[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Metaverse DAO – July 2022

July 2022 Funding Proposal for Metaverse DAO

Council Members









Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000USD

Divided by:

  • Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi- 500 USD
  • Metaverse Recordings and NFTs - 500 USD
  • Near metaverse Magazine - 800 USD
  • Campfire - 500 USD
  • Meta Parties - 100 USD
  • Metaverse Class days - 900 USD
  • Site management - 100USD
  • Council work - 1500 USD

Total budget: 5000USD

Previous report

[DAO month report]([REPORT] Metaverse DAO Monthly report for june 2022)

Relevance and justification

The relevance of this set of projects is to build near metaverse history and to record it on near blockchain, in order for it to be useful for to creatives wanting some proof of their work or to researchers about near and its presence on metaverse. Our DAO also has connections to Voxels metaverse and build parties there in order to stimulate the interest on near and the production of near NFTs. Last event we sponsored together with Voxels, Vox Walk, and Metacat received more than 500 people, as it is exhibited in our report. So our work is of fundamental importance to the history of the Creatives and to show the importance and relevance of NEAR to future creatives still in other blockchains.


Here you can access all of our projects and their accountables


July 2022

Week 1: set a timeline for the month; set bounties; reach personalities for interviews; talk to teachers and writers; start to record events

Week 2: set the advertising material to publicize the Meta parties, the Meta Campfire and the Classes; start interviews; continue recording events

Week 3: collect the material to compose the magazine; make interviews; record classes; still recording

Week 4: edit magazine, finish and mint it; edit, post and mint interviews; record events, edit and mint them; edit videos of classes and mint it; make payouts, close month and make report

(The payments will be made in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO. NEAR value is set at the conversion rate it was sent by NEAR Foundation to the DAO)

Metrics expected to be achieved

Our metrics are setted base in our deliverables, they are:

  1. Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi
  • At least 3 interviews uploaded on the Metaverse TV, Metaverse DAO’s channel on YouTube, featuring 3 different NEAR Metaverse people/projects
  • At least 3 NFTs minted at the NEAR Metaverse History store (by Metaverse DAO): 1 will be sent to the person interviewed, 1 to the interviewer, 1 to the NEAR Metaverse History store to be kept as a historical record.
  • A transcription of the interview’s introduction will be added to the NEAR Metaverse Magazine edition of the month.
  1. Metaverse Recordings and NFTs
  • at least 10 short videos from different events, minted on the NEAR Metaverse History store from Metaverse DAO
  • at least 10 short videos available on higher quality on the Metaverse TV Youtube channel (that belongs to the Metaverse DAO).
  1. Near Metaverse Magazine
  • The magazine edition #08, diagrammed and revised with at least 10 sections and approximately 50 pages minted on our Mintbase store, including:
    • articles and stories written by members of NEAR ecosystem (from bounties and the Meta Campfire event)
    • a record of the events held on the metaverse in the last month held by NEAR DAO’s and projects, containing links to the videos recorded, the metaverse spaces, where the event happened, the Mintbase NFTs created as a record of the event on our historical store, all provided by @becopro
    • a record of the transcripted introduction of the interviews conducted by @klarakopi, with links to their complete version videos on Youtube and their NFT records on our Mintbase historical store
  1. Meta Campfire
  • Event at the Metaverse DAO’s Parcel on Voxels;
  • an NFT (minted at Mintbase or Paras) to be send to the participant writers as a certificate of participation;
  • an NFT (minted at Mintbase or Paras) to be send to the best writer as a spot on the welcome list to the next edition of the
  • a wearable NFT created as an attendance reward for everyone that comes;
  • encourage participation, interaction and socialization on the metaverse;
  • a video of the event on Metaverse TV (our YouTube channel);
  • an NFT from the video minted at our NEAR Metaverse History store.
  1. Meta Parties
  • 1 events held on our parcel on different dates
  • at least 1 wearable to be given to the events participants as an attendance reward
  • an NFT record made from the event’s videos (as a gif or short video) on Mintbase or Paras
  • a video from the events posted on our YouTube channel
  1. Metaverse Class Days 3
  • 4 classes recorded and edited from selected teachers;
  • 4 edited videos from the classes uploaded to our YouTube channel;
  • 4 short videos (or gifs) minted on our Mintbase store or on Paras.

Total of products created by the DAO monthly:

  • 1 edition of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine with at least 50 pages of content
  • at least 16 videos (counting every video we create)
  • at least 20 NFTs (counting every NFT record we create)
  • at least 4 events held on our Voxels parcel

Approval of the budget proposal

Join us in our telegram: Telegram: Contact @themetaversedao



So happy for one more month <3


@creativesdao-council just tagging you ladies and guys to see it <3


Hi @creativesdao-council could you please review our proposal? It’s been 5 days and no comments yet, thank you.

