[APPROVED] DAOrecords DAO Funding - May 2022


Much love to the Creatives DAO for holding down the fort and for the support of DAOrecords as we push through this initial stage and get to a point where we can sustainably generate more funding opportunities! You can read our April Report to see how much we’ve progressed!

DAO Council:
@vandal @Paul & @daocubator (daocubator.near)
Adding Masia to council this month!

Team Members:

@vandal @Paul @lelen.maramar @ottpeter @cryptovaibhav @Sleezy_Moss @_Tech1 @masiaone



Total Requested Funding Amount:


Projects & Timelines:

Website & Design Creation

Leading our product design team is @lelen.maramar who is just putting the finishing touches on daorecords.org and will continue to update the site throughout the month of May as we push through the remaining 3 SoundSplash events! We’ve already launched daorecords.io where she will continue to assist with the integration and design elements of our unique Drop Pages!

Smart Contract Development

@ottpeter will be continuing the Smart Contract work for daorecords.io through FonoRoot, our custom minting system. He also assists on a bit of front end and each of our Drop pages (weekly)

Community Initiatives

Continuing to push people to our community channels @Sleezy_Moss will be hosting a number of new activities on our Telegram & Discord

SoundSplash A&R Management

Our head A&R @masiaone will continue to wrangle the artists each week, making sure they deliver their content on time and assisting in the onboarding process together with @vandal

SoundSplash Event Management

Our Project Manager @Paul will continue coordinating all aspects of our weekly SoundSplash events, making sure the team is organized and ensuring Community Partners are all on board and ready to rock!

$SPLASH Token Integration

One of our Dev leads @cryptovaibhav will be integrating $SPASH with MetaYield this month and prepare Whitelisting on Ref Finance for setting up liquidity pools and so on. He will also be assisting a bit more with our Front End for Drop pages


Website & Design Creation - $1000
Smart Contract Development - $1000
Community Initiatives - $250
SoundSplash A&R Management - $1000
$SPLASH Token Integration - $1000
SoundSplash Event Management - $750

Total = $5,000

The Journey

It’s without a doubt one of the most difficult endeavors I’ve spearheaded to date. Coordinating our wonderful team and creating an amazing platform for showcasing new artists and enabling them to reach the Web3 masses through SoundSplash is surreal. I ask nothing from this other an the ability to continue our efforts (at least through July to see this through) and prepare DAOrecords for Phase Two! So, if you’re reading this and you’ve had a chance to examine the work we’re been doing, I applaud and thank you. Do comment below, I appreciate reading and replying!

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Thank you for laying out this project here Vandal. There has been great response to SoundSplash and I’ve started a waiting list of artists if there is a 2nd round to these releases.


Hey DAO Records! Thanks so much for the thorough proposal. I am having a hard time finding the budget breakdown & total of each specific project linked within your overall proposal. Please let me know how to find this info so we can move you forward :slight_smile:


Thanks @adrianseneca totally forgot to put it in! I’ve added the breakdown, with the additional costs to be covered by DAOrecords and other funding sources (Marketing DAO proposal is also in the pipeline). Cheers!


Awesome thanks for the update! I just want to confirm are you asking for only $5,000 from Creatives DAO correct?


Yes that’s correct @adrianseneca :grin:

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Awesome thanks! If you could define the separation between the two budgets and let us know what the budget breakdown is for Creatives that would be great for clarity for the moderators and community!

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I’ve changed it so it’s less confusing and more directed toward Creatives. The reason I had put the actual numbers was so there was no confusion when the payouts to the team happen and they are different from what was requested. But this should be fine :slight_smile: Thanks @adrianseneca

Thanks so much I appreciate you breaking it up for us! I’m happy to say that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization

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