[APPROVED] CRYPTO SOUND - Cryptowhat? - Cryptoart Workshop and music (Funding Request Mintbase DAO)

Proposed by unpredictable.near - Blanca Regina
Near account for payment unpredictable.near
Project Timeline - Second event date: 20 February 2022

Following Cryptowhat? - [APPROVED] Cryptowhat?- Cryptoart Workshop and NEAR Exhibition (Funding Request - Createbase-dao)
our next workshop proposal and gallery showcase is called

This workshop and project showcase Indonesian musicians that are producing a collaborative collage composition between mainly eight musicians. A collaboration between NEWTOY and MUARASUARA, Indonesian sound art organization. The workshop is targeted at 20 composers both from Indonesia and the UK and fosters collaboration.
This project is produced in collaboration with We’re all Bats an organization in the UK that is creating a larger resource and project of education in sound and music.

Workshop content
Beginners workshop about sound and visual installation in the digital crypto-based worlds. We will guide you into the blockchain art world and use mintbase.io and Near to create a gallery in 3dx space


  • What is blockchain and what are artists doing there. Why use Eco- NFTs?
  • Why are people buying digital art on the blockchain
  • How to put your art on the blockchain


Each participant will receive near-to-do minting, listing, bidding transaction, getting familiar with the Mintbase.io tools, as well as buying NFTs from each other.

  • Make your first blockchain transactions and learn how they work
  • Learn some terms: near, gas, transaction fees, validators, exchanges,
    contract, token, minting, NEP-171, NFT, proof of stake, and staking
  • Get to know the main platforms and marketplaces for blockchain art
  • Put your sound art on the blockchain – tokenize your art
  • Exhibit your art in a blockchain-enabled virtual 3D gallery

Duration: 3 hours online via twitch.

-Full project page https://www.unpredictable.info/project/cryptowhat/

**Budget request $150 for the tutor
**Budget for documentation $150 for the editor / 3 videos of 30 seconds of educational content for social media sharing
**Onboarding funds of 2Near x 20 Students + store sponsorship 6.5 Near
Total: 46.5 Near

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Nice! We loved the last one, this one will be great too. Would you mind linking to your first approved project here?

Happily approving. You can request payout proposal for the onboarding funds, which shall be given back if the event does not take place or less people participate.

the funds for the tutors will be paid out after you show us proof it happened :slight_smile:

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Thanks Maria,
Link added.
I will proceed to request the onboarding funds and store sponsorship.
Best wishes

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