[APPROVED] DAOrecords DAO Funding - April 2022


This will be our first request for funding from Creatives DAO for our April activities as we prepare for SoundSplash coming up this May! We’ve already assembled the team and begun work, which you can read all about in our March Report!

Team Members:

@vandal @Paul @lelen.maramar @ottpeter @cryptovaibhav @Sleezy_Moss @_Tech1 @masiaone



Total Requested Funding Amount:


Projects & Timelines:

Website & Design Work

After an intensive Design Sprint hosted by @lelen.maramar the team has ironed out what needs to be done for the revamp of daorecords.org and will conduct an additional design sprint for our DAOrecords app to be hosted on daorecords.io

Website Integrations & Smart Contract

@ottpeter will be continuing integrations for daorecords.org as well as interoperability to another cool Near project! Of course, Smart Contract work on FonoRoot as well.

Community Initiatives

As we begin activating the DAOrecords community and bridging both #nxm-dao & #dj-dao our community lead @Sleezy_Moss will be hosting a number of activities on our Telegram & Discord

SoundSplash Artist & DJ Hunt

We’ve already begun locking in artists and DJs for the 24 available slots for our SoundSplash Series. Our head A&R @masiaone will be leading the charge with some artists joining us from #nxm-dao & #dj-dao

SoundSplash Event Management

To ensure all things go as planned, our Project Manager @Paul will be coordinating all aspects of the pre-launch of SoundSplash preparing for the official launch in May!

$SPLASH Token Creation

One of our Dev leads @cryptovaibhav will be getting our $SPLASH token up and ready to be used together with Metapool’s Meta Yeild for fundraising this May!

Join our Telegram and our Discord to be a part of the community!


Hello again @vandal

I am enjoying all the initiatives you are progressing through this project but unsure as to why you have such a big team yet only a council of one? The same comment from the creatives moderators for VanDAO applies here ~ there must be more than 1 council on a DAO to get funded. Let us know how you would like to resolve this!



Hey @adrianseneca much of team are new. Not all of them understand how to interact with the DAO and it’s going to take some time before they are all ready. It’s also challenging given the relationship to the project as this is our first proposal, to ensure the safety and the speed to navigate the payout process that was just conducted with DAOrecords funds (prior to the arrival of the team members) It seemed best to begin this way. I am inviting @Paul to join the council with me for now as he is the most experienced.

I’m also going to set up the Team (it’s a group on the DAO already with everyone added) so that everyone can participate there until they are ready for the council role.


Thanks for explaining, I appreciate your openness in this conversation. On a personal note, as someone who jumped into “DAOing” fully with no experience, I feel the best way to become experienced at being a council member is practice! But I deeply honor your autonomy and ability for every DAO to operate uniquely!

Our biggest goal is maintaining decentralization within the Creatives DAO as a whole and doing our best to keep everyone accountable in operating in decentralized ways within their own DAOs. Because you are a leader of two DAOs now (VanDAO & DAOrecords) and from what I know, @Paul is also a council for other DAOs within Creatives, we were wondering if you two had an estimated timeline on when you believe opening up council roles to other contributors would be?


Hey @adrianseneca thank you for your support and feedback!

Indeed, we plan to expand councils within our team, however in this short time period in March, we have received lots of questions regarding AstroDAO, forum, NEAR, how to operate on available tools, and more, as most of our current team hadn’t have worked in a DAO before.
With that being said, in order to move forward our responsibilities and activities in a smooth way, we decided to leave DAOrecods’ councils with a two members, just for now.

Regarding a timeline - team is constantly learning and growing, therefore we believe, that in May we’ll be able to fully onboard one, or two, or more folks to the councils.

We want to make sure, that those who will be added to the councils are going to be independent and truly engaged to DAOrecods, and that they’re going to stay with us for a longer time period.

Hope, that my reply is sufficient for you. :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for the response! That sounds like a nice plan and we feel more comfortable knowing all this.

I would say that now your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Hello, why the target is a personal wallet instead of a DAO?


Hey @FritzWorm I guess it’s because of the KYC procedure, where funds are not transferred directly to a DAO but to a wallet, from where funds goes directly to DAOs treasury.