• DAO introduction

Dimension DAO is the Web3 arm of a 5 year old network and guild that brings together mentees and mentors from the fields of Architecture, Design and Making in order to share knowledge, perfect their art and expand possibilities. This project was born with the intent to bring together the community of architects, designers and makers from all around the world and help them sell their designs, 2D & 3D assets and technical drawings as NFTs at a global price point. We already have 200 plus members interested in forming a web3 community that comprise of architects, artists and designers from our existing network of audience of 45k+ members

  • Why team is best for the funds

Our core team comprises five individuals with a diverse range of experience, skill sets and connections within the spatial design industry. The combination of these factors will carry great weight as Dimension DAO launches and onboards persons from the existing network as well as to increase this pool size from the public. The team comprises of:

Bram Rouws

Founder, Bram Woodcrafting

Master carpenter, cabinet maker and furniture designer from Limoges, France, Bram completed his first degree in joinery when he was just 21 years old, then specialized as a Cabinet Maker. A master from the renowned “Tour De France” with the “Compagnons”*, an old guild of professional master craftsmen, he founded Bram Woodcrafting Studio in India, a brand that has redefined how bespoke furniture is made in India, establishing a highly skilled, technical team of experts in woodcraft, who create your piece of furniture through dialogue; transforming ideas and emotion into solid-wood masterpieces.

*In 2010 the Compagnons guild was registered as UNESCO World Heritage

Mokshaa Kuttayya

Design Consultant; Director, Bram Woodcrafting Studio

An architect turned product designer, Mokshaa strives to create value by designing products that are technically strong and bridge the gap between Designer and Maker. As a Design Consultant, she currently works with various companies across different specialties, offering support in terms of design, 3D visualisation, technical communication, strategy and marketing.

Through her professional career, and in line with the principle of the Dimension Network, Mokshaa has played an active part in connecting people with specialty skill sets to form strong collaborations. With this as a core value, she aspires to contribute towards making good Design accessible to a larger audience.

Anabelle Viegas

Founder, Think Happy Everyday

Architect, Urban Designer, Installation Artist. Anabelle crafts a bespoke narrative, weaving emotion, function, and art, into a metamorphosis that manifests from the collective. True to our name, she unravels eras of design transforming a project, into a Dimensions masterpiece. Her work and initiatives have been covered by The Economic Times, Times of India, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, and The Hindu to name a few.

Geoff Leahy

Founder LeahyDesign & Director UnityMakers

A trained Industrial & Urban Designer, Geoff’s career has spanned across four continents through a variety of scales on the spatial design spectrum. A passion for storytelling and intuitive community building has cultivated Geoff’s bottom-up and human-centred approach to design.

His work includes creating the Digital CiiC Centre for Unilever, leading UnityMakers to become a top design studio in Kenya, curating, hosting immersive events for Teatro Mágico and consulting for various design studios.

Tanisha Ganapathy

Creative Director, Bram Woodcrafting Studio

  • Achievement information about the DAO

We are imminently about to launch our DimensionNetwork website where persons can become members as well as see information on our plans to bring them on journey into the web3 world. Including information about upcoming events + workshops.

Further to this we have already -

  • Established Councils

  • DAO setup - dimension.sputnik-dao.near

  • Educated Councils on how to create wallets, setup a DAO, Create a mintbase account and mint NFTs

  • Social Media

-Bram Woodcrafting Studio (42.8K)

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Any other
    Art & Design
  • Impact

DimensionDAO will become a gateway for educating and bridging the path to entering the NFT world for the physical spatial design sector within India. This will not only result in thousands of persons learning and gaining access to this world but will also carry a knock on effect by opening up numerous creative outlets and creating alternative income channels.

Furthermore, with DimensionDAOs intention of creating an NFT marketplace there will be a significant levelling up for the industry as a whole due to streamlining of accessibility to design content and communication between the different parties.


  1. Onboarding education events (Monthly)
  • How to build a wallet
  • How to mint NFTs
  • How to create a DAO
  • How to transfer crypto
  • How to mint multiple NFTs
  • How to transfer NFTs from one wallet to another
  • Get 5 NFTs created per member minted
  1. Design-a-thon targeting various existing communities and design institutions (Education about the NEAR infra and its use case) (Monthly)
  • 2 hour design competition

  • All NFTs will be minted

  • Poll using astro DAO for voting on the best design

  • Allocation of prize tokens to winners

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal


Project 1 (please make a copy for each different project)

Description: Phase 1 Onboarding.
Expected outcome: -To create a web3 community of architects, artists and designers focused on selling their NFTs -We aim to get that by 4-5 months of edu-onboarding activities.

-All members of the group have created 5 NFTs each.

-All members of the group fully understand and be able to navigate AstroDAO and Mintbase, Gov forum,

-Council Members and members to be using proposals for all decisions within the community.

