[Approved for $2430] December 2023 and January 2024 proposal for Omega Digi-World DAO

Overall Targeted KPIs

30-50 Creative Developers onboarding
50-80 New Near Wallets
50% - 70% Overall Retention Rate
MINTBASE and Near Social Education and Utilization
30-50 New Near Social Accounts
30-80 New NFTs to be minted on Mintbase
80-100 New NFTs to be purchased from Near Ecosystem creators


DAO introduction

Omega Digi-World DAO is a creative based DAO created in April 2023 having already existed irl as Omega Digi-World since 2020. The purpose of the DAO is to convert existing Arts to digital arts and creation of new arts into digital arts. It is a DAO mainly focused on creation of NFTs and utilization of Near dApps to mint these NFTs. We are also continuing with our goal by exploring the onboarding of developers and creation of widgets and creative-related Near dApps.

Why team is best for the funds
The members that make up the team are not new in the ecosystem as each of these members have been around for at least a period of one year.

@bigm007 - council member
He has been around since 2021 and served in difference capacities across these years having contributed in minting of NFTs in several DAOs such as BeatDAO, ReggaeDAO, jazz DAO, Near Writer’s Guild, NXM etc.

@OfficerLehLeh_01 - he serves as a council member and helps moderate the telegram community where he welcomes and helps new members navigate the ecosystem. He is affiliated to other DAOs such as Reggaedao and used to be a council at Burlesque DAO.

@shozy - he also serves as a council member and he is in charge of real life collaborations with external parties and other interested stakeholders. He has been in the ecosystem for more than a year but never held a council membership post until now.

@tobyparadise01 - he is a council member and manages the social media. He has been in the ecosystem for more than a year and since joining has participated in several bounties from Near Writer’s Guild, BeatDAO, ReggaeDAO SpiritYut DAO, Blaq Stereo DAO etc

@scarmanbaba - he also is a member of the ecosystem having joined more than a year ago and has since participatd in several bounties and minted several NFTs with several DAOs such as Reggaedao, NXM, Near Writer’s Guild.

All the team members are at least a year old in the ecosystem and have minted several NFTs in the past and also currently. They are also positioned at strategic places irl which serve as catchment areas for onboarding and Near Education.

Achievement information about the DAO
The DAO is now five months old and we have been able to solidify our stay in the ecosystem by
a. Onboarding more than 100 people, 90% of whom are new to the ecosystem
b. Getting all our socials active
c. Total NFTs in store: 210
d. Astrodao Members: 38
e. First community collaboration was held in June for interested creatives.
f. In house discussions for creative developers conference
Twitter: 125 followers
Telegram : 25members (previous account was banned)
Near Social: 33 followers
Instagram :. 3488 followers
Proposals created: 76
Council Members: 5


The following are the impacts we hope to make

a. Onboarding of creatives developers to create creative widgets on BOS to assist creatives in development and expansion of their arts.

b. To create videos and tutorials on the benefits of BOS and its utilization by explaining the concept, functions and the motivation behind BOS. Also, operations ranging from basic to complex shall be explained.

c. Utilization of near dApps

d. The goal of this DAO is to create events that would enable created dApps such as Mintbase and Tamago to be fully utilized

e. Creation of NFTs
Another impact is to create as many NFTs as possible every month which is one of the focus of the DAO

f. Artiste Support
We aim to purchase NFTs from Artistes every month to support their dreams and enrich our library with several artistic resources created by different artistes ball around the world; to also create collaborative projects involving several creatives across the ecosystem.

f. DAO to DAO collaborations
There would be bounties created to included participants from other DAOs would would foster cooperation between DAOs and encourage growth to all involved.

Quarter one - creation of NFTs and onboarding (achieved and still on-going)

Quarter two - organization of our real life first event (Next)

Quarter three - creation of our first near dApp called Near-Brary


Project 1 Creatives Developers Conference (Creatives Dev Con)

University of Ibadan Student Union
images (10)

images (11)

South West Near Club of Nigeria

SpiritYut DAO

This project is aimed towards solving one of the major problems the creatives are having now, which is shortage of creatives developers. The focus of this project is to onboard developers who are also creatives that can develop BOS components specifically for creatives in other to make their BOS experience richer, more fun and engaging. We are collaborating with the student union of University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Expected Number of participants: 150 developers

Coordinating Developers:
Mayorwise Technologies
Dududaa Digital Solutions
Deft Visuals

Expected outcomes: KPIs
a. Improved creative experience on Near Social

b. Getting creative developers to create our first Near dApp called “Near-Brary”

c. Onboarding of creatives developers into the ecosystem whose focus is only creation of creative related dApps.

d. To foster DAO to DAO collaborations and involve real life organizations in Near Ecosystem operations.
e. Creation of Near Wallets and utilization through bounty participation and on-chain activities like Activities on Near Social and interactions with Mintbase

Activities & timelines:
Dec 1 - 7 ( Coordination of event)
Dec 9 - 28 ( Production of event merchs, social media awareness and radio talks)
Jan 2 (conference date)
Jan 5 - 19 (onboarding and selection of creatives developers to work on our “Near-Brary” dApp.

