[Approved] Capital guild September 2022 social media and Tech team moderation Funding

Hello MarketingDAO moderators and Advisories, greetings to everyone on the Near Ecosystem and doing their best to contribute to our Growth.

I remain my humble self Samson chukwu (Sammiee) a council member in the Capital guild

Capital guild councils:

We will like to thank the marketing moderators for the task given us in August, to grow our selves, when our funding request got closed [Closed] Capital guild August 2022 social media and tech team moderation Funding

That Action gave us reasons to reflect and to also try to prove to the Moderators and the Ecosystem that we are willing to create value @satojandro and Our roadmap is one we have followed without any intentions of double dipping @Dacha.

In august Capital guild functioned even with the challenge of no funds considering we are community trying to grow.

Our social media channels saw growth with our marketing campaign:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @capitalguild with 103 members
Instagram: https://instagram.com/guildcapital?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 141 followers
Twitter: https://twitter.com/capital_guild?s=21&t=4ilOW32blwbXhdL2uFPIyw 260 followers
Discord: Discord 62 members

We have continued to hold community calls,

hold our weekly creative night as part of ways to keep our members active and engaging

In August we have taken steps to bring our members Onchain [MEMBERSHIP] Capital Guild Membership introduction

We have also moved to create a social media team that will further put to action our marketing structure [Open call] Capital guild social media team Application

And we have in a way to keep track of our activities created a metrics module starting since our creation

In September we are looking to further grow our community scope activity have them Actively onchain and have them continue to create contents that spread the Visions of NEAR.
And we are preparing Our Podcast channel just as our twitch account is UP capitalguild is live! CAPITAL GUILD COMMUNITY CLOSED ART EXHIBITION Twitch

Starting with our current discussions to create our Membership badge and also our community token
As we are geared towards self sustainability as a Guild.

Social media moderation: $400
Tech team moderation: $450
Promotions: $170
Total: $1,020 DAI

Target: sammiee.near
@marketingdao-council @David_NEAR
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Thanks @Sammiee and to all the @marketingdao-council moderators, looking forward to keep learning as we grow, we are always available for clarifications.


Your telegram is not active. For the last week, from 2 to 10 messages were sent per day. Most of the messages are good morning wishes from the administrators. The same statistics are available on other social networks. If funds are allocated, are changes expected and how will you increase activity and attract new participants to the Near ecosystem and to your social networks? What is the purpose of creating your new token?
Thx :blush:


Thank you so much for taking notes and kindly pointing out this challenge,
It is been a situation a lot of communities face especially when the project of a stipulated month is closed, some of the time since we are a web3 community it becomes a bit of a challenge to keep members up and running for that particular month, but we did keep them active up until the last few days in august.

But nevertheless I am also happy that you took note of the moderators trying to connect with the members almost daily.

In our last community call on the discord this issue was a concern and going forward we have ideas that will help keep the community members talking and involved weekly, especially with the path of community games and increased community task.

In the proposal it was mentioned that we are recruiting some members to better strengthen our social life.

If funds are granted, social media team and tech will as usual get on their screens and engaging, May I also add that Capital guild have also been doing physical community presence activities in our host state here in nigeria, in the last week, we stayed active with our existing activities especially on the discord and it is weekly,
Funds will Aid us in promotional contents and it will in a good way help us in members awaking.

With the contents targeted for September and in the further we are positive that new participants will get involved and we are hopeful that they will stay active.
Trivia is coming to Capital guild and also the “MY NEAR and I CHALLENGE”
These are ways we hope to keep and get our community members even more active.

This plans for a token is to better create longevity of our communities vision within the ecosystem, and will be a way of increasing value as this token goes to also come in play as tickets for our onchain activities especially in the Metavers as we are looking to own our stage and gallery in the Metavers, it will also signify membership and as we progress with the guides of professionals in token growth and tokenization we are hopeful that the move will better strengthen our community in its sustainability journey.

I hope this answers your questions


Hello @marketingdao-council hope we have had a great week
We would like to get more response regarding our proposal
And if there are more clarifications to be made
@Klint @Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro

Thank You. Confirmed.

Happy to support.


Good day @marketingdao-council
Writing to remind the moderators of this proposal to get your input and conclusions

@Dacha @Klint @satojandro @so608

Could you please share the community telegram link here

It is available on the proposal
But here it is again Telegram: Contact @capitalguild

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Tagging @marketingdao-council for your final review and thanks for the support.



On of the reasons the previous proposal did not receive approval from the council was due to the unclear nature of how the capital guild was creating value.

While these seem like truly engaging ways to have fun, the direct line to wallets being created and engagement with Near’s ecosystem isn’t substantial enough.

It’s a no from me.


Hello @Klint we made this sheet to further show results and metrics for clearer review, these are efforts we try to make to improve, we are all learning how to build and grow a community, we should be at least directed to a better path and not outrightly saying no, it is really physically and mentally exhausting
Show or tell us how to get it right if we aren’t and if we do not do it properly then you can turn the proposal down but then, our efforts are not regarded but if you feel this is the right way for us to learn then thanks for your review. :pray:

Hello @Klint thanks for your kind response

We will love that you look at the google document attached to this proposal.
Capital guild is not about having fun, oh well we have fun creating Values and NFT while spreading the gospel of NEAR with the web3 space and the physical communities around us.

We not only create wallets, we create a mindset and the hunger to build and follow the path of Near Ecosystem.

Our community growth is been continuous and so have the “marketing” and “promotions” of the NEAR Blockchain been here in Abuja and around the other states where our members live.

May I also mention that our roadmap is clear and we have been following it and it is a build up to all we intend to achieve within this space and beyond.

We hope you can take a look again and see that we have been intentional about our community.

Feel free to also cross check our past projects Approved by the CreativesDAO.

Cc. @David_NEAR @Dacha @satojandro @so608
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Hi Sammie,

Thanks for providing information on previous proposals and progress.

I am willing to support this proposal for one more month. However, I do want to highlight a few things:

  • Marketing DAO is under review. We have a limited budget and are prioritising the initiatives that can have the highest impact.
  • Capital Guild community is relatively small. Most community members running initiatives around this size do it without monthly grants.

Let’s review growth next month. Really want to see the NEAR ecosystem grow in your region.



Thanks so much
And we will do our best to do better
Please also permit us to reach out to you all for guidance and advice on how to better handle our plans in the future.

Thanks so much for your support again

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Thank you @satojandro looking forward to adjust, make corrections and improve where needed.

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Hello @marketingdao-council
we in capital guild are grateful for you comments and how you have in your own ways continued to Assist us towards community growth, stability and the hunger to do more, we do not take any of this for granted.

We would like to request your final decision on this proposal.

@satojandro @Dacha @Klint @so608 @cryptocredit


Hi @Sammiee thanks for your proposal.

I too an prepared to support this project for one more month. Please note the comments made by @satojandro

Now moving to APPROVED


Thanks so much
The comments are all noted and will be Followed and improved on

We will also reach out to you all moving forward
We appreciate all that you do

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Hello @marketingdao-council we are pleased to inform you all that we have created a poll on Astro
And we will Love your VOTE


@Dacha @satojandro @so608 @Klint @cryptocredit