Hey there, fam! The link for NEAR metaverse magazine is empty, can you help me find it?

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Yes, K. :slight_smile:

Here it is: NEAR Metaverse Magazine #07 on Mintbase

Thank you for answering.

Hi! Here is the right link to the magazine’s proposal:


Sorry, Klara. I sent a link to the previous magazine intead of the proposal.

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All good, no problem :slight_smile:

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@creativesdao-mods, we kindly ask you to give us an answer about our project, given tomorrow it will be 1 week we are waiting. We thank you for your work. Greetings from Metaverse DAO.

Hello Metaverse DAO!

First off I want to give some appreciation for the organization of your proposals. It’s been very easy to find all your past reports attached to every action so great job there!

Here are some of my thoughts on your proposals:

  • The interviews with Klara Kopi are pretty cool. I think it’s a great way to spotlight projects in the space and @klarakopi you are doing a great job!

  • I see your reasoning for the Metaverse Recordings to document NEAR presence in the metaverse but I don’t see this being a long term need at least in the forum it is in now. It doesn’t seem like many of these recordings get many views and I am not sure how many folks are actually going to watch these videos afterwards. Maybe this activity in particular could evolve in the future.

  • I see a lot of value in the projects you are all bringing. It’s wonderful to see many different folks within the ecosystem being highlighted. I would love to see some more of these funds be distributed to the artists and builders that are the centerpieces of to the content you are all creating.

  • Lastly, @thephilosopher I see that you are back in action as a council member of both Metaverse DAO and Philosophers DAO. I thank you for stepping down from your roles for the last 2 months in respect of our solutions to the issues brought up back in March. As a way to comfort the community about your entrance back into two powerful positions and to continue to respect those past decisions, we would like to ask for a public statement around your reflections and how you plan to re-enter the community with different actions so this harm does not get repeated. I know I have personally heard you voice your thoughts a few times in community meetings but would love to get your statement in writing for transparency to the community. It can be in response here or however feels most comfortable for you, as long as it is recorded on the forum.

Thank you so much all!


Thank you so much, @adrianseneca, for your answer. Concerning Metaverse Recordings, it could be interesting to evolve it or to marketing it more. I think nevertheless it is one of the main important projects from the DAO, because it is the way to keep the historical information. And history is like that: we access when we need to research, when we need to build a portfolio, and in cases like that. Beyond that, many of the DAOs’ events of DAOs on metaverse do not receive many visitors, and our recordings beyond have historical importance, build participation at these events.

Concerning the funds being distributed to the community, we have lots of bounties and we hire many people. We hire 4 writers from the community per month (one of them is a bounty), we generally pay a DJ, we also pay 4 professors to produce classes, and we make prizes for the community of meta-designers (last one with voxels). And, of course, we pay ourselves for our work. But I agree with you that the best path is to decentralize the works of the DAO for people outside the council. But notice that works like recordings, interviews, magazines are works of big responsibility, and to let it in the hands of unknown people from the community is difficult to make the products to develop.

But to solve this problem, we also are going to open a Community group inside our Astro, without administrative power, to onboard people from the community, and to start building a group of people capable of working with us, and that with more responsibility and trust, can enter in the members group and have administrative power.

Concerning your last point, I wrote my thoughts here, and I am very glad that Isa forgave me and the Brazilian community is welcoming back. I hope this is enough. Thank you for your kindness and your nice way of saying things.

Thanks so much for receiving my input with grace and for your thorough response. With the information, perspectives and statement you provided we feel comfortable approving your proposal!

Here are some of the highlights I see in your proposal:

  • follows the guidelines with great organization
  • nice reporting with sufficient information to access past accomplishments / use of funds
  • large quantity of projects that provide consistent deliverables
  • constant collaboration with other NEAR individuals and communities
  • offerings of education for the community
  • highlighting of other people/projects happening on NEAR
  • Metaverse innovations

Please feel free to move forward in posting your poll on AstroDAO!


woop wooop !!
i was affraid very much that all of us could spend even 2 weeks without Metaverse DAO
thank you @adrianseneca for approving this proposal , have an amazing day! as for me, now i’m calm for the Creatives future :woman_in_lotus_position: :orange_heart: :ghost:


We are very glad, @adrianseneca, for your answer. Thank you for presenting the highlights in such a clear way. It is very useful for us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would like to share with you a little bit about myself:

Thank you, @johanga, for always being present and supportive. :sparkling_heart:
Let’s rock this metaverse!

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All These Metaverses :volcano::mountain_snow::mountain::national_park::desert::milky_way:

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