[APPROVED] curaDAO - Sep '21

curaDAO Monthly funding request.

Project/Council Members: @yassine @talktoricardo @starpause



Current Funds:


Total Requested Funding Amount:


Projects & Timelines:

  1. Open source improvement and maintenance of Cura: 3750$N
    At the moment, I’m the only contributor, so this part of the funds will flow to me (hopefully, this changes already in the next Proposal). There will be weekly details on progress in my Bullet Friday, and I will send a payout proposal to curaDAO after posting the weekly sprint report. I also noticed hypeDAO is working on similar concepts, so I might reach out to avoid double entries. These are the Epics I’m focusing on this month:

  2. Project Management: 0$N
    I’m taking care of this at the moment with ZenHub. It’s about writing down timelines, setting dates, organizing the Sprints, and doing the retrospectives.

  3. Onboard artists to launch creative code projects on testnet: 750$N
    With my support, I will write a bounty for creative coders to launch their project on testnet and reward them with this amount (split into equal parts for the artists).

  4. Sandbox incentives: 500$N
    I plan to write down some tasks, with rewards, for the community to claim and play around with the available projects.

  5. Finding code contributors: 0$N
    The main goal for this month is to find at least one more open source project contributor. It’s just too much work for one person as the purpose is quite large, and I would like to see this become a stable project soon. There is no budget for this initially, but it will determine when someone wants to tackle a specific issue.


Based on 13 September NEAR price of $8.10, the request is for 620 Ⓝ.

p.s. I saw other Proposals were written using NEAR amounts, but I thought it was a better idea to use dollars here, although I’m not sure what’s the best way to resolve this on-chain.


This all looks great @yassine. For the USD notes you can check this post: Community Fund Processes: USD Pricing

Also, the monthly max funding amount per guild/DAO proposal is now 5k USD, so can you please adjust :ok_hand:t4:.

Looking forward to you getting some extra support here and agreed that closer collab with HypeDAO is probably an efficient path forward.

If this is already a topic, it would be great to see it linked here.

I am pretty sure this is already a topic and can you please link it here so that one document has all of the required info to assess the merit of this proposal?

Great example of a proposal using USD: [PROPOSAL] CUDO DAO SEPTEMBER funding request


I updated this and the other posts following these rules. Thanks for linking it.

I reduced it to 5k$, although I feel the funding in the next months might be higher if this method works out.

I added the links in points four and five.

Thanks! :blush:


Looks great @yassine, [APPROVED] thank you for the updates, please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the Creatives DAO for 620 N :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Personally, I feel as though there may be a specific amount of funding allocated by the Creatives DAO towards dev-specific bounties moving forward. The idea here would be to support all of the Creative guilds with a central pool of funds towards creative devs. Seems as though HypeDAO, CuraDAO, and the VR DAO could all be supported quite heavily by this. (it would also free up Guild funds to be used in other areas).


Sent the proposal:


Looks Enthusiastic :100: @yassine


This was a great experiment. I will not be following up with this for October as I went down the tangent of point five and I’m actively talking and onboarding a couple of code contributors, a designer, and a community manager from within the community and outside. Will probably have better updates in the next couple of weeks.

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