[APPROVED] Changa Records #1 - Launching the first label compilation


Hi! Changa Records is an Event Organizer in the underground electronic music scene that explores genres such as DarkPsy, Forest, Psychedelic and everything in between. When we first started, our main focus was private events, in which there was no money involved, no bar, no security. Only music and people. Soon we realized that our concept was expanding and we felt the urge to build a solid project, and we dream to become the biggest DarkPsy organization in Portugal. So at this moment we are publicly launched, though we are looking to ensure financial support to help in expansion. We adopted the idea of business but we never forget our roots, our family and our concept (music and people as one). Besides that, we intend to become a record editor and create our own music label. With the surging of Cryptocurrencies, web3.0 and our eagerness to grow, we developed this idea to produce our first record entitled "Changa Records Vol.1”, providing a full-length album with heavy dancefloor focused tunes.


1 - ARTWORK: 100€


2 - PUBLICITY: 50€

  • Promotion and Marketing through Social Media

3 - ARTISTS/SONG: 350€ : 7 SONGS = 50€ SONG





TOTAL: 500€

How the payments will be processed:

Near Supports: The topics 1 and 3 would be preferably paid in Near

Euro/Dollar Supports: The topic 2 would be inevitably paid in euros/dollar

Minting exclusive editions:

We aim to create a special batch of 20 exclusive album editions, to be acquired through mutiDAO Mintbase store.
These editions would give the supporter and buyer of the NFT the access to:

  • Full album artwork, created by Redirecting...
  • Full Album + Two hidden tracks, available only when buying the NFT album


The main source of income will be album sales but at the same time we are aiming to gain more visibility as label to attract more people to our events


This proposal has the target of launching Changa Records as a label and giving an opportunity of expansion as a collective. It is also a good way to get started working with the crypto community and expand our concept as a brand.

Changa Records


Ahoy Changa Records!

Consider this proposal to create the first label compilation “APPROVED”.
Looking forward to hear your tunes!

We will notify you once the funds are available in our AstroDAO!

Happy to see your growth in the Ecossystem :slight_smile:


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We have received our monthly budget and you can go to our AstroDAO to request the first half of your payout - 250 DAI :slight_smile:

Please note that the values you used in your proposal are in €. Given that we work with USD as the fiat value of reference, the conversion rate will be 1:1. Given this the overall value of the proposal is 500 USD and not €. Please consider this for the future to avoid any miscalculations :slight_smile:

Lets get those tunes going!

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Hey Fellas !

Reporting THE delivery of the first 250 DAI

-We added all the near wallets by editing the proposal
-we uploaded a private Album/Playlist to be previewed by you guys in SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Pay outs:
.100 DAI to theartofsam.near
.50 DAI to forestusoberus.near
.50 DAI to chilambalam.near

-The remaining 50DAI where payed to capetaxnl.near. Reporting the fact that the artist wasnt already in Near community and we made the onboarding
-You can also check the artwork in the soundcloud preview in SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Ready to Rock! :slight_smile:


Awesome, sounding good and love the visuals!

You can resquest the second half of the payout to our AstroDAO :slight_smile: