[APPROVED] Clubhouse talks + NFT musician onboarding (100N/month)

Carolin posting this for Dennis (dayne.near)

  • What project you are requesting funds for. (This should be the title of the post)

Dennis is giving clubhouse talks every Thursday at 8PM CET (in German) talking and moderating NFT discussions around Mintbase/NEAR. He is also doing weekly onboarding sessions with musicians and 1 on 1 calls on the Mintbase system, specifically for musicians Calendly - Dayne S
Dennis will record the next zoom calls and we can post them on Createbase youtube.

Dennis Scheffel, dayne.near monthly basis, first pay in April



You project is approved. You can submit a DAO payout proposal for the month of April - 100 NEAR.

Would you be up for doing the sessions in English, and join the Mintbase Clubhouse channel?


I talked to Monika and we will keep the German Music Clubhouse talks as people really love it. Monika and I will do a seperate Clubhouse in English :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: