint NFTs and do registration - 24k INR (300-350USD)

Dongle for internet - 4k INR (50-60 USD )(Its a remote location in nature so no wifi, but telecom signal available)

Branding standee 7k INR (100 USD)

Operations 12k INR (150 USD)

2 Phototgraphers - 15-20k INR (250 USD)

Miscellenous (200 USD)

Minting nfts and gas fees (200 USD) Could be less or more depending on the number of images and vids

Apologies for such a short time frame as I also became aware of this event 2 days back.
I understand It’s quite a short timeframe however would appreciate quick transfer of funds as I will have to get the standee printed, train the agents for conversion, buy a dongle and do a test run of the whole process from the location a day before the event or latest by the afternoon of the event.

I have worked on managed radio events in shorter timeframes with barter mechanism similar to this one, so I’m quite positive that if I get an approval, I will be able to successfully get at least 300 wallets who would be interested in the NFTs and would interact with NEAR protocol always to check and show their NFTs

Looking forward to hearing to making this work.

@marketingdao-council @satojandro @Dacha @johanga



Hey! You should create a separate proposal for this:


Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing alright in these crazy times!

I had a query regarding the approval status.

The astrodao link mentioned below has been approved for a while now.


Just wanted to check if there are any steps remaining from my end before I receive funds for the approved proposal?

Could someone please guide me on this?

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Did you fill out the form and pass KYC as per this guide?

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Hi @David_NEAR

I tried filling up the google form twice, However I haven’t received any a email to complete a KYC.

Did it twice in-fact. who should I contact to get this figured?



Looks like this one is being processed, you should receive an email shortly.

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Up to two weeks … :wave:

Hey @Dacha

Been about 2 weeks still haven’t received the funds. Should I wait some more time?

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Good morning, yes sure. Thank You

Any Updates/Reports on this?

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Already submitted report for this long time back.

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Thanks. Btw which bot were you talking about?

Did you onboarded any restaurants and businesses as partners? Am excited to transact using NEAR in Goa :slight_smile:


No unfortunately. @denni_wild was creating it but I could not get in touch with him.

I’ll be doing more onboarding. As of now busy with a few other projects. I’ll keep you posted when this happens :))