[approved] capital guild june 2022 funding request

Hello Creatives.

We are delighted to announce the successful lunch of CAPITAL GUILD community with our MAY projects and newly onboarded members of our community.

Council leaders:**


@OGbillions: artist stage management
@Sochika: Tech and website management
@Saintvic: Graphics management

[introduction] capital guild

We have also carefully discussed and planned a project for June after the successful recently completed and just minted project for
we have also recorded our first NFTs sales on our store.

we have also lunched our website
with the support of the @marketingdao-council and we are still running some updates and upgrades for user friendly experience.

For the month of June, we have received and Approved projects:


Due to the funding procedure for a newly created Guild, we had to move these above mentioned projects for the month of MAY to JUNE

2022-04-15 01.07.07

Our project for the month of JUNE will be targeted towards achieving a collection of art from these above mentioned creatives, we will be exhibiting;





We have also considered to start payments for our creative space from the month of July as it is going to reduce costs for further future expenses on projects (CREATIVE SPACE COSTS $4600 per annum)
we have spread the payment for the creative space to Three (3) months in installments so that we can keep up with other projects from community members while we set up our own creative space to reduce cost of our monthly projects.
thank you for your support as we look forward to keep contributing, building and experimenting with our members.

For the month of June, we plan to onboard at least: 20 creatives on the project.

Metrics of success:

• Onboarding at least 20 creatives ( numbers may increase )
• Approve at least 15 creatives on the project
• 15 motion pictures
• 4 Audio NFTs
• 2 dance videos
• 4 Song Cover artworks

Three ( 3 ) days rehearsals and project proper on the 4th day

We also plan to onboard at least 4 more audio NFT creatives and more dancers, the above mentioned are the certified numbers expected on this project.

I already uploaded a Google drive Link for metrics on our project for MAY.

-Community management: $900
Total requested: $3000

Target: capitalguild.near

Cc: @creativesdao-council
tagging: @OGbillions @Sammiee @Royaltyjoy @Saintvic @Sochika


A lot was achieved in the month of may … and I know that more will be achieved in time to come … #bestteam


This month will definitely see us achieving a whole lot than we did last month! :fire::fire:

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Hello @creativesdao-council a reminder to see our post, thanks

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@ELKHUSH looping in the conversation that has been happening here in relation to the Capital Guild: [APPROVED] CAPITAL GUILD First Funding request for the month of MAY

Two pointers:

  • It doesn’t seem like your astrodao has been used at all for the first month of funding and your report also does not refer to any payouts/transactions for the month.
  • I’ve created the “capital-guild” tag and added to both this month and last month’s funding proposal. Could you please add this to any other Capital Guild related posts so we can keep things organised?



Thanks for creating the #capital-guild tag we are very grateful.

The reason why capital guild Astor have not been used is because the Astor had not been created prior to the pay out of our first funding, but going forward community funds will be channeled there and payouts will be made using the Astor account.

I have at this point edited and added the #capital-guild to all post made by me for the capital guild community and other members who have made post on behalf of capital guild are currently doing same and will be asked to keep doing so.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, we appreciate your guidance too :heart: @ted.iv @creativesdao-council

I am samson chukwu @Sammiee for capital guild

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Hello @ted.iv we’ve made all corrections and adjustments, we’re currently awaiting final remarks from the @creativesdao-council
Cc @FritzWorm

Hello Hello! Can you add please metrics for success? This is important for the Creatives DAO next steps family.

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@FritzWorm by metrics for success do you mean what we want to achieve for the month of June?

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As we transition as a community and prepare ourselves to give bigger reports back to NEAR Foundation for the metrics of our Creatives DAO Community, we would like to ask if you could add in a section at the end of your proposal around your expected metrics for success. This can be things likes number of participants expected, what outcomes, which/how many products, etc. Basically consolidating your outcomes into metrics. This will make it easier to relate to those number when you make your next report and when we make a larger report for the community as a whole.

We need the community to share metrics on their proposals in an effort to collectively prepare to approach NF to prove our value. I believe there is a way to do this with ease, we can help if you need help, our intention is for everyone to unify and gain stability in this moment. Next month we can implement a clear guideline of what is expected.



@FritzWorm here’s the metrics as adviced


Great, please record and build documentation also about it, so we can use it later on when we are onboarding creatives :wink:

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Will do, thank you for your advice and corrections, we’re still growing and will soon get a hang of all these @FritzWorm


We Will definitely follow this metrics to the letter
As we have made plans and we will make it pop again in JUNE with this project :heart:


@FritzWorm still awaiting your directions, we have made all corrections and adjustments. Thanks

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Hello CAPITAL GUILD. Thanks for your responses and feedback. It’s very much appreciated as we continue to develop Creatives DAO through community input.

Happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [GUIDE] Proposal & Payout process for Creatives DAO


Thank you partner @ted.iv and the entire @creativesdao-council for your support.