-Two workshops to be held each month, led by external consultants.|
|Activities & timelines:|- Workshops to commence in April, occurring biweekly on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. The first round being 08/04/23 & 22/04/23.|
|Budget:|* $100 for space rental per event = $200

  • $150 marketing expense for advertising the venture and increasing visibility = $150
  • $200 per external consultant per event = $400
  • $50 per council member = $250

Total = $1000.00|

Description: Design-a-thon
Expected outcome: -Expansion of members within the DimensionDAO and on the NEAR network

-Hundreds of new NFTs created

-Identification of channels and content requirements for proposed Dimension Network NFT marketplace

-Q&A analysis for Dimension Network NFT marketplace.

-Appeal of competition grows organically as word spreads about its uniqueness and Designathon prize|
|Activities & timelines:|-Commencing in April, 2hour competition held phygitally on the last Saturday of every month. The first competition being 29/04/23.|
|Budget:|* $100 for space rental per event = $100

  • Marketing & content expense for advertising the venture and increasing visibility = $100
  • $300 per event to open 30 wallets and some funds to mint NFTs = $200
  • Materials for entrees = $100
  • $50 per council member = $250
  • Prize Tokens = $200

Total = $950|

Total - $1950 for March and April activities

What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

Goal 1 - To create a web3 community of artists and designers creating digital assets in 2 domains

  • Real world design IPs via NFTs (Eg - Furniture designs, technical drawings)

  • Metaverse based designs (Eg - 3D assets for metaverse, virtual spaces, avatars)

  • Get web3 ready individually

  • How to build a wallet

  • How to mint NFTs

  • How to create a DAO

  • How to transfer crypto etc

Goal 2 - Build an NFT marketplace and a dapp for the newly developed web3 community to mint their NFTs on and help them sell it at a global price point.

  • Sell designs at global pricing instead of local

Roadmap to reach the Goal 1 & 2

Month 1

  • Hold two workshops for onboarding and basic web3 education, bi-weekly every month, open to our existing community and public.
  • Inform new members of upcoming programmes. Establish roles and responsibilities for council members.
  • Onboard existing communities on-chain (as members of the Dimension DAO). Creation of wallets and adding them as members on chain.

Month 2

  • Second round of onboarding workshops for new members.
  • Second stage for Month 1 attendees, workshop to introduce the world of NFTs and what they are
  • Help artists create their first NFT
  • Help them buy NFTs
  • Introduction to DimensionDAOs intention to open a specialised NFT marketplace in the near future.

Month 3

  • Third round of onboarding workshops for new members.
  • Second stage continues.
  • Third stage for initial members, hold two talks on introduction to metaverse.
  • How to design metaverse assets
  • How to design metaverse spaces
  • Pull request to create a marketplace using mintbase as the back end tech

Month 4

  • Launch the beta version of Dimension NFT marketplace.

  • Test it with the community built in 3 months

  • Launch Alpha version

  • Focus on onboarding designers, architects and artists from other networks, colleges and institutes.

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

There are 2 goals -

Goal 1 - Education of existing web2 community to web3 and to keep increasing the size by organising biweekly onboarding events for designers, architects and artists from various colleges, institutions and communities.

  • Phase 1, onboarding minimum viable community (200 members) should be achieved within 4 months considering our aim to onboard 50 members on-chain at least every month

Goal 2 - Builid an NFT marketplace and a dapp for the newly developed web3 community to mint their NFTs on and help them sell it at a global price point.

  • Already in conversation with mintbase. Pull request first draft is defined.
  • Needs to be checked in by the existing DAO councils.
  • The work on the Marketplace should begin by June this year and should be completed by mid July to August.

More details mentioned in the roadmap

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Sell NFTs of technical drawings and real world & digital 3D assets at a global price on an NFT marketplace powered by mintbase tech.

Total request number: 1950

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): dimension.sputnik-dao.near


Hey, @mokshaa!
Could you please attach some links to your community or pieces of evidence as proof of your previous work? I see that your profile is relatively new on the forum, and probably you can’t attach any links here, therefore feel free to send me these on my Telegram or here via private message.
Thank you in advance!

UPDATE 10.03.2023

Attaching message from @mokshaa below:

"Our websites and social media are a work in progress, but I’m sharing all the links below:

Old instagram page showcasing community members and community meet ups that were organised:

New instagram page for our Collective, where various Designers and Makers collaborate to create spaces:

WIP website of the network (Please note that this is a very very rough draft and we have to fine tune all content)

First draft of the website for our Collective:

Dimension is an initiative started by Bram Rouws, who has a woodworking setup called Bram Woodcrafting Studio in Mysore, India. This is our Instagram:


Hey Paul!
You are right, I’m not able to attach any links here, but I’ve just sent you a message on telegram with all our links. Thank you for the support!

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Have you applied for MintBase grant?


Hey Dacha!

Apologies for the late response.

We are working on the application for the MintBase grant currently, and have created the first draft of the pull request :slight_smile:


This proposal was approved on March 16th under the CreativesDAO funding vertical for the following details:


Cc: @creativesdao-council