[APPROVED] Changa Records DAO June Funds

PS: we already have our mintbase

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That’s really cool!
Do you plan to set up the Telegram Community Chat for Changa Records? I see that you are only on Facebook and Instagram, however, a group chat would allow others from the Creatives community to interact with your content, projects, and your members.

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We already have a channel. but we didnt found the right use for it so far. But your advise its wise and we need to figure how to use it in way to expando our community. Like you said, we have a big physical community that is growing. Maybe Changa Records can do a post in our social media, saying that we have a open group on telegram. What do you think?

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Most of creatives communities here are using telegram as a way to interact with other DAOs and members. Feel free to share your main chat here and within your community.

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Thanks Paul!!

PS: i have to write at least 20 characters to send message. sorry X)


Here follows our (little) group chat from Changa Records DAO

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Could you please check it, as I’m not able to join to your group.

Telegram: Join Group Chat sorry


Hello Changa Records,
As you may know, the Creatives DAO is preparing to move onto the path of self sustainability and as moderators we are beginning to deepen our analysis of each DAO and proposal to ensure value is being brought to the community. As a whole, many of the moderators, new and old, have expressed that your proposals, mainly to throw events, don’t seem to bring enough to the DAO as a whole and not enough of us were comfortable with giving the “yes” for your approval. I personally have a lot of empathy as you are planning your event and I know how stressful that can be so it is hard to deliver this news. I invite community conversation around this topic to allow more input to be given.

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What can we do or change it to make it more engage with the community? We are not stresses at all. We are actualy onboarding prople, we are delivering the funds to people and not taking ir to our selves. We plan to grow our mintbase and upload our community into Near protocolo and web3. We are using the funds to enance our DAO and not to our personal use. We have a long term project and we intend to grow it inside Creatives. What can we do to make it aproved?

And also, as you can see, we are using Near logo in our publicity and we gonna do ticketing trough NFT. We asked no funds for that. We dont want the funds to spend it petsonaly, but just on our DAO to make it grow and merge with the community. Because, not like other DAO’s, we have a project already. We are not making up a project just to get a salary from this. Am i being clear? That we are just enancing our project and spreding our Roots INTO the Creatives DAO and not using this funds for nothing?. Im hoping for you to reconsider please. We think we done everything right. We engage, we collabed e accept new ideas. We are ready for the Next step. Please, atend to our request


just jumping in to the community conversation in here to see if I can help clarify the project as well.
As muti DAO has collaborated with Changa records before we are aware of their project and overall vision.

I feel that projects who come to N which already have a solid physical community, like this one, are not that common but generally have the tendency to work with a stronger vision, also in terms of self-sustainability. Keep in mind that they are fairly new to the ecosystem and the world of web3. I can see the point of “only throwing events” not being enough to receive funding. From what I understand in this project here though is that they work with the tools of web3 and combining them with the physical world:

  • onboarded all their artists and pay them out with N
  • participated in the Creative DAO office hours
  • opened bounties to include the creative community, 1; 2
  • created a mintbase store for the NFTs which will be minted after the event & will also work with NFT ticketing
  • collaborating with other DAOs within the ecosystem (LENS & muti) which will not only spread visibility of N through good footage but also nurture the collaborative aspect of this community and offer redeemable NFTs for the event

Generally I personally appreciate the thoughts of the Creatives DAO to move towards a more self-sustainable way and think about the value of the projects which will receive funding. I also would think though that especially projects who are trying to use web3 in a physical context do have a value, as this is a way to include folks from web2 and show them a way of using crypto in a very practical sense.


Thanks for the words Tabea. I could explain better Changa Records concept and vision. We came from a physical community that is getting bigger and bigger as far we go. The main idea here, is combine that community within the Near Comunnity and web3.

Fractal Atmosphere event is previewing to reach 300 or more people in the event. Taking in consideration that will be NFT Ticketing like explained before. We will post in our social media that we will be doing NFT Ticketing and we can help and guide people trough the process of onboarding them in order to buy the Ticket (NFT)

After event, like you said, artists will share a track with our DAO to upload it in our Mintbase. We are quite new in this “enviroment” and we have the sense that Near is our biggest sponsor. We intend to promote it not because we must but beacause it going to expand us all into the next level.

Sincerely we consider our project very sustainable and real. We dont do this for the money or the funds. Even if we had to return all the profit from the events and album selling, we would do it anyway. Beacause, again, its not about the money. Its about to grow our concept and our vision.

And Near Protocol and Creatives DAO are CERTAINLY the right way to go.

Thanks for the words, i cant explain it better than you did :slight_smile:


Thanks for your responses @ChangaRecords and @tabear! I also came into Web3 from an art/mutual aid world rather than a tech background and do much work to onboard my expansive communities ~ so I understand this perspective and know the value of already built, real community. I also know it takes awhile to develop in the ecosystem and you are still growing!

I would like to ask if you could give a consolidated list of metrics you are aiming to reach through this proposal. This could be number of wallets onboarded, number of NFTs, event participants, products produced etc. Perhaps this could give the moderators more clarity!


