[APPROVED] CUDO DAO Twitter channel management

Hello all,

  • bounty prize: 11N during the September month.

The CUDO DAO is looking for someone to manage its Twitter account [to be created].

  • The person need to be experience with this platform.
  • We’re looking for someone with strong communication skills (English and Portuguese) and adept of social media.
  • The management of the channel includes at least 2 posts per week, highlighting mintbase, projects being done by the community.
  • the management of this channel will be done in close contact with the CUDO DAO council, but a degree of independence is expected.
  • To answer this bounty, reply to this topic manifesting your interest and, if it applies, relevant information regarding your relevant skills.
  • This bounty is for the month of September. Some degree of inertia is to expected, i.e., the person who claims this bounty will probably be invited to continue in October (…), but that is dependent of the work done being up to par.

Hey! Well, I just replied in the twitter bounty topic, but I would love to do both. I’m a enthusiast by CUDO FILMES since 2015 so, I’ld love do this!


Hello Fabiano!

Join us on our Telegram Group. Let’s talk =)


thanks! I’m already going there.