[Approved] Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events

It is an honor for Gambiarra DAO to have @Ghini as curator and it is extremely important for a store with over 800 works and more than 180 artists. Having Ghini’s eye and experience adds even more value to all the cultural and artistic activities Gambiarra has been doing. :star_struck: MintbaseSunday is really a great example of the importance of the work that will be done by our curator. With the 4th edition held in March, our collection reached 78 works of art and a total of 44 participating artists. I am already counting the days to see an exhibition with works selected by @Ghini from the MintbaseSunday Collection. We continue building a solid, professional, and serious history. Thank you very much Ghini for being with us in this journey. :heart:


@blusw that’s really great! Thank you so much for the invitation. Antimetodo is an awesome project. It will be a pleasure to be part of it.
Long life to Antimetodo!! :heart: :heart:


@macieira you’re a guy that makes a difference and it’s visible all your effords to involve new members in all the projects idealized by you so they can learn. Teaching and community work are the words that guide your work. It’s an honor to work you you and your projects. You can count always on me. :heart: :butterfly:

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long life Gambiarra DAO, Feminu and all others that are changing my life, to see this ‘avantgard’ artist community, growl and learn with each other!

great respect for your heroic works around ecosystem

see you at #antimetodo???


@blusw as I am going to do the curatorial work at Gambiarra and the FEMINU DAO is in its first month, I guess it’s going to be a hard work month, but I really wanna participate of this great project. Maybe I can organize myself for next month. What do you think about it my friend? Let’s work together to do it happen. :star_struck: :heart: :pray:


I would love too <3

Lets see… what do you think @pinkalsky ?

I think its great to change rolls and exchange experiences

we are wait for you \o/

count on me!


It’s going to be awesome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::clap:t2::clap:t2::butterfly::butterfly:

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Project Report

Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events

Project Status: Concluded
Project Accounting: The main objective of this project was to do a curatorial work for the Gambiarra store due to the many events and the great number of artists that compose the store.

Updated Project Timeline:
The first thing accomplished was to find a place at Cryptovoxels to do the construction of the gallery. I talked with some people and finally got the authorization to use the parcel where I had previously held some solo exhibitions for free rent.

Started on April 10th, 2022. It was a tough task because the cryptovoxels’ building tools do not work above the default build height, so I had to build a voxel file and adapt it to my planned gallery needs.

I finished the building and started to set up the first exhibition, World National Art Day, with 40 artists and 40 nfts.

The next work was to plan the design of the Indigenous People’s Day Exhibition, organized by @macieira. A beautiful project that was a volunteer work. For this exhibition I set up 14 NFTs simulating a cocar on the building. Because of the height, the cryptovoxels commands doesn’t work as well and was really difficult to accompish.

As soon as those two exhibitions were opened, I was informed by the owner that the parcel was sold, so I contacted the new owner, explained our events and exhibition plans including the International FEMINU, to ask if it would be possible to let us use the whole building until the end of the year, and we all celebrate very much that he gives us permission, having been decided in a meeting between FEMINU DAO and Gambiarra DAO that the second floor of the building will be destined to events promoted by FEMINU DAO and the first floor as well as the two floors of the voxel construction will be used for Gambiarra DAO’s activities and also that during the International FEMINU, the whole building will be available for this great event.
This way, I started remodeling the rest of the building, and set up the next exhibition, working on the MintbaseSunday curatorial selection of 9 artworks, and assembly.

I finally started to project the ground floor of the building that was the space I choose for the permanent exhibition of the Gambiarra store. My intention was that the architecture of the building would mirror the concept of the exhibition. Two large red columns served as pillars for the entire Gambiarra building, and on them were displayed 8 NFTs by some of the first artists to join the store, including myself, in an exhibition I called “Path Finders”. That space represents the foundation of the Gambiarra store. The beginning of everything.

The result met almost all the tasks proposed by this project, which were:

  • planning and general organization based on the approval proposals.
  • get in touch with every proponent to discuss the needs of each proposal and make the necessary choices and decisions to organize and realize the event;
  • surch for a proper free space for The Gambiarra Gallery in cryptovoxels - which exceeded our expectations. To find such a beautiful and huge space for our gallery was a great achievement;
    The single item that wasn’t acomplished was to indicate the highlights of the week for the publications on social networks beause our marketing wasn’t approved by the Marketing DAO, which was a pity because the store’s sales were very low during this period and the visibility of our artists and exhibitions were reduced. The work that has being done was totally volunteer. Hope the @marketingdao-councils realize how this has affected Gambiarra and the artists.
    I owe the success of the proposal, among other things, to the fact that the curatorial work, exhibition design and meta-architecture were carried out in an integrative and conceptual way, which made a lot of difference and the result can be seen in these four exhibitions that totalize 71 (seventy one) NFTs exhibited.

“Path Finders” - ground floor: 8 NFts

FEMINU Aquarium - first floor -

World Art Day Exhibition - second floor - 40 NFTs

MintbaseSunday – third floor- 9 NFTs Cryptovoxels

Indigenous People Day - roof – 14 NFTs

It was a month (20 days to be more precise) of intense work but certainly, a worthwhile one.
I invite you all to visit our exhibitions as well as the one that is inaugurating the FEMINU Aquarium space.
Thank you,


Amazing! Congratulations, Ghini! You did everything with love and care and a lot of hard working. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::100::100:


dear @Mayramendes, thank you so much for the support, always. Thank you so much


Now I understand why you were always busy this month lol. It was a great job Ghini.
Congratulations for the dedication, the construction, the creativity of the construction and the exposition, it was all very beautiful.


You can request your payment of 29.5 Near in our Astro, equivalent to U$500,00 on April 20, 2022.


What a great movement of art and conections! I’m so glad for being a part os this! Thanks @Ghini :sparkling_heart:


@Dazo thank you so much for you words and support :slight_smile: :sunflower:


Thank you @amandalealart !!! you’re so dear :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: :pray:

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Done! thanks @Dazo


Hehehe love it :wink: Keep going :rocket:


:blush: Thank you a lot @FritzWorm!!! :pray:

You rock! I need to be more present here to honor your work!

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@Karipontes dear, I am so glad to see you here at the Near Forum. Miss you!! We’lll have a lot of events this month. Thank you for the kind words. :sunflower: :butterfly: