[APPROVED] Capital guild July 2022 social media graphics and tech team moderation Funding request

Happy to support! Thanks for the detailed proposal and road map.


We are very delighted and grateful for your guidance and support
You all @marketingdao-council makes it possible for us

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Good day @marketingdao-council @satojandro @so608 @Klint @cryptocredit
We are waiting your review and comments regarding this proposal
Thanks :pray:t4:

Prior to this proposal, we have not allocated funds for laptops / notebooks for the purposes of social media marketing.

I cannot support the initiative at this time.

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Okay @Klint
We might have to remove the request for an assistance on getting the laptop :computer: and only request for the social media moderation and promotions so we can have your support.

That is if other @marketingdao-council moderators do no support the request for an assistance in getting a PC :computer: to Help the Capital guild community in its quest for self sustainability and to aid us in our we3 journey as a community.

If removed we will be requesting $1,020
For capital guild July social media moderation

@Dacha @cryptocredit @satojandro @so608 please advice thanks

Hi @Sammiee thanks for sharing the report, looks like you have some good growth going on.

I understand your request for funding, but unfortunately the marketing DAO is focused on supporting marketing activities organised by community members, and as a rule we do not fund capital purchases.

I am happy to support for the reduced amount and suggest you look at other ways to raise funds for the PC.

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Thanks so much for your kind response
We in capital guild are happy with the moderation strength shown by @marketingdao-council

Regarding the purchase of the PC we will look to other ways of getting it.

We will Now only request $1,020 for the July moderation

Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing the proposal Accepted.

Corrections will be made immediately.

@marketingdao-council @cryptocredit @Dacha @Klint @so608 @satojandro

We have corrected the above Proposal to better suit the funding structure of the MarketingDAO

Capital guild is now requesting $1,020 for its July social media moderation as now stated in the proposal above.

Thanks for your kind comments and guidance

Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility and kind reminder
We are hoping to kick start promotions for our seminar and Exhibition this July

We implore your kind response and decision on this proposal considering the available reviews and Vote from some moderators

Thanks in anticipation

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Dear @Sammiee is everything ok in your DAO?

What kind of collaboration between your Capital Guild
and Tribe DAO?

And what kind of support?

Thank you very much :blush:

Ps: could you please give the answer here and in this thread

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Hello @Dacha greetings, we have had a discussion with the just approved TribeDrive for sustainability creation as Capital Guild community which is a new community would want to focus solely on community growth and sustainability in case the NF stops funding, so the TribeDrive is a DAO that will be helping capital guild to provide some strategies and help in proper documentation, sustainability solutions, community growth, social media presence and other services they provide, they will be like an advisory team to the community providing us with some tools and information we need to build and grow more on.

Activities with the Creatives Dao and Marketing DAO is unaffected and not related to what the TribeDrive DAO will be doing with Capital Guild community, we have just decided to try out this new initiative for creating sustainability and growth in the web3 ecosystem.

I hope I answered correctly, thank you.


Hello @Dacha
Capital guild is doing very fine and growing stronger by every venture.

The collaboration between capital guild and tribe DAO is one that is taken to further contribute in the growth of capital guild as the strategies added to our road map and our marketing team strategy is targeted towards our guild firm presence and continuous growth of capital guild and since there is the discussion of possible Stop in funding from NF we have saw reasons to take steps and welcome opportunities that will further strengthen our guild as we take the part of self sustainability.

As rightly said by elKhush, it doesn’t stop our marketing or community activities but will be an Avenue to an open opportunity for Capital guild even as we continue to take up management of our community, it’s social media and marketing activities with the support of the tribe DAO strategies.
This support is in hand to make sure all that is done for our future is rightly done and we are thankful to be considered while the try is on.

I hope this further answers your questions @marketingdao-council

Thanks for all you do and your direct support to Capital guild and other guilds seeing reasons to grow within the Near Ecosystem.

Our Tech and graphics team have begun designing and ready to print Artworks, Digital invitations and physical invitations for our July projects and also have the social media team put up plans and in motion towards marketing and making the Artwork/informations and intentions reach a wide range of Web3 community members both digitally and in the physical city of abuja where the physical event will take place

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thanks for information :blush:


You are always welcome
We look forward for a response and decision on our proposal so we can further act on our July project

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Hello @marketingdao-council hope your week is started out very well
We employ your decision on this proposal.
Thanks again for all you do

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Tagging @marketingdao-council awaiting your final decision on our proposal, thank you.

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Hi @Sammiee – I can support this for another month. In your next report can you share specific metrics on growth across each social channel you are publishing to? I didn’t see specific metrics in your most recent report, and I think that information is important for understanding growth and progress before future requests.


Thank you so much
And it will be made available going forward
We appreciate all you kind words and corrections

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