Event Venue: $100
Multimedia(Visual and audio aids) : $100
Radio Talks with @LordKenny of Spalsh FM Ibadan: $50
Radio Talks with @GhetoYutt of Fresh FM Ibadan: $50
Video production: $100
Event merchs(Near and CreativesDAO branded T-shirts): $150
Banners and posters: $70
5 Artistes performing: $150
(all winners of BeatDAO Championship Rap and two from Omega Digi-World DAO
Thormiejay, Vickity, Tstaxx, T.O.B.I and Lehleh)
Snacks and refreshments: $100
Logistics: $80
Near Educator: $50(@TheTune100 of Spirytyut DAO)

Venue: Classic Inn Conference Centre

Project 2 - a. HYPE ON Near Social

            b. Puzzle Game on Near Social

This project is aimed at encouraging activities and engagements on NEAR Social and the vision is to create this bounty to drive people towards utilizing of Near Social by creating ARTS(graphics - poems and abstract arts related to NEAR Social and its utilization) in different categories and having friends like and retweet. Instead of utilising the social media, we make use of NEAR Social for the bounty venue.

Entries would be judged based on:
Quality of entry
NEAR Social engagements
Message of Entries

B. Puzzle on Near Social is a game of solving puzzles and it is a way of sustaining their attention and making winners earn some tokens. The words are Near Ecosystem words and players have to search for these words completely in other to win. Once they download the puzzle, they will circle on the words and having completely found and circled the words, they would then upload back to Near Social as their submission.
Examples are below

Expected Outcomes KPIs
It is our desire to achieve the following through this activity:

a. NEAR Social engagement

b. Increase in NEAR Social utilization and familiarization

c. Near Wallet utilization

d NEAR Social education

e. Minting of best entries Of bounties on Mintbase
e. Community growth on Telegram, Near Social, Twitter and Instagram

Activities and Timelines
Nov 1-7 - Social Media Announcements
November 9- December 28 - Submission of entries and giving out prizes

5 usd to 100 winners
(50winners for bounty winners, 50winners for puzzle winners)

Project 3 - Purchase of NFTs
This aims at buying NFTs from creators in the Near Ecosystem to encourage DAO to DAO collaborations and artiste Support.

Budget - $600

Our On-Going Activities:
Buying of NFTs and Minting of NFTs through creation of new Arts which is still supported by last funding remainings.

Council Renumeration for 2 months $900
BigM - $90 x 2
Shozy - $90 x 2
Scarmanbaba - $90 x 2
Tobiparadise01 - $90 x 2
Lehleh - $90 x 2

What is the DAO’s goal or objective?
The goal is to contribute and build on the ecosystem through the following objectives:

a. Creation of NFTs and utilization of Near dApps

b. Onboarding of creatives developers to create creative related dApps for the use of creatives.

c. Creation of dApps on BOS to help creatives expand their creativity.

d. Education on Near social to ease navigation and operation for newbies.

Roadmap to reach the goal
Quarter one - onboarding and creation of NFTs (achieved)

Quarter two - organization of real life events and bringing new stakeholders and partners into the ecosystem (in the process)

Quarter three - Creation of our first dApp called Near-brary.

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

Each funding round is a milestone for us and achievement of these milestones depends on approval of proposals, approval of proposals mean we get to achieve our goals faster.

Each quarter listed above is a milestone to be achieved.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?
Community moderation by @OfficerLehLeh_01

Social media posts by @tobyparadise01

Bounty administration and moderation by @bigm007

Real life coordination with investors, developers and related parties for event by @bigm007 and @Shozy and @OfficerLehLeh_01

Community games and quizzes by @scarmanbaba

@Shozy is responsible for all graphics related materials for the DAO

May Report

June Report

July Report

August Report

September Report

Total request number: $3000
DAO on-chain address (target wallet):omegadigi-worlddao.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you, stay Creatives.



This is very insightful… Spreading the Near education.

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Lets get it, we are ready!

Dear Omega Digi-World, Thank you for the proposal.

After careful consideration. We’re able collect your proposal to our NDC request for following details:

Project 1:

Rejected budget:

Revised from $1000 => $680

Project 2: $500 => $250 (Please test out with 50 winners first)

Total approved amount: $2430