[APPROVED] Createbase Twitter Management MAY 2021


I would like to manage the Createbase Twitter account for May 2021. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with extensive experience in creating content for and managing various social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn business profiles.

I am proposing that during May 2021, I will create at least one tweet per day and publish it to the Createbase Twitter. Depending on the topic, I will either create new graphics or share community-generated content. By posting at least one tweet a day on this Twitter channel, my goals are to:

  • Increase brand awareness for Createbase
  • Increase community engagement
  • Attract prospective members
  • Grow the community on social media
  • Gain recognition as a leader in the NEAR guild space
  • Provide up-to-date announcements for current and prospective community members
  • Increase digital footprint for Createbase

To help manage this social account, I would also like to purchase the following tools (to be owned by Createbase):

  • Zoho Social ($13 CAD/month)
    • This social media scheduler will allow for social posts to be planned in advance which allows for a social strategy to be implemented more efficiently
    • Option to add multiple social accounts, Twitter is just the start.
  • Canva Pro ($149.99 CAD/year)
    • Can make professional graphics to be used in socials and website
    • More access to stick options and features with a pro licence which allows for more creativity

Payout Request:

30 NEAR + 50 NEAR (for above-mentioned tools)

Payout Target:


Note: In future months, I would like to expand Createbase’s social media presence by creating and managing Instagram and Facebook business pages.