[Approved] Graffiti DAO Participation in Web3 Conf India

I already mentioned Everything, From the first Proposal. GOA is Small State but arts are very likely to see there, Kindly check my proposal again, As I told I will be an Onboard web2 artist to web3 whether it’s an event and survey.


We are working to a Proposal Format for Community DAO Council and we already made an draft for it looking to see the approval for that @Dacha

@Dacha please do check whom we’re approving to represent NEAR :slight_smile:

Others get the wrong impression that he’s working officially for NEAR from his Community DAO Council description as others won’t be knowing what’s Community DAO and confuse it for Community Team :slight_smile: [Check the ss he posted, shubh from @NEAR_Protocol.

The representative should clear out that anyone from NEAR Community can represent us in any events :wink:

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And this happened before already : Unpaid rewards - #6 by Samanthahin

You are right just like the Namastey NFT event, speakers are already fixed, but then too I requested and me @johanga and #goa-dao member got an opportunity to speak.

There’s no surety you will get a chance to speak here as well.

I already Explained in Detail and this conversation already stopped.

Please be clear if you are going as a Graffbase DAO Council or NEAR Representative. At one point you say you are not representing Graffiti DAO and at one point you say this.

Ok, Let Me Take this way.

  1. Near representative helping and supporting all the DAO who are attending the meet
  2. Graffbase Representative after the Event a 2-day survey onboarding graffiti Artist
  3. Showcasing Graffiti DAO just like Kalakendra DAO or Naksh
  4. If People are in NFTs we will onboard them as digital artists on Near Platform.


I have a Recoding of the Meeting, Where you can see that I already mentioned the About Terms and Conditions and the First Month is a trial!!

@rahulgoel007 @Kv9990

Please Kindly See this Video It will Explain to you everything about the Ambassador Program as I already Mentioned inform you everything in the proposal

If we have more people attending the event, then it’s better for the community. But if someone says that he/she can add value to the community by being present, I see no harm in supporting them.

Anyway, I will be at Web3Con. It would be nice to meet @Albhion and other NEAR Community folks. Let’s see how we can onboard more folks into the Web3 space through NEAR.


After seeing so many comments , I believe instead of pointing out own community member lets join the hands and start building ,

As I saw the Video Which @Albhion posted its seems that he already inform everything .and there is some misleading phases that’s make these proposal wrong .

I already visited GOA 3 Times , And I saw the culture and art are flowing naturally which is why I believe that onboarding graffiti artist will be the best place - @Albhion all the best
Tagging @Ligaya @Dedeukwu @ted.iv

As I part of Near Users and Graffiti Member ,I believe there so many scope to join the event and I Happy Journey @Albhion @Monish016 @Srilakshmi .

As the Final Verdict ,
I am Happy to Support @Albhion for its GOA web3 con event and Survey for Graffiti artist

tagging @so608 @Dacha @marketingdao-council

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Thanks @Priyanka for your Valuable Comment and Supporting me on These Event .

We will best Materials for Our Next Graffbase Event !!

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Lets hope for the projects to be approved. :raised_hands: Good luck everyone :hugs:

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Thanks for answering the questions, taking the feedback and for the revised amount. I am happy to support that.


Thanks @so608 , For Supporting my Proposal looking forward to seeing one more Vote from @Klint @satojandro


Having reviewed this proposal and seen replies to comments from fellow @marketingdao-council I am happy to support.

Will now move to Approved. Please now make a Poll on Astro



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Sorry was just scrolling around, I don’t remember seeing report of this event. Can you share the link please?

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Sure , We will be giving report by 3rd September.