[APPROVED] Fashion Interrupted Digital Capsule Collection, Layers Unseen

Hello everyone! My name is Ciorstaidh Monk, founder of Fashion Interrupted based in Scotland.


We are requesting support of 75 NEAR for a medium sized project to take place 21 November - 15 December 2021.

Fashion Interrupted explores new ways of working in fashion, creating digital artifacts, NFTs, wearables, digital fashion pieces; discovering new marketplaces and technologies with a focus on collaboration.

As part of Scotland Re:Design fashion festival we launch our first digital capsule collection, Layers Unseen, which begins a conversation around fashion innovation, concepts of digital and physical, ownership and value. (Scan our QR code to invite Layers Unseen into your space!)

On Sunday 21st November at 2pm GMT we will take part in Scotland Re:design fashion festival, sharing the results of our beta project by hosting an online conversation around digital fashion from a range of different perspectives.

Ticket holders will be gifted an exclusive digital fashion NFT created by designer Emma Clifton. The three NFTs in our capsule collection by designers Hayley McSporran, Shanagh Penman and Zephyr Liddell will be made available via our Mint Base store. These NFTs were digitally produced by Ciorstaidh Monk, Gillian Martin and Emma Clifton. Makeup for our avatars by MV Brown and AR by Liam Fogerty.

We plan to hold events over the next 4 weeks across online spaces (Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse Twitch) as well as IRL meet ups where we introduce people to our collection via AR and discuss digital fashion and the protential for it’s future utility.

Planned events:

  • Sunday 21 November - 6am PT / Midday ET / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET - Online event launching the digital capsule collection streamed on Zoom for ticketholders. Estimated 30 attendees.
  • After event on Twitter Spaces, estimated 20 - 30 attendees attendees.
  • Monday 13 December - 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET - Twitter Spaces online discussion, estimated 20 - 40 attendees.
  • POSTPONED TILL JANUARY 2022 Due to Covid Guidelines in Scotland Wednesday 15 December 2021 - 9am PT / Midday ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET Auction of the three final NFTs with Twitter Space to accompany the launch of the auction, estimated 30 - 40 attendees.

We are looking for technical support to onboard our new-to-crypto audience to the NEAR protocol and Mint Base, enabling a smooth transition to buying their first NFTs. This might mean providing our audience with a small amount of NEAR to set up their wallet.

We would like to enlist support in PR for the project, to reach a wider audience who might be interested in carbon-neutral fashion NFTs. We can do this through crypto journalists and those active in the space. We would love to collaborate with the Mintbase / Near / Createbase community via Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces to generate more awareness about the project.

Through this project we aim to onboard a new fashion audience to NEAR, shining the light on how we can produce NFTs without comprimising the environment.


Thank you!



Hey @fashioninterrupted , welcome to our community :smiley:

Creatives DAO is a vertical that normally supports other DAOs in the ecosystem (not individual proposals). These DAOs have Introductory posts and we suggest them to join our channels, for example Telegram chat, to interact with us. Your project seems to be detached from a DAO. We can help you to set up your own and then start understanding our funding flows. Please read these following guides:




Other suggestion is to look for an existing DAO in the ecosystem and see if any of them are interested in supporting your project.


Hey sounds great ! I like your idea for the ownership of physical pieces with NFT.

And let me know how I can help you with the technical issues to onboard new-to-crypto audience. I can provide you links, medium post, youtube videos and any other guide or help.

Edit: I also can be there in the webinar, AMA, or google meeting if you want.

We can have this conversation here, but if you want to reach me out faster then →

My telegram: @FritzWagner

Cheers :beers:

Hi, sorry for not answering promptly.

@reginamintbase as you know my day today is really intense, if you could please take care of this :slight_smile: As @caromintbase is also already aware and favorable, I think this is already approved. But please wait for reginas answer.

If regina approves it, you can submit payout proposal to our sputnikdao (createbase). For the future, the opening of a Guild or a Dao for this project would make sense. I would love to talk more about this with you @fashioninterrupted anytime this week.
You can schedule a meeting with me here:

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Thanks @marianeu and everyone else jumping in! This approved - @fashioninterrupted could you please submit a payout proposal here: SputnikDAO. Just 1/2 lines so we know what it is referring to + link to this page

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Thanks for your quick response Fritz and apologies I didn’t take you up on your kind offer, it was all a bit manic in the last day so I didn’t manage to message you! Regina joined the call and took all of the techincal questions, so onboarding was smooth! - Thanks, Ciorstaidh


Hi Juliana, Thanks for all of the guides, I’m new to the Dao system and processes so it’s all really helpful! I was approved through Sputnik Dao, very excited to have my first bit of Dao funding, excited to contribute to the Near ecosystem and see where this all leads! Thanks, Ciorstaidh


Hello Createbase community!

I’d like to tell you about the next event for our digital fashion project Layers Unseen.

We plan to hold a hybrid physical / digital event in Glasgow, Scotland on 15th December. This is an opportunity to bring people together to play with our AR filters, to have discussions around digital fashion, NFTs and blockchain and will also auction 3 of our digital fashion NFTs!

I would like to request to use the 75 NEAR we were awarded, and request another 20 NEAR. We have already used 3 NEAR during our event on 21st November when we transferred 0.1 NEAR to 30 attendees wallets.

  • We would like to onboard attendees on 15 December and add 1 NEAR into their wallets to get the auction started. 30 NEAR
  • I would like to pay for some PR for the event. Approach a journalist to write an article that we can then shop to publications to raise the profile of the event, digital fashion, Mint Base and NEAR, and also instagram ads 18 NEAR
  • We would like to hold the event within South Block Studios https://southblock.co.uk/ - artist studios that house over 200 artists, graphic designers and architects which I feel is a good audience for this. The fee for the room would be 90GBP 15 NEAR
  • We would like to have drinks at the event, that can be redeemed for an NFT. 10 NEAR
  • Print costs. postcards with QR codes 9 NEAR
  • I would also like to request holding on to 10 NEAR to go towards reminbursing my small team of three for organising the event.

We would also appreciate any help creating QR codes for the auction.

Thank you!

Ciorstaidh, Emma and Gillian


Hi @fashioninterrupted sorry for the late reply,

about this:

Is there a way for you to make sure the money will be spent on mintbase? we dont wan’t to enable token grabbers, people who just want to keep the near and not do anything with it…

Ok, we pay after the work is done. Two options: 1 You pay them, show us proof of what has been done, then request payout to yourself. Or you tell them to make their own payout proposals after they finished the work and present it here in the post.


the 10 N would be used to buy the drinks? :slight_smile: If yes, buy the drinks, mint them on mintbase, and then make a payout proposal. You can actually just transfer the nfts of the drinks to the wallets of the participants, so they do not need to buy it. If you were to sell them, I’d suggest to put the price very low, like 0,1N per drink (we are sponsoring them anyways right), just for them to have the buying experience…

this is okay too. 3,3 N for each :slight_smile: Please do payout proposals individually.

Could you please insert the fixed version of this comment into the original post above? Easier to find :slight_smile:

Anxious to see some pictures and hear the feedback after the event <3