[ Approved] C1 Guild November Social Media Management

Hi @Purpledots - as mentioned in our email correspondence we do need a new entry in the Community Payout Google Form from the individual who passed the KYC verification so we can proceed to sending the Reward Agreement for signature. This will be the final step before issuing the payout. If the Form is filled out by Monday, my colleagues will be able to proceed quickly on this.

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Please please the @marketingdao-council council members should do well to check and approve the poll on the Astro

The timer is set to expire in few hours.
Many thanks :pray:

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Hello @marketingdao-council , I have some worries on what the fate of this approved post from last year which the poll on Astro has been submitted twice yet haven’t gotten the chance of approval from the council. The timer expired at 3 approval the first and second time. Since November the payout has tarried. I wonder what is expected of me to do now. I would so much appreciate it if this matter is addressed and sorted once for all.

I look forward to your instructions on what next.
Thanks :pray:.

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Good morning, looks like you proposal didn’t get enough votes for consensus on chain. You can try to create new poll again and tag councils who hasn’t voted yet. Thanks

@Klint @satojandro @so608

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How can I know the ones who voted and who hasn’t? It looks like their names don’t appear when they do.

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Updated :blush: Sorry, for that.

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@Dacha , could you kindly put to me how you mean for your last reply.

Hello @marketingdao-council , @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint @Dacha @satojandro. Greetings.
Please let’s do well to look at this poll and give feedback on what’s fate of this approved proposal that payout has tarried for quite long.

Many thanks :pray:.

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Approved on Astro! Token not received !?



Have you filled out the form required in the new process? Please review this thread:


Yes. I have completed every step.


It was only approved on Astro one day ago, please sit tight whilst the Finance team process this.


Hello :wave:
Not sure about what’s next but the approved poll’s been over two weeks but token haven’t been received. @David_NEAR

Hey, looks like a reward agreement was sent to your provided email but it has yet to be signed and returned. Can you please check for a Docusign email?

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@David_NEAR , I’m not sure I received the Docusign mail but I checked all through and still can’t find an email for such. Maybe resending it will help.

I await reply to this @marketingdao-council

@Purpledots Your poll has been approved on Astro since 3/29 so I assume the delay must be related to the KYC process, which is not something the MarketingDAO is involved with.

What do I now do? @so608

This isn’t the email that was used to fill out the form, it was @Dedeukwu’s email address so the Docusign will have been sent there

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Hi fam, I have 2 mail spunkyblack1@gmail.com and dedeukwu@mindcontrol.video and I’ve checked in both i can’t find any message related to this.

I remember filling a KYC with my passport details and photographed image but no signature option attached, no feedback and no coin came to my wallet pls let me know if there’s anything i need to do from my end.