[APPROVED] Creation of Motion Landscapes in VR

Hi everyone. My name is Francisco Lourenço and I have been working as a digital artist for ten years now. During this time I worked in animation, motion graphics, briefly worked in VR and participated in exhibitions. My main focus as an artist has been the use of motion as a force to shape landscapes and narratives.

In the past few years I’ve been creating digital environments in video format. In these videos I tried to find unique ways to be expressive through digital video by combining elements from different videos and using the camera shake that results from filming handheld as the main force that drives the action of the video. In this way, it is the relationship between body and camera that defines the landscape. Examples of this can be found on my website www.franciscolourenco.art. In a video like As long as I can keep the anxiety from kicking in I can delay this decision we can see how the vertical motion of the camera allows an entire unexpected situation to occur, or in the case of a video like Unfortunately, My Friends Were Not Available to Help Me Grieve is the movement of the sheep that let the narrative of the piece to appear.

Right now I want to explore the same type of approach in VR. I want to produce VR landscapes where the motion that results from the relationship between body and hardware creates a new environment. The viewer will be transported to an unusual location where the world around them seems to react to their motion. I want the viewer to explore the feeling of an unstable landscape that reacts to their perception. One of my previous works that can give us more insight on what I pretend to achieve in this project is the video I Will Always Be Sorry For Letting You Be My Shelter, You Say It’s Ok But It Changed Things where we can see the connection between the viewer, in this case me holding the camera, and the landscape that surrounds them. In this case there is no interactivity, there is no real-time connection, but in VR we can unlock that.

My objective with this project is to develop 5 of these VR experiences, one each month, from September to January and I will be requesting funding for each of them.

For the first one, for the month of September, I will need 300 NEAR, this will cover hardware expenses and pay for the development work.

These VR experiences will be shared here every month and can be used by the DAO in social media platforms or integrated with other projects like 3xr platform.
Additionally, with these VR experiences, I will be minting video NFTs of “moments” from that landscape that will be available in the DAO store.

NEAR Wallet: nearestchico.near


Great idea @nearestchico !!!


Oohh I really enjoy your work :smiley: These relationships between body/landscape/movement are so delicate and sensitive! Thank you for sending us this beautiful project!! :yum: :yum: :yum: looking fwd to experience your environments. Feel free to ask your payout on Sputnikdao!


Thank you! I am really happy that you’re excited about the project!

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Hello my NEARest colleagues!!

First of all, I would like to give an update on the first Motion Landscape. We are tying some loose ends and working on the sound with @nico, but will be completed soon. The project will be shown at Near Con.
Here is a sneak peak:


With that said, I would like to request funding for the Motion Landscape number two, to be developed during the month of October. This one will follow the same principles as the first one and funding will cover development, creation of 3D assets and hardware costs.

Amount requested: 1750 USD



The funds for the 2nd landscape were approved in September, so feel free to ask the payout.

(for reference: 1000$ were approved, with indication, at the time, that more money would need to be allocated. However, that money is in the VR DAO sputnikdao account, so no need to ask more from the Creatives DAO. )

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:star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: loved the sneak peak omg :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for the reply. I will ask for the payout of 226 NEAR, at the time worth 1750 USD.

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Hey! @nearestchico

We would like to see the report of this project in the end of the month + report from the previous one.

Feel free to create a New topic in the Creatives + Virtual Reality categories with your [REPORT] .

Please add links, images, topics so the community can have an overall idea of what you’ve been doing so far :smiley:


Hi @JulianaM !

Sorry for not sharing much information so far, but making sure that both projects are ready for NEAR CON has been consuming most of my time. As soon as both Motion Landscapes are up and running in NEAR CON, I will publish a report on each project. After that I will be working on a way for them to be available online so the community can experience them.


it would be incredible if, after near con is prepared, there was a way of creating nfts ‘from’ the main landscape. Would that be interesting or feasible?

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Yes, that is in the plans. The NFT’s for the first Motion Landscape were supposed to be out already, but, due to NEAR CON, I am giving priority to finishing the second landscape first. After the set up of the exhibition is over I will release the NFT’s.


awesome news. The vrdao store really needs a boost :wink:

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