[APPROVED] criatura&beri - august 2022



Hi, we are CRIATURA&BERI! You can see our last report here:

Project Members: Gabriela Abreu @gabrielaabreu] [gabrielaabreu.near], Rita Paiva @ritapaiva [ritapaiva.near] and João Capelossi @joaocapelossi [joaocapelossi.near]

Target: criaturaberi.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance: 12.42N


- Open Call NFTs

The proposal: Facilitate an artist grant for the creation of NFTs, through an open-call.

Funds needed: total 450 USD

  • 150 USD for each artist

Until August 15th: Post Open Call on social media
September 5th: Open Call Results
September 25th: Submission of NFTs
September 30th: NFTs published on Mintbase

- ZINE - Um poema para cada sereia | dudanaotemduvida.near erikamachado.near

Members: Duda Las Casas [dudanaotemduvida.near] and Erika Machado [erikamachado.near]

The proposal:
To make 3 zines with a selection of unpublished poems by 3 Portuguese language poets. The purpose of the zine “one poem for each mermaid” is to publish the content without any editorial or market concern. The idea of mermaids, because they inspire several poets and thinkers, with this idea of half woman and half fish, regardless of the country. But in this case they would be mermaids that express themselves in the Portuguese language. The most extensive references to mermaids are in the Odyssey, the Argonáutica, then Kafka, and today the mermaids still represent fantasy, the erotic, and the various possibilities that surround the theme in contemporary culture.
The idea is to make an independent publication as a means of divulging artistic, literary, musical, underground works, linked to social movements, arts, music, and cinema. It is not a book, it is not a magazine, it is not cordel literature, and it can be all of these at the same time.
The zines one poem for each mermaid will be used to disseminate poetry, illustrations, short stories, to address issues such as feminism, immigration, and erotic and underground poetry.
They are distributed in several cultural venues in the city and will be registered on a website and on CRIATURA&BERI’s Mintbase for those who want to access online.

Funds needed: total 800 USD

  • $300 text production and curation - Duda
  • $150 Laser and Color printing
  • $100 Layout - Erika
  • $100 Domain hosting and site creation - Erika
  • $150 Launching soiree with the poets - Duda

Until 15/ago - Selection of texts for editing
16/aug to 01/set - Layout and illustration
02 to 20/set - Printing of 300 zines + placing at Mintbase
25/set - Release of printed zine with soirée at Palácio Pimenta kiosk at Museu de Lisboa and website where it can be viewed and printed.

- 7º Lisbon Poetry Festival - The Final Event | joaoinnecco.near

Members: João Innecco // joaoinnecco.near

The proposal: To fund the closing event of the Lisbon Poetry Festival, curated and produced by João Innecco, which will take place on September 18th with the Performance of poets + open stage. The event will be streamed by Near Hub da Muti Dao.

Funds needed: Total 1050 USD

  • 750 USD for the poets’ participation fee (150 USD each);
  • 50 USD for transmission on NEAR HUB (METAVERSO) da MUTI DAO.
  • 250 USD for production allowance; (transportation, food and sound and light technician).

September 18 holding the event with free admission;

- Criatura&Beri Studio Session Ep.2 | gabrielaabreu.near ritapaiva.near

Members: Gabriela Abreu @gabrielaabreu [gabrielaabreu.near], Rita Paiva @ritapaiva [ritapaiva.near]

The proposal:
To facilitate the pre-production, production and post-production of the second edition of the Studio Session - “Creature&Beri Studio Sessions - Ep.2”. The funds will be used to pay for pre-production, sound capture and editing, video capture and editing, and artist cachet. The video will be destined to DAO’s youtube channel (CRIATURA&BERI DAO - YouTube).
The first episode has already been released on our channel:
Criatura&Beri DAO | STUDIO SESSION EP.1 - YouTube

Funds Needed: total 1200 DAI

  • 200 DAI Pre-Production Studio Session
  • 200 DAI Sound capture and editing
  • 250 DAI Video Capture
  • 200 DAI Video Editing
  • 300 DAI Artist Fee
  • 50 DAI NearHub Payment

Until September 10th : Pre-Production (search for location + close date with artists + costume and set)
Up to September 25th: Filming
Until September 30th: Post-Production
Until October 7th: Release



  • 1500 USD: COUNCIL (30%)


Thanks :smiley:


Hello Criatura&beri

Since 4 of your July projects are under producing process, I suggest to pause this proposal to September period until you have a full report for that.

Thank you!

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Hello William, how are you? :blush:

There are three projects that are still in progress, this is because they are more complex projects, two of videos and a workshop and as it was suggested to us by the Creatives moderators, we only start the project after they are approved, so sometimes we don’t have time to accomplish them within a month.

The projects and their timelines were posted and approved in the July proposal. I will detail a bit more about the projects that are in progress:

Visualizers EP End of Career | Tomaz Lenz - tomazlenz.near
STATUS: In production process. // The project has already been recorded, one daily at Fábrica Braço de Prata (Lisbon) and another one at Montanto forest (also in Lisbon), the material is in post production phase. The release will be phased, one visualizer at a time, as it will happen at the same time that the artist will release his singles.

LIVROFICINA | Palavracasa: the word as creative power | Giulia Frascino giuliafrascino.near
STATUS: In production process. // The workshop is being prepared by the artist. Announcement begins August 20. The date of the meeting is September 8th, at Tataoim (Lisbon).

Aprender a Recibir video clip | Mari Segura marisegura.near
STATUS: In production process. // This is our longest project, it will be a more complex and very important video clip for the artist. The project is in pre-production phase and is preparing to be recorded from september 10th to 20th, the release will be an october.

The audio book is already online!
AUDIOBOOK - Uma Noite no Meio - Poemas que fiz de ontem para hoje | Gabriela Abreu gabrielaabreu.near
STATUS: FINISHED! You can listen at

The projects are in progress and the artists are working around it. We decided to put a little more time into the projects because we realized that it was too tight to wait for the approval, to receive the money, and only then to start.

We are a new DAO, we are very committed to growing, learning and fostering the ecosystem here. In the August proposal we have collaborations with two DAOs, an open call, we are going to experiment with doing two events at the Near Hub (for a next step to create our own) and we have projects from amazing artists waiting for approval. A negative at this point will make us lose momentum in these first few months that are so important to establish, create and learn in here.

Thanks for the opportunity to give a more elaborate overview of the projects, we will do so in the next reports.

Thank you,

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Hello, team!

Your Creatives Moderators are delighted to support criatura&beri and are grateful for your commitment on making this initiative work!

Here are some highlights of your proposal for transparency:

  • Proposal follows the Creatives DAO guidelines
  • Proposal is well-organize and easy to understand
  • Asked amount fore each initiative are adequate and justified
  • Proper breakdown of success metrics and timelines

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord server to post your monthly reports and funding proposals for better organization.

Looking forward to your report :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you very much, @kc_sollano :heart_hands:

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