[APPROVED] HypeDAO - October 2021

Recap of HypeDAO Activities in September

Last month we did not request funding. August went under budget for the second month in a row, so we carried our excess funds (> 1k N) through September. With those funds and some incredible artists and developers were paid for their contributions.

Our open-source hypedao/hypedao repo has several enhancements including a send-hype and balance component, caching server, HYPE balance Leaderboard (excludes council), discourse posts page being ironed out.

4 HYPE BATTLES have been conducted!! over 40 people have participated and are DAO members via the HYPE token.

Read the full September report:

And our August budget:

Overview of HypeDAO Initiatives for October

Website Roadmap Development

Budget for maintenance and bounties: $ 1800

Hype Battles

ZON will continue to conduct three Hype Battles and bring in new artists.

We would like to budget for:

  • prize 25 NEAR for each winner ($570)
  • graphic design of promotional materials ($225)
  • twitter and discord battle engagement/ moderation ($225)

Total Hype Battle budget: $ 1020

Twitter Spaces and Tweet Campaigns

These spaces are one of our most effective ways of promoting HypeDAO and onboarding new participants. Efforts by @digithubpedia and @kodandi have been doing a great job so far at teaching people about HypeDAO and DAOs in general.

4 Spaces * $50 = $200 in Spaces funding

We want to start giving out HYPE to people engaging with our twitter. For conducting at least a few simple tweet campaigns to give out HYPE, we’ll budget $150. This is to get practiced giving it out more often. We need to spread $HYPE!

Total Twitter Funding: $350

Artist Collab Project

We want HypeDAO artists to start working more together. This yet-to-be-named collaborative art project will get everyone participating together on artworks destined to be minted on the HypeDAO-owned smart contract with payout-splits.

Budget $200

Medium articles

We would like to budget for up to 2 new articles at $125 per article. These should be on HypeDAO operations, projects or HypeDAO/$HYPE/NFT related research.

Either @digithubpedia or I will be writing these this month.

Article budget $250

Art Collection budget

We aim to start collecting nfts via the DAO so we would like to budget $400 for collecting art

DAO Coordination

The cost of coordination and management of projects, and budgeting for the month is $700.

Budget item USD amount
Dev-budget 1800
Hype Battles 1020
Twitter 350
Artist Collab Project 200
coordination 700
art collecting 400
Research and writing 250
Total requested $ 4820

Looks great, do you mind updating this to be denominated in USD?


Updated! Thanks for the info.

I also reduced the DAO Coordination budget after the council agreed that our coordination is wrapped into our individual project responsibilities.


Hey @mxjxn this is quite the proposal! I’m seeing a lot of really awesome plans listed out and it’s pretty exciting to see where the HypeDAO crew is headed in such a short time.

I do have a few concerns, mostly based around the funding limitations that have been set from Creatives DAO. As I’m new to the council and this is my first month combing proposals I’m going to defer to @chloe to correct me if I’m wrong here, but to my understanding each Guild can apply for a maximum of $5000 each month in funding from Creatives DAO. That leaves your current application substantially over budget.


That’s correct. 5k USD is the max funding amount per Guild/mo.

While there are a lot of wonderful plans here, I’d assume that either their budgets will have to be adjusted to fit within the guidelines, or some of these projects will have to be left for subsequent months.


Oh I didnt realize that it had changed from 2k NEAR. I’ll make some adjustments and push some projects back to future months. We will have a chat about priorities and see what we can decide on.


Thank you @mxjxn!
We’re looking forward to the adjusted values :slight_smile:
It might be worth checking out the marketing vertical as well to apply for funding, for example for the Twitter spaces part. Have a look here:


I have updated the budget to fit the $5000 limit!

My deepest apologies to @ZexonNerotaki @EV3RETH @digithubpedia and CreativesDAO council for my delay on this. Balancing my time has been difficult lately.

Ongoing work has been going on with development, hype-battles, and twitter.
Please let me know if you need any more information!


Thanks for updating!
Do you already know who will write the medium article as well as more details for the Hype battle (distribution of the 1200$)?

@tabear Yep, just updated those items after talking with @ZexonNerotaki!


Hey @mxjxn,
Thanks for the update & for keeping the budget within the 5000 USD limit.

Could you just link the according forum posts/proposals in here/your original post?

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Thanks @mxjxn happy to see the updated budget! As @tabear mentioned let’s link in the those other proposals into this one and we can move forward!

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Alright, thanks for your patience with us while we work out the kinks in our planning process :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have updated each budget item with a linked proposal!

These numbers are still based on the price of NEAR when the budget was first posted. Please let me know if there are any changes needed! @tabear @vandal


@tabear @vandal @chloe tagging you all for visibility. We would love to get this approved before the end of the month so we don’t get our monthly budgets mixed up. Certain Items like the collection budget will be rolled over since I was waiting on budget approval to start it, but other items like the dev budget (minus 1 ticket) are waiting to be paid out specifically for October. Thank you!


Thanks for the ping. Imo, looks like all of the proposals are linked and accounted for :ok_hand:t4:.

Going to [APPROVE] this post now :ok_hand:t5:. Please feel free to submit a payout to the Creatives DAO for 4820 USD$ worth of NEAR (~412 NEAR @ 11.71 at time of writing) to support the proposed projects.


Thanks for holding down the forte @chloe it’s been a crazy NEARcon week!