[Approved] Capital Guild website creation/May social media management funding request

Hello @marketingdao-council and everyone in the Ecosystem doing their best to add value and further growth,promote and take near to greater heights.

I am samson chukwu, current discord moderator for NXM, a member of the C1 guild active in community works, Near events and I am pleased to inform that my first audio NFT have been minted in the NXM mint base store (pls check it out).

I also am a council member in the newly Approved Capital Guild [introduction] capital guild 1 Under the DAO of DAOs @creative


Tech Team:

We have for the last 5weeks, created and are continuously developing all mediums necessary to help project our goals as a community, thereby making it easy for everyone to meet us, share in our Vision and contribute together to the growth of Near and the Mission of Web3.

As a new guild we have taken steps and have created Our social media handles and we have Teams managing them, As we kick start our journey with our already submitted community project for May https://gov.near.org/t/capital-guild-first-funding-request-for-the-month-of-may/19770 in line with our Roadmap,
We have also began to discuss and develop our Mint base store, Our website and more coming up.

Thus another reason for writing the Marketing DAO, as we will need Funding to fully build and deploy our Website “Targeted for May”

As earlier stated our social medias are:
Telegram; Telegram: Contact @capitalguild
Twitter; https://twitter.com/capital_guild?s=21
Instagram; Login • Instagram
Discord; Discord
YouTube; Capital Guild - YouTube
Tiktok; I am CAPITAL GUILD on TikTok. To download the app and watch more videos, tap:https://m.tiktok.com/invitef/download?username=muser&platform=copy 1

For the month of may and as we start our first project we have also set up management for these social media accounts, and also Tech Team to build and constantly update our website and socials also to help foster community engagement and build content and membership within the Near ecosystem and Web3 at large.

Graphics and Website: $500
Tech team management: $450

Social media management:
Discord,Twitter,Instagram: $200
YouTube,Telegram,Tiktok: $200

Total: $1350 = 111.48 N

Target: sammiee.near for (Capital guild)

@jcatnear @David_NEAR
For visibility


In line with all the effort being made towards the success of our community, I’m super stoked to start contributing and spreading the web3 gospel, it is beautiful to build and share ideas with like minds… :raised_hands::raised_hands: looking forward to start showcasing what we’ve got cooking up… LFG :rocket::rocket:


With great like minds like ours putting everything in order , this community is definitely gonna be lit :100::white_check_mark:

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Good evening, do you know why c1 doesn’t want to work with marketing dao and uses for social media management flying rhino company?

Good evening, happy to support you. I hope C1 guild will work with Marketing DAO and growing own community strategists, instead of working with private marketing companies. Thanks.

Thanks so much @Dacha for your support, you have always been so supportive and that is amazing.

Meanwhile I know not the reasons for Why C1 is working with private, but we at Capital Guild are building to see a strategy that will work with us as we birth into the Ecosystem and one that will work in line with what we stand for

But yes we will reach out to marketing Team of the marketing DAO as time goes on and for sure we could work with, in the future.
Thanks so much

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Looks good to me. Thumbs up.


Hello @marketingdao-council @Dacha
We are waiting to know the verdict on this proposal

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Hello @marketingdao-council
I’ll like to share with you update regarding CAPITAL-GUILD’S First funding proposal, Which got Approved today by the CreativesDAO [APPROVED] CAPITAL GUILD First Funding request for the month of MAY - #17 by ted.iv

We feel the need to share this update as a New guild and also draw the Marketing council’s attention to our May proposal Above, as we look to run concurrently the website creation so as to have it running hopefully before the end of the project and in good time for Launch in May thanks.

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Hello @marketingdao-council please can we get feedback on our submitted proposal request, thank you :pray:

Hi @ELKHUSH thanks for your proposal.
I note the support of fellow council @Klint and @Dacha and am also happy to support.

This proposal has been moved to Approved.

You can now submit a Poll on Astro


Thank you @cryptocredit for your approval, we appreciate all the love and support. :pray:

Very delighted to see this proposal Approved
Thanks @marketingdao-council

Hello @cryptocredit @Dacha @Klint please can you send us the Marketing Dao telegram and Discord link. Thank you @marketingdao-council

@Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit @so608
I am happy to inform you all that a poll have been created on Astro
Cc. Capital Guild council

Is this the correct step to take
Please advise

@Sammiee the Poll on Astro looks fine but please make a comment with your Target Wallet. This is the name.near wallet that you use to recieve funds

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Target wallet have just been mentioned on Astro
Thanks for the guide

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Hello @marketingdao-council
Thank you for your Votes and approving our poll on Astro
Please, kindly advise on the next step to be taken and a guide to do so thanks.

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