Thanks for the quick response. It’s great to feel that we are not alone in this digital upload from our former physical project.

About the metrics of the proposal, we can say, like we attached in the GLOBAL REPORT that Changa Records applies the funds montlhy but it is in constant production to achieve events or albuns releases.

For this next DAO “achievement” (Fractal Atmospher) we have the following metrics:

-People onboarded: we onboarded 17 persons for this event (includes artists, decor team, secrity team, videomapping team). The remaining artists already have their wallets but we decided to work with them to consolidate the digital community

-NFT Creation: After every event or album release Changa Records DAO is uploading a track from every artist involved in our Mintbase. In this case, with Fractal Atmosphere we intend to upload 24 tracks in it by creating NFT’s that are 100% revertible to the artist in order to motivate them to engage with Mintbase and web3 as well. We are explaining whats mintbase to them and how can it help them to share and sell their art within web3.

-Event participants: in this event we are counting to have 24 artists, 6 gate/bar staff, 10 person in production (including building, decor, stages, etc). We expect to receive arround 300 + persons that come to enjoy the gathering.

Products Produced: in our first proposal from April the budget paid to videomaping/decor was used by the artist (onboarded by us) to buy material to build a stage. After the party we are going to upload a visual set as an NFT as well reverting 100% to the artist. The decord team (that we expect to onboard this month) is using the funds to build more decoration to be used in both Stages.

The log in from the event:

Pre-Sale: 10€
Gate 15€
NFT: 2N (get double entrance)

This is a way to motivate people to get interest in use web3 platforms and in a certain point dive into our digital community.

:NOTE: Changa Records DAO was introduced to this enviroment by close friends. Not with the oportunity to make money but grow our community and expand Changa Records Project. What we think is that maybe it should have some introductions to the new DAO explaining how they can make their projects long term projects and of course profitable. I think the “exclusion” cant be in the end or during the path of DAO’s but instead in the beggining of them. We understand that Funds are noth “falling from the sky” or they are “free”. What we mean is that we are 100% sure that we have a solid project that can grow in this enviroment because is a long term project and it is of course profitable.

Changa Records is making phsysic profit with their events and album realeases. The big thing here it is that we can be an hybrid DAO and slowly adapt our community to web3 enviroment. More and more motivation to buy the tickets in NFT, etc. We have a vision, we just need some guideness in how can we make this project called Changa Records grow with in Near Community. And of course making it profitable ont it.

We expect in long terms not just trowing events. Our concept since the our bith was the family gathering and creating community.

:EXAMPLE: We want to follow the guidelines for a similar project like Boom Festival. Their are not just an event. They are a community with 1 big event per year (Boom/Being) but they work every day with their cummunity. They employ a lot of people and projects. What is concerning to us is that we want to achieve their greatness but in our own rolle model.

Best Regards
Changa Records DAO



We just maid it public:

[English Bellow]


Os bilhetes para o evento Fractal Atmosphere podem ser adquiridos de 3 formas:

-Pré-Venda: 10 Fractals

-Gate: 15 Fractals

-NFT: 2 Near (aprox. 10€)

A Changa Records queria aproveitar para lançar um incentivo á compra do bilhete através da nossa plataforma Mintbase:

Ao comprar o NFT, o mesmo dá ao comprador acesso a bilhete duplo. O bilhete (NFT) é então apresentado é “resgatado” á porta. Iremos fazer um teste com este tipo de interação visto que um dos grandes patrocinadores do evento ser a Near Protocol e a Creatives DAO.

:NOTA: Todas as transacções feitas no evento, sejam elas bilhete ou bar, podem ser feitas atraves de Tokens Near

Alguma questão relativamente a log in na plataforma podem sempre usar os nosso meios de comunicação alternativos como Messenger, Whatsapp e Telegram

Até já!!


The tickets for the event Fractal Atmosphere can be purchased in 3 ways:

-Pré-Sale: 10 Fractals

-Gate: 15 Fractals

-NFT: 2 Near (aprox. 10€)

Changa Records wants to take this opportunity to encourage people to buy the ticket in out Mintbase

When you purchase the ticket it gives you acces to a double entry ticket. The ticket (NFT) its redeemed at the gates. We are doing a test with this kind of interection because one of our big sponsors for this event are Near Protocol andCreatives DAO.

:NOTE: All the transactions inside the event like ticket or bar can be maid in Near Tokens

Any questions about log in in the platform you can allways talk qoth us in our chats Messenger, Whatsapp e Telegram

Até já!


Hello, hello,

Just jumping in here to say that from meeting with the Changa records crew recently and seeing their enthusiasm for both learning and introducing people to the space, I’m happy to support this project!



Thanks for th input Eddie! Much Love <3

Okay Change Records team! I am happy to bring the goos news that after reviewing your responses and hearing from the community, the moderators are now comfortable to approve your proposal! This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.


Thank you very much!
Changa Records is ready to jump into the next level
Best Regards

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