[APPROVED] Creatives DAO community council member - frnvpr

hello all,

I’m perfectly aware that the Open Call for new Council Members is closed, but would like, nonetheless, to manifest my interest for the future (or present).

I have been engaged, both in the Incubadora DAO and the VR DAO, with many proposals and activities, and wish to extend my engagement to other areas, e.g. supporting the community in finding ways to onboard developers, creatives, academic researchers, etc.

As a professional writer, my main focus in this community is the establishment of ‘productive’ narratives, i.e. ways of engaging with each other that are more democratic and open than traditional power systems.

If and when the present council feels my collaboration is needed, I’m available :blush:.

Thank you :pray:



Thank you very much for expressing your interest in joining the Creatives DAO council @frnvpr. The DAO will hopefully be upgrading from sputnik.fundastrodao.com in the near future (within the next couple of weeks) and when we do, it would be great to have you on board officially.

Can you please add the NEAR account that you would want to have added to this future Astro DAO for the Creatives?


Thank you so much. Edited the original post!

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Hello all. This serves as my report for the Creatives DAO council activities of November

  • I participated in all the community calls and council meetings.
  • I engaged in the TG channel with the community.
  • I gave feedback to several proposals, in the forum.
  • I collaborated with the astrodao onboarding team and helped the community migrate to astrodao.
  • I engaged in talks with the DEV DAO, to eventually support the community in developer-related issues.

And I thinks thats it :slight_smile:
Thank you all.